The Legend of Kai: The Search For God's Vessel (1)

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The Search For God's Vessel (1)

The messenger walked towards the biggest temple of the Holy Church followed by Emilia and Kai; there they are welcomed by a large number of devotee who looked at the messenger with almost crazed devotion and zeal.

Seeing the devotees devotion greatly pleased the messenger, "this is my lord's servant," said the messenger proudly to himself,"they'll make great soldiers for my lord," he added.

Inside the temple, Kai saw the pope, along with the leaders of the alliance waiting. The pope and the people of the church is looking quite pleased and proud that their god had chosen to send a messenger to them. With a god's messenger on gracing them his presence, the believers of the Church would sure increase.

The expression of the leaders of the alliance couldn't be more different than those from the Church; most of them have grim expressions while others have complex and other emotions on their faces. Nonetheless, none of them did or say anything that would anger the messenger (or at least not yet.)

The pope slightly but respectfully vowed towards the messenger then lead him towards the highest and most important set of the temple.

"Sit!" say the messenger as he gestured the leaders of the alliance to take their sits.

Emilia sits besides the pope while Kai took a random sit near the leaders. Seeing this, the leaders of the alliance wanted to say something to Kai but he gestured them not to say anything. Understanding his intent, the leaders of the alliance took their sits and look at the messenger--waiting for him to speak.

"I am most pleased for this welcome," said he,"before arriving here, I was intercepted by the Demon King but thanks to the aid of the Hero and the man over there; the Demon King was repelled!"

The the Church's devotees inside the room were startled and angered after hearing the messenger's words. Many of them cursed the Demon King for what they believed an affront to the creator's messenger. Though the devotees were angered, the pope and the leaders of the alliance had no changed in their expressions as they were already aware of the incident.

"Down with the Demon King!" declared a devotee.

"How dare a mere demon lay a his unholy paws on the creator's representative?!" yelled another.

Everyone could see that the devotees are fuming in anger. If the messenger deemed it so; this devotees would no doubt lay their lives for him!

The pope could only secretly sigh at this sight while the leaders of the alliance's expressions grew grimmer.With just few words from the messenger, he was able to rouse their fighting spirits and zeal!

Though they did not mean to, the kings and queens started to worry that the believers of church of their respective nation would rally to the Church's side once the messenger spoke the rallying words.

The messenger, not noticing, or simply ignoring the leaders' grim expression gestured the everyone to be silent.

"The Demon King will indeed pay his debt in due time but now is not the time for that. Listen up and listen well; my master will soon grace us with his presence!" he declared proudly, "once that time arrives, the Demon King will perish no matter how many lives he have!"

Everyone, including Kai was startled at the revelation. The god of the Holy Church would descend into this world?

Such revelation blew the mind of everyone present, and without warning, a deafening cheer exploded inside the temple hall!

The cheers lasted for a little while, only stopping when the messenger rise his right hand to silence everyone.

"My master will indeed descend into the world. But! He needed a vessel that could contain his omnipresent power!" he explained and then continued, "For that, we need someone that is greatly love by the holy element!"

Everyone, simultaneously turn their heads towards the Hero Emilia after hearing the messenger's explanation. Emilia on the other hand was pale as paper after hearing those words.

Someone greatly love by the holy element? Who is better candidate as a vessel than the Hero herself?

There is finally a grim change on the pope's expression. Not even he, could have imagined that a vessel is needed to allow the descend of their god. Mot to mention that Emilia needed to be sacrifice for that to happen!

"Is this a bad joke?"

Kai's expression is as grim as the pope as he thought to himself what a bad taste of a joke he had heard. Though he and Emilia are not exactly close, their previous battle against the Demon King allows the appearance of a somewhat awkward friendship between them. Not to mention that Emilia herself is a good person despite her stiff personality. To be sacrifice as vessel just like that, Kai could not help but think that everything he had just heard is just a bad joke.

"Wait!" said the messenger, "though the Hero is a perfect vessel herself, she is not the chosen vessel!" he explained loudly.

"Not the Hero?"

"Is there someone more fitting as a vessel?"

Confusion ran on everyone's heads as they looked at one another in complete bafflement. But since they could not think of anyone else, the people inside the hall turn their heads towards the messenger, hoping for to know the answer.

"Just like what I said, the chosen vessel is not the Hero but this person!"

An holographic image of a person appeared on the center of the hall. The image is that of a young girl but her face is unfamiliar to everyone present.

"Who is she?" Thought everyone.

Seeing the confusion on everyone's face, the messenger frown for the first time since he entered the temple.

"Does no one recognize the image of the girl?" asked the messenger.

"Forgive us, O great messenger but the girl is unfamiliar to us. We could only use our people to look for her," explained the pope.

"Is that so? Then I would like to ask everyone present to look for this girl," said the messenger, a little disappointed.

"Of course!" the people inside the hall answered.

Nodding his head, the messenger end the meeting and ordered everyone to begin the search as soon as possible. He also, warned them to use every method in their disposal to locate the girl or face his master's wrath upon his descend.

The Emilia (with a complicated expression), the pope and the members of the church followed the messenger as he exits the hall. The leaders of the alliance on the other hand asked Kai to open a < Gate > for them so that they could return to the main camp. Though they did not trust the messenger, they knew that they must obey and do everything in their powers to locate the girl as soon as possible. Knowing that a god would descend soon, the leaders' hearts could not help but constrict with worry.

Against a god, what else could they do?

The search for the vessel turned the war into a frenzy state. Many troops are withdrawn from the battlefield, leaving only enough to stop the monster army's advance -- the state of war changing for good. Fortunately, the number of monsters fighting on the war also decreases for some reason. Nonetheless, this gave the alliance army less pressure but will obviously prolong the war against the Demon King. But then, so what? What could the Demon King do once god descended?

To be continued...


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