The Legend of Kai: The Mysterious Tower of Trials (1)

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The Mysterious Tower of Trials (1)

So this is the place?

I looked around at the tall wooded temple in front of me. Yukina's request is to pass trials inside the tower and retrieve a certain item within.

Though I asked why I needed to pass the trials just to retrieve the item, Yukina refuses to tell me the reason. No, she did say that she'll tell me once I retrieve the said item.

Since Yukina promised several rewards for this quest, I accepted her request. And what are the rewards? Well, in-depth pieces of information and trading rights. Yes, I know that I could get those with my own ability but why since an easier option is available, why makes things difficult for myself.

And by coincidence, I also received a quest from the System, that for some reason coincides with that of Yukina. So the more reason I must complete the quest.

Using a << Talisman Seal >>, I was able to enter the mysterious tower. Inside I saw a large hall empty hall. Just like what Yukina said, the 1st floor is empty. But with the help of the system map, I was able to see the location of the traps and the entrance to the next floor.

The trial on the 1st floor is very simple, I will just need to avoid all of the traps and ascend to the next floor. Very simple indeed. Of course, if the trial taker is not me who has the cheat called the system map, the 1st floor traps could pose a serious danger to anyone else.

At the 2nd floor, I saw a floor devoid of any sort of lightings. In other words, it's pitch black. Again, system map sensei did its magic and I managed to pass the trial without much trouble.

I then quickly went to the 3rd floor, the 4th floor, and the 5th floor. But then I ran into trouble on the 6th floor. The 1st five floors do not have a single monster in them. All I need to do is either solve some puzzles are avoid traps. On the 6th floor, however, is a different story.

Once I enter the 6th floor I was greeted by ghost-like monsters. The monsters on this floor seem to have some kind of grudge for the living as they attacked me without warning whatsoever.

Truly troublesome...

Avoiding the monsters' attacks, I countered with my sword. But as expected, physical attacks just passed through them.

How annoying. I guess I could only use magic.

I shot several << Fireballs >> at the monsters called the << Begrudging Ghosts >> --what a fitting name. The Begrudging Ghosts let out an ear-piercing screech as they die.

Yup. Fireballs are definitely "Super Effective"! After thinking of a popular sentence from a very popular monster-collecting anime and game, I let out a wry smile.

Through the help of the Fireball spell, I managed to kill all of the monsters on the floor. With the monsters gone, I was able to find the entrance to the 7th floor.

The 7th floor is like the 6th floor with monsters in it. Since I have experience in fighting the monsters on the 6th floor, I knew that every monster will have a particular weakness that I could exploit. Before long the 7th floor was cleared and I stepped into the 8th floor.

Now that I'm sure of what I must do to clear the floors, I easily cleared the 8th the 9th and till the 10th floor. But on the 11th floor, I finally came face-to-face with a boss monster.

To be continued...


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