The Legend of Kai: The Search For God's Vessel (2)

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The Search For God's Vessel (2)

The alliance gave their all in the search of the "vessel" but still failed to show any result for their efforts. Nonetheless, they still carry on with the search, not letting up even for a bit.

They are not the only one searching though. The demons and monsters too are also searching for the "vessel" and they are even more thorough than the alliance!

As for how the demons and monsters find out about the existence of the "vessel," no one knows for certain. Though Kai and those in powers guessed that there are spies -- traitors who worshiped the demon king!

These worshipers are called "demon worshipers," and they considered the Demon King as their god. This is not strange in the slightest. One must remember that the battle between the Hero and the Demon King occurred many times already. People aren't even sure what number of incarnation this generation's current Hero and Demon King belong to -- showing how many times the war between two sides had happened.

Back to the demon worshipers. This secret organization of traitors have existed for god knows how long. Like those organization from the underworld, they rarely operate in the open. That's because unlike the underworld organizations -- demon worshipers are universally hated!

Unfortunately, this organization is humongous, far reaching and very secretive -- making it like they are everywhere yet nowhere.

If there are really demon worshipers among the ranks of the alliance, then the information about the "vessel" reaching the Demon King is no longer surprising. Obviously, the alliance wanted to catch these people but considering that the alliance is mixture of people from different races; the task of doing so would have been immensely difficult if not impossible. As such, those on the leadership position could only grit their teeth and hope that these traitors would expose themselves.

"We have spread our people as you instructed. Unfortunately, the "vessel" remained unaccounted for," said Ozma as he reads the report in front of Kai.

"That's fine. We're not really seeking the "vessel" unlike the others. It's even better if she is not found forever," replied Kai while tapping his fingers on the table.

Ozma smiled at Kai's disinterested reply. The whole reason that Kai is sending people everywhere is to put up a show for the messenger. Kai does not trust the messenger, and he too, is in the same mind as him.

Even though the messenger is the representative of the god who created this world, Ozma still would not blindly follow him unlike those from the Holy Church. Fortunately, Kai is an excellent master and could read people -- as such, Kai knew that the descend of the god of the Holy Church is not as simple as what the messenger had said.

"Any clue on the identity of the person that leaked the information about the "vessel" to the Demon King?" asked Kai after thinking for a while.

"We have several suspects but there is little evidence to prove it," answered Ozma, he then asked, "should we detain and interrogate them?"

Kai shook his head, implying that there's no need for it. Instead, he ordered Ozma to just keep observing them, and report if they did something suspicious.

"Understood," affirmed Ozma, he then asked Kai of his next move.

"Didn't one of our spies reported of a newly discovered ruin near the Sea of Chaos?" answered Kai with a strange gleam on his eyes.

Slightly taken back, Ozma asked if Kai is going to that place of which Kai nodded his head in response.

"There's something I must see there," said Kai not giving much of an explanation. "I'll be gone for a while, and you'll be responsible for the operation of the Den. Also, tell Lily and the others not to go out for a while and instead focus on training. If my speculation is correct, then something huge will happen," he added.

"Something huge?" Ozma thought to himself. He wanted to get clarification from Kai but decided not to ask as Kai would have already explained everything to him if he wanted everyone to know.

"Understood. When are you leaving?" Instead of asking for clarification, Ozma decided to just do his duty and asked Kai when he'll leave.

"Right now!"

Leaving those words, Kai teleported himself towards the location of the ruin on the Sea of Chaos!

Meanwhile, the search for the "vessel" rages on without much result from both the alliance and the demon side. But when everyone thought that the search would continue indefinitely, a piece of news send the whole continent into chaos -- the "vessel's" location has been found!

To be continued...


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