The Legend of Kai: The Approaching Battle (1)

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The Approaching Battle (1)

The news about the demon king's return quickly spread to the whole continent--startling most of the forces, both hidden and not. Fortunately, the continent have long been prepared for it so there was less panic compared to the first time the demon king appeared. The holy church, the most active in the fight against the demon king quickly announced that the hero Emilia have completed her seclusive training and is now fully prepared to fight the demon king.

The news greatly improved the morale of the populace, and though the leaders of the other forces were displeased, they did not say nor do anything as they're thinking of the bigger picture. The Holy Church, the Adventurer's Guild, the Dragon Council, the allied kingdoms and the other hidden powers, including Fenrir and even Hydra ready their forces in what could be the final battle against the demon king.

Though Hydra did not publicly announced their participation, they did make good of their promise to fight along the other forces--surprising even one of their staunches rivals, the Adventurers Guild when it received the news. Most of those who heard the news were rather skeptical at first, but when Fenrir's Kai validated the news, the other forces have no choice but to believe its authenticity.

Thanks to Kai's support, Hydra was accepted to the newly formed alliance that would spearhead the battle against the demon king. Having more allies compared to before, the pressure of the incoming battle was lowered greatly. Of course, Kai still warned everyone not to let their guards down as the returning dragon king is surely to be more powerful than before!

"Everything is ready, only the demon king's forces is missing and the battle that would be written in history would commence," said Rudra as he reads the report from one of Kai's spies.

"Indeed. Once he appeared, everyone would ferociously attack him and the monsters with everything we got. But whether it would be enough remained to be seen," answered Kai with a complicated expression. Though the alliance have more forces compared to before, the demon king's no slouch either. Kai is certain that rivers of blood would flow and the casualties from both sides would be immense. What's more the demon king himself is terrifyingly powerful as such Kai could not help but wonder how powerful the demon king have become.

"We could only do our best. We have prepared for this and whether the goddess of victory smile for us or not would determine the fate of the continent," Rudra answered. She then looked at Kai and sigh. Rudra is not really that worry about the result of the incoming battle. She strongly believed that as long as Kai is present, a miracle would happen and that victory would be theirs. She doesn't have any evidence for this confidence other than her gut feeling.

Kai unaware that Rudra have already treated her like a messiah is currently contemplating his options.Though he have confidence in himself and Fenrir, Kai refuses to become complacent. Since it is a war, no one could really tell who is the final victor would be until the dust settles.

The continent, remained in this state of uncertainty for several days until the news of the demon king's army appearance reached everyone. Finally, the battle that would decide the fate of the western continent is drawing closer!

To be continued...


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