The Legend of Kai: The Eastern Continent (2)

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The Eastern Continent (2)

Upon entering the town, all eyes fall on me. Though I somewhat expected it, I still felt uncomfortable with all the attention I am getting.

"How uncomfortable..."

Hearing my lament, the System mercilessly teases me.

[Isn't this part of your plan? I thought you wanted to catch the right people's attention to make investigating the land easier?] It said.

So merciless.

Ignoring the System's teasing, I went to a nearby restaurant and like outside, everyone's attention is on me. Feigning ignorance, I choose an empty table and sat. I serving girl quickly approaches--asking me what I wanted to order.

Since I have no idea what they are offering, I told the serving girl just to give me that day's special meal. This restaurant should have something like that.

After receiving my order the serving girl politely excuses herself. Observing the restaurant, I noticed that it has a strong eastern theme--to be more specific, it looked like a Chinese restaurant.

I tried to listen to the conversations of the patrons while waiting for my food to arrive. Most of my conversations are about me which isn't a bit useful. Thankfully, the subjects of the discussions change constantly and I manage to gather some useful information.

[Host, you are being observed.]

Without warning, the System warned me that I am being observed. It seemed that my efforts finally pay off.

"Can you pinpoint their locations?" I asked.

The System responded with a "yes" and started turned quiet all of the sudden. Several moments later it spoke again.

[There are eight observers and it seemed that they are from different factions. Most likely some local nobles took notice of you the moment you entered the town.]

"I see. Just keep observing them and report if there are strange movements."


Before long, the server girl returned with my food. After thanking the server girl I attacked the food that looked like Chinese food.


The food tasted much better than those of the western continent. Maybe because spices here are more common than in the western continent?

With that thought, my businessman instinct was awakened. I could earn a ton if I buy spices here and then sell it a profit back home. I'm sure Lily would be delighted if I brought back tons of it.

Yeah, let's do that.

After eating my meal, I asked for my bill. But to my surprise, someone already paid for it. I asked the server girl who paid it and she leads me to a private room inside the restaurant. Inside the private room is a beautiful woman. But not just a woman--a beautiful woman with fox ears and tails.

To be continued...


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