The Legend of Kai: The Adventurer's Guild (1/2)

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The Adventurer's Guild (1/2)

Kai managed to enter the city of Ark without much problem thanks to the three girls help. At first he was worried that he won't be allowed to enter the city because he lacked any sort of identification and his tamed monster Shiro.

Fortunately, his worries were unfounded as the guards only took a glance of Shiro and himself. As for the problem of identification, Lily explained everything to the old guard captain. Who then took pity at Kai after hearing that he was accidentally teleported here due to unknown circumstances. Because Kai's case was not unheard of, the guard captain gave him a temporary I.D to be used until he got his own from the government office or the guild. Lily payed for the I.D and the group entered the city.

"So this is Ark. It's actually much bigger than I thought."

Kai looked around with curiosity. With the help of the System, Kai found out that Ark's size is only a third of that of Tokyo. Despite this though, the city could be considered large considering the technology and architecture of this world was that of the medieval age. He also saw that the populace was a mixture of different races. Humans, elves, dwarves, and beastfolks. Kai's heart started beating with excitement. He really is in a fantasy world!

But what caught Kai's attention was the bustling scenery. Wagons and carts going fro and to that are being pulled by horses, monsters and even beast that Kai have never seen before. Regular citizens, adventurers, and hawkers selling their wares. All in all the street is bustling with energy.

Kai liked the bustling scene and decided to explore once he settled down and found a place to stay. But before that though, he needed to join the guild and sell some of the materials he gathered when he was still staying at that nameless forest.

While Kai was observing everything around him with fascination, the girls are also observing his every action and reaction with amusement. They couldn't helped but find his excited and childlike behaviour cute.

But unbeknownst to the Kai and the group the people around them also noticed them. Not because they looked strange or anything but because their group stood out like a sore thumb. First the three girls are very attractive and mean couldn't help but take a second glance at them. Second, Shiro is very eye catching and the people could not figure out what kind of monster he is, except for the fact that he's a wolf type monster. Lastly, it's because Kai is too eye-catching with the strange clothes he is wearing, and his fiery red hair, green eyes, and beautiful, elflike appearance. There are even lady's young and old who looked at him longingly. It's unfortunate that Kai's too busy admiring the scenery to notice them.

"We're finally back!" Lily could not help but exclaimed when he saw the inn she and friends are currently staying.

"You three stay at this inn?"

Kai looked at the inn with interest. The inn looked a bit old but it was well keeped thus it looked pleasant to the eyes.

"Kai, will you stay here too?" Lily asked Kai after parking the wagon and removing the harness from Shiro.

"I planned to, but I need to sell some materials I gather and get some money." He explained.

"Indeed that make sense. After all you are teleported here from a very far away. How about you show me the materials and sell them for you?" Lily offered.

"That would be very helpful. I have no idea about the prices of the materials I have. I might be cheated by other merchants."

Kai accepted Lily's offer without hesitation. After all he knows absolutely next to nothing about this world. So it's very easy for him to be cheated if he's not careful. Don't think that because he is a successful businessman in his previous life he could be successful here too. Without proper knowledge, Kai is no different from an ignorant child.

"Hehehe, Really? Aren't you worried that I might lowball you?" Lily asked jokingly.

"Nope! I trust you girls."

Kai's answer was so nonchalant and direct that the girls couldn't help but blush. They feel happy being trusted by him.

"Then show those materials later and I'll see what I can do~"

The group enters the inn except for Shiro who stayed to guard the wagon and the merchandise. Inside they are greated by a pretty and amiable looking young lady.

"Welcome~! Eh? It's you guys!" The amiable young lady happily greeted the three girls.

"We're back, Sasha!"

The three girls greeted the amiable young lady named Sasha back. Sasha's gaze then falls at Kai and blushed after seeing how good looking he is.

"This is Kai, our saviour." Lily gave a short introduction.

"Saviour? What happened?"

Sasha noticed the strange introduction and wanted to know what happened for them to introduce the young man as their saviour.

"Well... it's like this..."

Lily explained what happened at the nameless forest. The ambush from the goblins, the desertion from the adventurers they'd hired, and Kai saving them.

Sasha's eyes widened and disbelief. Her heart is beating so fast after hearing what the girls had experienced. There were worry, anger, indignation and disbelief in her eyes.

"Those bastards! How could those adventurers leave three helpless guys in the hands of the goblins?!"

Fuming with anger, Sasha could not help but cursed those spineless bastards who called themselves as adventurers. To save their own skins, they abandoned the three girls to face a group of more than fifty goblins. Worse still there was even a goblin champion!

Aside from anger, Sasha was also fearful. Everyone knew what fates await the women that are caught by the goblins, it is something worse than death. And hearing that the her three friends are prepare to take away their own lives than become toys for goblins, Sasha shuddered. She then looked at Kai gratefully.

"Thank you for coming to my friends' rescue!" Sasha exclaimed as she gave Kai a respectful bow.

"Please raise your head. There's no need for that. I just did what decent person would do."

Kai is japanese in his previous life and is used to see.people bowing to him. But in this new world, he knows that people do not bow so easily. As such he tries to stop Sasha from bowing.

Seeing Kai being uncomfortable, Lily tries to convince Sasha. Fortunately, Sasha understand the situation and stopped bowing.

"Though you said that it is something a decent person would do. Not every decent person are willing to risk their lives for others. So I'm very thankful." Sasha said gratefully.

"But since you save my friends. I need to reward you. How about this, you could stay in our inn free of charge as long as you like~."

Sasha happy that she've meet such a good person offered Kai free lodging.

"No that won't do. I can't take advantage of your hospitality." Kai refuses as he knows that running an inn was not easy.

"How could that be? It's just a single room. It won't affect us that much."

Sasha insisted that Kai accept the offer but Kai vehemently refuses.

"Sasha, how about just giving Kai a discount instead?" Lily intervened and offered a compromise.

"Okay, how's a 50% discount sound to you?" Lily offered.

"That's too much. I think 10% is enough." Kai argued.

The two bartered after before finally settling with a 20% discount. Lily, Kara, Mia and Sasha are amused by Kai's insistence. Most people, especially adventurers would be more than happy to get free lodgings yet Kai refuses. What's more amusing is that he is not even willing to get a 50% discount and only finally relenting at 20% discount.

"You sure are a strange one!" Sasha could not help but exclaimed at Kai's strange behaviour.

Scratching his head, Kai could only give an awkward laugh.

"By the way, Sasha. Shouldn't you first ask your mother and father before deciding?" Kara couldn't helped but ask.

"Nah, ma and pa are fine with it. Isn't that right ma?"

Sasha yelled towards the kitchen and received "sure" as an answer from a woman on the kitchen.


Kara and the others simply shrugged their shoulders.

"By the way Lily, shouldn't you report what happened to the guild? Those adventurers needed to be punished." Came a woman's voice from the kitchen.

"Yes maam, that's actually our plan." Lily answered with a solemn expression

The cowardly action of the adventurers they've hired disgust her and have no plan to let them go.

So later that day...

To be continued...


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