The Legend of Kai: Joining the Adventurer's Guild (1/2)

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Joining the Adventurer's Guild (1/2)

"I'm Ark city's guildmaster Guido. In behalf of the entire Adventurer's guild I apologized for our people's misbehaviour."

The guildmaster bowed to the three girls. He did not try to shift blame or make excuses but instead took all responsibility for his subordinates unprofessional behaviour. Seeing this Kai couldn't help but be impress. He could tell that the guildmaster is a man of principle. For him people like this are worth befriending.

"Please raise your head guildmaster Guido. We don't blame you or the entire adventurer's guild. For an organization as large as the guild, it's normal to have some bad eggs mixed with the good ones."

Lily did not make it difficult for the guildmaster. After all it's impossible to monitor all of its members. She knows that theirs was not a rare case. And there were probably many who have fall to the same predicament as theirs. Yet she also knew that not all members of the guild are scums like those eight.

"Thanks you for your understanding. I will make sure that you three are properly compensated." The guildmaster sincerely said.

The girls nodded. They are not really concerned about the compensation. All they wanted was to expose Brando's group and prevent similar things happening to other people.

"By the way young lady, you said that you're group was saved by someone. Do you know who and where to find the said person?"

After apologizing the guildmaster finally brought the topic that was on everyone inside the guild's mind. According to the girls story they were saved by someone passing by. To defeat all 50+ goblins including a goblin champion is no easy feat even for A-class adventurers.

"That's him." said Lily and the girls while pointing at Kai.

"Huh? Him?"

The guildmaster and the others stared at Kai in disbelief. Earlier they saw Kai kicking Brandon flying. They thought he is one of the girl's lover or younger brother. It never crossed their minds that Kai was actually the person who saved the girls and kill more than 50 goblins including a goblin champion!

"His the person that... saved you three?"

The guild master couldn't believed his eyes. Because no matter how he looked at Kai, he's just too young! He is pretty sure that the young man in front of him is younger than 20. Yet the same young man actually annihilated a large group of goblins! Sure he too could dispatch the same number of goblins with ease. But how old is he? He's past his 50s!

The girls find everyone's expressions funny as such they could not helped but giggle in amusement.

"Yes, he's the one who saved us guildmaster Guido." Lily said.

Knowing that the three girls have no reason to lie the guildmaster had no choice but to accept that it was indeed this young man who saved them and not some veteran adventurer.

"Thanks to your bravery, you saved these girls from a fate worse than death. May I asked your name and your occupation? Also are you an adventurer?"

Facing Kai, the guildmaster thanked him for his bravery and kindness. He then asked several questions like his name, occupation and if he is a member of the adventurer's guild.

"It's nothing guildmaster Guido, it just coincide that I was in the area when the attacked happened. As for your questions, I go in the name of Kai, and I'm a beast tamer. I'm currently not an adventurer but I do planned on being one." Kai answered.

Impressed by Kai's humility, guildmaster Guido nods in approaval. Most youngsters would gladly take all credit for such an achievement. Instead Kai downplayed his exploit and chucked it all up to coincidence.

"So your name is Kai, and you're a beast tamer? Did your beast helped in exterminating the goblins?" asked the guildmaster.

"Yes, it's mostly thanks to Shiro that I am able to save Lily, Kara and Mia."

"Kai no need to he too humble. It's true that Shiro helped a lot but you yourself slay more than 20 goblins including the goblin champion!"

Seeing that Kai was not taking the credit he deserved Lily interfered and told everyone the number of goblins he had slayed.

"More than 20 goblins including the goblin champion? That's still very impressive!"


"Well done young one!"

Knowing that Kai actually slayed almost half of the said goblins, everyone voiced their admiration. The female staffs and adventurers are especially impressed.

"I assumed that Shiro is the name of your tamed beast. What sort of beast is it?"

The guildmaster's curiosity towards Kai grew stronger and he wanted to know more about this mysterious young man. After all he did mentioned that he is planning to be an adventurer as such he must know what there is to know. He could already tell what sort of person he is and just wanted to know what he is capable off.

"Shiro is actually a monster called the "Hurricane Wolf". Though I didn't bring it here, I could summon it if needed."

Since Kai planned to stay in this city for a little while along with Shiro, he needed to make everything clear about his tamed beast.

"Did you just say your Shiro's a Hurricane Wolf!"

The guildmaster eyes widened after hearing what sort of monster Shiro is. Being a long time adventurer of course he knew how strong "Hurricane Wolf" truly is.

"No way! Did I hear him right? Did he just say his tamed beast is a Hurricabe Wolf?!"

An A-class adventurer could not believed what he had heard as such he asked the person next to him.

"Yeah, I heard it too. But what sort of monster is a Hurricane Wolf anyway? And why are you and the guildmaster so shocked?" asked a lower ranked adventurer in cofusion

"A-class. The Hurricane Wolf is an A-class monster. Does that answer your question?"

"A... A-class? Did you just say A-class?!"

The A-class adventurer's answer caused a sudden commotion within the guild. What sort if concept is an A-class monster? It can easily destroy a town of its own!

Even Lily, Kara and Mia did not expect that Shiro is an A-class monster! Remembering how they played with Shiro, the girls did not know whether they should laugh or cry. They actually treat Shiro as a low level monster! What's more amusing is that Shiro is currently guarding their wagon like a good dog...

An A-class monster as a guard dog? The girls almost burst out laughing just thinking of it.

The guildmaster took out a handkerchief and wiped his sweat. This young man just keep giving him surprise after surprise.

"So where is Shiro now?"

Guildmaster Guido asked Kai of Shiro's current location but Kai's answer quickly regretted ever asking.

"Oh his currently outside the inn's stable watching over Lily's wagon." Kai answered

Guildmaster Guido: "..."

Miss Lenna: "..."

The adventurers: "..."

The hell! Did he just use an A-class monster as a guard dog!

"Ahem! You mentioned earlier that you wanted to be an adventurer. Will you be registering in this guild?"

Though the guildmaster have more questions, he decided to just stop asking as his heart might not be able to take what he'll learn. Anyway, he could just read Kai's registration form after completing the registration process.

"Yes. That's the second reason I am here." Kai affirmed.

"Great! Though I could directly give you a pass considering your past exploit. You still need to take a test to so that I could see for myself your capabilities."

"You're presiding yourself, guildmaster." Miss Lenna asked with surprise.

"Correct. I must see for myself his true capability. Lenna, help prepare the training room."


Miss Lenna excuse herself and proceed to prepare the training room.

Several minutes later...

To be continued...


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