The Legend of Kai: The Strange Labyrinth (1)

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The Strange Labyrinth (1)





Inside a mysterious labyrinth, roar of pains from monsters can be heard. The roars are filled with anger, madness and pain.

What could be the causing these roars?

It's the sounds of monsters being slaughtered!

Such sounds are normal in places such as this mysterious labyrinths. After all labyrinths are favorites of adventurers, treasure-seekers and even ordinary people trying their luck.

Of course monsters are not the only ones being killed. People who entered the place also needed to accept the fact that they too would be kiiled if they don't have enough skill or if they are unlucky.

Right now a party of adventurers are fighting a group of monsters desperately. These adventurers were no strangers to dangerous labyrinths or dungeons. They have entered a great number of them these past years.

Yet these party of adventurers are currently fighting for their lives. This mysterious labyrinth is just too strange and have never encountered such a situation before.

Of course these party of adventurers did not underestimate the danger of the said labyrinth. On the other hand they have the habit of overestimating them a labyrinth's difficulty. Thanks to this habit that they survived until now.

And yest despite their preparations, they are still pushed in a situation that they would die if they made mistakes.

As mentioned earlier this peculiar labyrinth is very strange. The monsters came in droves!

At first the labyrinth was just like other labyrinths. The deeper one goes, the stronger the monsters. This is not strange at all. But as they reached the 5th floor, the situation changes. The monsters in this particular floor did not just appear in small groups like the previous floors. Instead they came in large groups. At least seven in one group!

What more baffling about the situation is that the said groups consisted of different types of monsters! This by itself is already strange and depressing. But the most depressing thing is that there are almost endless number of them. Slaughter one group of monsters and another group would take their place!

This is the reason why this party of veteran adventurers are in such a dire state.

"Hahahaha! This is strange, this is just too strange! How could a labyrinth like this possibly exist?!"

A stout-looking dwarf laughed as he kill a a boar-headed monster with his huge ax. Though he is laughing, the laugh is actually filled with desperation and mirth. The dwarf is keenly aware that he and his entire party are going to die here if no miracle happened.

Though these adventurers are strong, they don't have endless stamina. And once they are out of stamina, the fate of the party could be easily imagined.

"Shut up, Baurus! You're not helping!"

A pretty female elf scolded the laughing dwarf in anger but the dwarf simply ignored the pretty elf, annoying the her more.

"Cut it out you two! If you have the strength to argue, then move those hands of yours!" A middle-aged man intervene.

The other adventurer in the party could only shake their heads to these arguing dwarf and elf. These two are always like this--always arguing and trying to annoy one another. Everyone's already used to them.

But it's not like it has no effect on the party's morale. Though strange, the sight of this two arguing somewhat gave them hope. It is as if they are not in such a dangerous situation and that these two are just interacting normally.

Unfortunately, their situation would not change even if the party manages to regain their morale.

"Damn, damn, damn it all! I can't die here! I'm still going to marry my childhood sweetheart!"

A young dog-eared man shouted as he desperately kill a kabold-like monster with his dual daggers.

"""""""Shut up, you idiot! That's an obvious death flag!!!"""""""

Everyone in the party yelled at the dog-eared man at the same time with reddened face. The dog-eared man tuck his head in his shoulder in fear while saying "sorry".


"Damn it! More of them? When is this going to end?!"

The middle-aged man shouted in desperation as more monsters appeared out of nowhere. Everyone in the party could only look at this scene with despair written all over their faces.

From the number of monsters that appeared, they knew that they stood no chance. But as they wallowed in despair, a mysterious voice of a man could be heard telling them to "duck"!

To be continued...


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