The Legend of Kai:The Wolf Clan's Trouble (1)

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The Wolf Clan's Trouble (1)

"S,stay away from me! D,do do you know who I am?"

Feeling cornered, young master Matou tries to threaten me using his clan's name. Unfortunately for him, he threatens the wrong guy. For someone like me who faced an encounter like the demon king, the wolf clan's power and influence is merely a joke. If I really wanted to, I could summon my army of mechanical puppets to overwhelm and destroy the wolf clan.

Of course, I'm not the type to do such a thing. But still, a punishment is in order. I would have to teach the wolf clan a painful lesson.

Seeing me being quiet, the wolf clan young master thought that his threats are effective and gain his confidence back--such a small character, that he is. I'm pretty certain that the wolf clan will be destroyed by his hands, sooner or later.

Matou continue his charade with proud look, as if he had already won, not noticing my expression darkening. Garudo and his retainers on the other hand are no fools and could see the situation clearly. Starting from Garudo, everyone from the wolf clan are sweating coldly.

"P,please stop that, young master," a retainer pleaded.

"Huh? What are you talking about? Can't you see that I his already cowed by our wolf clan's prestige?" Young master Matou asked in confusion.

[There, should be a limit to stupidity. How could anyone be this dense?]

The System, seeing Matou's action could not help but chide the foolish wolf clan young master's actions. And I couldn't agree more. But honestly, I'm tired at this charade. Time to end this. My original plan of laying low is already ruined and I'm no longer i the mood to continue with this charade.


Ignoring the young master Matou's yapping, I summoned Shiro using a << Gate >>. Everyone, especially the wolf clan are startled after seeing the a mysterious gate out of nowhere. As expected, they have someone on their clan that could use Gate just like me.

Shiro slowly stepped out of the summoned Gate and look at his surrounding's curiously. Seeing Shiro, both the fox clan and the wolf clan became tense. I guess they realized that Shiro's no ordinary beast. While Shiro is looking at his surrounding curiously, a mysterious being--a beautiful white fox with three tails appeared.

"Clan Guardian!"

Yukina and the people from the fox clan called at the white fox in shock. So this is their clan's guardian beast.

I observed the white fox carefully, and could quickly see that it is in a weakened state. Though there is no obvious injuries, it's spirit and mana is in disarray. Despite that though, I could still feel it's enormous power. Most likely than not it is an S-class monster like Shiro. No Shiro is much stronger. I doubt it could defeat Shiro even at full strength.

[That is correct, host. Shiro is a cheat just like you. So that poor fox is gonna be insta-kill if it fought Shiro,] the System concluded.

My checks cramped after hearing the System's observation. As expected, after training with me, Shiro had gained powers that surpasses his species limits. With Shiro's current state, it's only a matter of time before he level up to SS-class.

"Welcome, guests from far away land. I am Inari, the guardian of the fox clan. May I know the honored ones names and the reason for your visit?" The white fox Inari introduced herself while looking at me and Shiro with vigilance. She then asked for our names and our purpose.

"I'm just here in response to my master's summon," Shiro answered while pointing at my direction.

Inari, Yukina, fox clan and even the people from the wolf clan looked at me in shock.

Why are they looking like that, I wonder? They did saw me sumon shiro just now, right?

No. They probably did not expect someone as young as e could subdue a monster of Shiro's level. Well, that's to be expected. I did subdue Shiro when he is still a dire wolf-eveolving him after.

"I'm Kai. I'm a guest of the fox clan. But then you should already knew that, right?" I answered Inari's question with my own.

"Indeed. It is as you say. But I could not meet you because I'm conserving my strength. If not for lord Shiro appearing, I wouldn't even show myself. I apologized."

Inari sighed and admitted that she is aware of my presence the moment I entered. But thinking I'm just one of the guest did not bother to show up as she is still recuperating. well, I figured that even if she is at full strength she still wouldn't show up unless the fox clan is in danger.

"It's not a big deal so don't worry about it. Also, though not part of my agreement with Yukina, i did plan on sending this guys away if they become to rowdy," I answered as I pointed at the people of the wolf clan who are now as white as paper while looking really pale. Yukina on the other hand look at me with surprise and shining eyes.

Er, what's with those eyes?Ignoring the hot gazes Yukina is sending my way, I continue with my explanation.

"Of course, I only plan to send them away but a certain young master just have to go out on his way to cause me trouble. Makes me wonder how their clan is still standing if the main member of their clan is that arrogant and stupid," I added with a shrug.

Hearing what I've said, the young master Matou turned even paler. He probably realized what trouble he had caused for the clan.



"Take care of the soldiers outside the town. But try not to kill them. And while your at it, capture the Gate user. You're familiar with the Gate's aura so you should know who it is."

"Consider it done!"

After affirming my orders, Shiro starts to levitate and transformed to his true form-- the Neo Hurricane Wolf.


A loud voice tries to plead me to stop, and without looking, I know that it's Garudo of the wolf clan. Of course, it's already too late for negotiation at this stage so I splendidly ingore his pleading.

To be continued...


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