The Legend of Kai: The Dark Guild (3)

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The Dark Guild (3)

According to the president, the Adventurer's Guild and the Dark Guild usually doesn't have much contact. And unless requested by a client would leave each other alone. But these past weeks, the Dark Guild had been acting strangely--much stranger than how they usually acted. At first the guild simply ignores it but then the kidnapping incidents happened.

At first the guild doesn't think much of it as conflicts between members of the two organizations were common. But then the incident worsened and more and more adventurers are kidnapped. After that the Dark Guild's movements became more erratic and harder to predict. The adventurer's Guild grew concerned over the incident and become more vigilant but the Dark Guild also became more and more desperate as their actions worsened.

As the situation worsened, more people from the guild and demanded that we declare war on the Dark Guild but since the situation is unclear, the management and the president, refuses such request as a war will surely cause countless deaths from both sides. Of course the president does not care if the Dark guild is annihilated but he could not ignore the lives of the adventurers. Since war is not a probable option the guild put on request for high ranking adventurers to investigate the cause of the incident. Though it took a lot of effort, the guild was finally able to acquire the needed information.

From what the guild has gathered, the Dark Guild only targets young and promising adventurers--much like what my scouts had gathered. Though the reason still remained a mystery, the guild did managed to gather clues concerning it. It seems that there had been a change in leadership inside the organization. And when i say leadership, I don't just mean the leader of the Dark Guild but also the managing staffs.

Accordingly, the incident happened after the change in leadership so the guild was able to conclude that the Dark Guild's new leaders was responsible for the abduction or at least they ordered it.

I frown after hearing the president's explanation, though the ones responsible for the abduction was identified, the actual reason is still a mystery. I guess there is a need to probe deeper....

I thanked the president for the information and promised that Fenrir would continue to help those who are in the process of being kidnapped. But I did clarify that we could only help those that we witness myself or in the areas close to us. Despite this though the president is still very thankful as this will reduce the victim somewhat. After that I say my goodbye to the president and left the guild.

Due to this incident, my plan to go to the other continent needed to be postponed. Also, there's a possibility that the demon king had something to do with the kidnapping incident so there is no way that I could just ignore what's happening.

How troublesome.

I could only hope that the incident is resolve quickly so that I could continue my search for the demon king's whereabouts.

After returning from the guild's main branch I told everything to my companions and told them to be careful--especially Lily, Mia and Kara as they are among the most promising young adventurer that I knew off. As to the reason I did not include myself to the names of promising adventurers is because I have confident in my abilities. I also think that Lily and the rest won't be targetted as for the reason I say this is because I'm related to them and the Dark Guild is most likely very wary of me and my organization.

Whn my companions find out that I will be personally investigating the incident and the Dark Guild they offered their assistance but I refuses. Of course this is not because I don't trust them or anything but rather because it's much easier to move alone. Instead I told them to train and prepare as there's a high chance that we will confront the Dark Guild. And when that happens I would be depending on them.

Hearing my explanation, my companion look delighted and promises to train harder.

Well then, with everything settled, my concerns are now gone. So it's time to investigate the Dark Guild and rescue the kidnapped adventurers if possible. I just hope that they are still safe. But if my worse fear is realized then I will make sure that the Dark Guild seize to exist!

To be continued...


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