The Legend of Kai: Roaming

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Several days after the successful dragon subjugation, Kai finally received his long-awaited promotion. As the guild master promised, he was officially promoted to B-rank, making him the youngest B-rank in the history of the adventurers guild.

As such Kai's name started spreading not just in Ark but the nearby cities as well. Merchants and bards spread his name, and it becomes known that the adventurers guild have a very promising young adventurer.

But as fame brings more opportunities it also brought with it hatred and jealousy. Most of this came from young geniuses, aspirants and would be heroes that could not accept that someone younger than them reached such a height before them. It also did not help that Kai possessed a face that would rival elves and fairies and that he's surrounded by attractive women most of the time.

Their jealousy reached such a height that they started challenging him to duels. At first, Kai simply considers it as a rite of passage and accepted the duels. As he did not want to cause many injuries to the challenger he often held his hand, leaving his opponents with mild injuries. But as days pass he noticed that the challenges were not reduced but increases instead.

From the looks of things, the challenges will not stop. Since these challengers did not lose anything, they could challenge him to duels again and again until they win by a fluke or something. As such Kai announces that whoever wishes to challenge him in a duel must pay one gold coin or he will ignore the request. Stating that he is an adventurer and every time he accepts a duel he is losing a day's income.

This announcement quickly incurs the displeasure of his would-be challengers. Only to be silenced when Kai stated that none of them won against him even once and if they could not afford to pay the fee, they should stop wasting his time.

Due to his popularity, Kai has the support from most of Ark's populace and the adventurers guild. Not to mention most of his challengers are from the other cities. Left with no supporters, Kai's would be challengers are forced to agree to his condition.

With this new rule and the fact that Kai stopped holding back, his challengers quickly decreased and tranquility returned to his daily life.

At the adventurer's guild

"You want me to map out the whole area surrounding Ark including those places that have never been Mapped out before?" Kai asked guild master Guido.

Earlier that day a messenger from the guild arrived at Fenrir's base (Kai's newly bought house) asking him to report to the guild. Upon arriving he was quickly led to the guild master's office.

"Exactly. The map of the Misty forest you produced have been very popular because of its accuracy and ease of use. A copy of the map reached the hands of the city lord and was greatly praised by him. Therefore, he requested the guild to ask the person responsible for creating the map to map out the areas surrounding Ark." guild master Guido explained.

"I see." Kai replied, he then asked, "is there a deadline and does he have other requirements?"

Guild master Guido smiled, Kai's questions is a confirmation of his acceptance of the quest.

"There's no time limit. Of course the faster you complete the quest the better. As for the requirements, there's not much. The city lord would be satisfied as long as the quality is the same as the Misty forest map," explained guild master Guido.

"Got it," Kai replied.

The two men then begin negotiating the reward for the quest.

"A special quest?" Lily repeated what Kai after hearing the reason for his summon by the guild master.

"Yeah. It seemed that the city lord was impressed by the map of the Misty forest I've made." Kai answered.

"I see. So when will you start?" Lily asked.

"There's no hurry. I've got lots of freedom for the quest but I am required to report my progress from time to time. Anyways, it's no big deal. It won't affect my daily routine that much." Kai answered nonchalantly.

"Well, that's true. With the Gate spell, you could just transfer whenever you liked." Lily replied with a smile.

The two laugh lightheartedly. With a cheat spell like the Gate, Kai could leave and return whenever he liked.

"By the way, Lily, where's Kara and Mia?" Kai asked after noticing that the two are not around.

"Them? They just went to accompany Sasha for shopping, they'll be back soon." Lily explained.

Lily then asked if they needed them for something. Kai then explained that they might need to change their initial plans to visit the labyrinth for a bit.

"That's true. You're the only one that could use Gate among us and that special quest will take a bit of your time." Lily nods with understanding.

"The special quest won't affect my schedule that much. But rather it's my personal quest that would." Kai answered with a sigh.

"Oh? What do you mean?" Lily frowned and asked Kai for clarification.

Kai explained that he found the earth dragon's behavior suspicious and believed that there's something sinister afoot.

"I see. Since it's you, then it must be true. Do you need our help?" Lily did not doubt what Kai said. She, Kara and Mia have almost blind trust in Kai, both as a person and a man.

Feeling embarrassed by his friends' unyielding trust, Kai thanked them in his mind. He too, trust them a lot and had told them most of his secrets with the exception of the System and the fact that he is from another world. This is not due to the lack of trust but rather the complicated and unbelievable nature of said secrets.

Later that night, Kai explained the whole situation to Kara and Mia during dinner. Having understood the situation the two gave their full support. Of course, before tackling the System quest, Kai did several preparations including making time in his schedule to help the girls train in the labyrinth. Kai did not want to sacrifice the strength of the whole team just for his quest. Being Fenrir's leader he must ensure the growth of his teammates and not just his own.

Having completed all of his preparations, Kai traveled to his first destination, the valley of echoes.

To be continued...


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