The Legend of Kai: The Serpent Showed Its Tail (1)

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The Serpent Showed Its Tail (1)


I let out a sigh as I thought of my conversation with the the princess Elizabeth.

"What's wrong, Kai? Why the deep sigh?"

Lily put down a cup of steaming tea then asked me what I sighed.

Hearing her question, I couldn't help but smile wryly. I wet my throat with the tea then told her about my conversation with the first princess of Melrac/

"Hmm... I see. So you told her that you already have a fiancee. Yet her reply is something you did not expect, right?" Lily nodded her head with understanding after my explanation.

"Um, somewhat..."

My reply is kinda weak but that's to be expected considering how the conversation with princess Elizabeth went.

This is how my conversation with the princess went...

"First, I would like to apologize for only visiting now despite my promise to the king, your highness," I started.

The princess smiled then gave her reply, "please, don't worry about it sir Kai, you didn't give an exact date for your visit after all."

Despite her reply, I still could not help but feel guilty. After all, I did purposedly held back the date of the visit, because I found it troublesome.

"I see. Nonetheless, I would hope that you'd accept my apology," I insisted.

"I understand. I will gladly accept your apology!" She jokingly answered.

With that, the conversation lightened up a lot and the awkwardness vanished--at least for a little while.

We conversed for a quite a bit while purposedly not mentioning about the engagement. But we both know that we could not avoid it for long, hence I decided to get it over with.

"Your highness, I would need to tell you something very important," I started.

Princess Elizabeth become visibly tense after hearing my words. She readied herself and nodded.

"First, I would like you to know that I already have a fiancee," I continued.

Hearing my confession, the princess was somewhat startled only to smile moments later.

Eh? What with her reaction? I though she would be, you know? More surprise?

"Are you... not surprise?" I asked in confusion after seeing her lackluster reaction to my confession.

"No, not really. Because I kinda expected it?"

That was her reply. Another nonchalant reply which kinda make my confusion bigger...

"I see... since you seemed okay with then there's no problem even if we cancel the engagement," I said with somewhat complicated feeling.

"Eh?! Why, why would we do that?!" The princess blurted out while panicking.

Eh? What's with his reaction? Since she did not react much to my confession, then, doesn't it mean she's not really interested to begin with?

"Why are you panicking?" I asked in confusion.

"Why wouldn't I?! Didn't you say that you wish to cancel the engagement?" She answered in a hurry.

"But I thought, you're not interested? I mean, I did tell you I already have a fiancee...," I explained in confusion.

"No, no, you misunderstood! I did say that I expected it but that doesn't mean I want to cancel the engagement!" She replied.

What, What's up with that? I she trying to tell me that she's okay that I have another fiancee?

Eh? Wait... in this world, polygamy is actually common!

How did I forgot something so important?

[Sometimes, you could be very dense, do you know that, host? You should not bring your former world's common sense into this world, you know?]

The System made a sudden comment while I was contemplating. Telling me to not compare Earth's common sense to that of this world.

Ah, that's right... this is not Earth. I should really stop doing that. Earth is different from this world. Here, magic rules and not science. And obviously, this world's common sense is different from my former world.

"Are you okay with that, your highness?" I asked after calming down.

Princess Elizabeth looked at my eyes and answered,"yes".

And that's the end of my recollection.


I could not help but sigh again after my recollection. Lily on the otherhand could only smile wryly after seeing my helpless expression.

"To think that you'll be troubled this much.... You're really a strange one, do you know that? A regular man would have happily accept a princess affection, you know?" Lily teases.

I could not help but gave a helpless laugh at Lily's teasing.

"Let's stop with talks about my engagement. Didn't you say you have something to report?"

I decided to change the subject as saying anthing more would not suddenly change my complicated feeling. Instead I asked Lily about the report she told me earlier.

"Yeah, it's about Hydra..."

To be continued...


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