The Legend of Kai: The Eastern Continent (3)

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The Eastern Continent (3)

"Welcome, the adventurer from the western continent."

The beautiful fox-eared lady greeted the moment I entered the room. To my surprise, she knew that I came from the western continent. Of course, I did not show surprise on my face--the poker face that I cultivated for many years as a businessman back on Earth showed it's magic.

I can tell from her frown that my nonchalant reaction to her previous statement displeases her. I guess she is expecting me to panic that my secret was found out. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint her.

"What a lackluster reaction," she complained.

Smiling at her, I asked. "What sort of reaction are you expecting?"

Unable to come up with a reply, the beautiful fox-lady stayed silent.

"I might have taken the teasing a bit too far," I thought.

Extending a lifeline, I asked her her name and the purpose of her summon.

"My name is Yukina, and I'm the current matriarch of the Red Fox clan," she stated. "The reason, I call for you is because I wanted to meet the person that manages to cross the << Chaotic Sea >>," she added.

"Before that, can you tell me how you managed to know that I am from the western continent? I only guessed that you have some sort of ability that allowed you to do so," I asked.

Inviting me to sit down, Yukina explained that she has the << Seer >> ability that tells her of an abnormal occurrence in the area.

"I see. It's due to my carelessness huh. I should be more careful next time," I exclaimed with a sigh.

"Did it not occur to you that I might have been teleported here? I knew for a fact that some of the citizens from the eastern continent are accidentally teleported from here to the western continent," I asked puzzled.

"There are indeed some cases. But it is rare. Besides, you're confident after entering the town shouldn't belong to someone who got accidentally teleported to a foreign land," Yukina laughed amorously.

Hearing her explanations, I could only shake my head. It seemed that I have been very careless lately. Maybe, it's because I've grown too powerful and my sense of crisis had dulled?

"Well, then lady Yukina, could you tell me the real reason for your invite?"

Though Yukina explained that she just wanted to meet me, I know for a fact that she has other motives.

"Just Yukina is fine. No need to add honorifics, you know?"

Yukina looked at me with an amorous gaze as if trying to seduce me and requested that I just call her by her name only. She's trying to seduce me right?

Well, since I have no reason to refuse her, I agreed to her request to just call her by her name. And it's not because I was seduced, okay?

"Then, you can just call me Kai," I replied.

"Fufufufuf! It'll be my pleasure to do so. Well, then Kai, I have a request of you..."

Yukina gave a seductive laugh then went straight to her request. Her request is....

To be continued...


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