The Legend of Kai: The War Begins! (2)

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The War Begins!(2)

Alcol Plain, Malkal Kingdom

The Alliance army stood intimidatingly as they patiently waited for the arrival of the demon king's army. The tension on the air is high and is almost palpable. And though the soldiers are lined-up orderly, one could easily see the anticipation and fear in their eyes. Knowing that the fate o the continent, nay, the world, rides on the result of the incoming battle.

It is of good fortune that the demon king's awakening was discovered quite quickly, giving the different forces on the continent to prepare. Though the alliance greatest gripe is that there is no sign of the hero's awakening. This is a major disadvantage in this war as only the hero could defeat the demon king. Of course, this is just a legend as the demon king itself is just an SSS-class monster and it might be possible to defeat it with greater numbers. But even if that's possible the casualties is sure to be enormous.

Alliance Main Camp.

Inside huge tent housing the alliance leaders.

"Is everyone here?" King Malkal the XIX asked as he looked at his peers.

"Everyone on the alliance should be here but it seemed that the pope hasn't arrived yet," the king of Goeth, Richard the VII replied.

"Hmph! Those church people are acting all special again!" Chieftain Balk of the Barbar tribe grumbled.

"DOn't be like that. The holy church has their own issue to settle now that the old pope is about to retire. Besides they promised to send forces as well so just be patient," Melchor the Saint king of Marian, good-naturedly said as he tries to placate Balk.

"Indeed. Since the church already gave their words, we could only wait," said King Oriess of Roustt.

"More importantly... how about the dragon clan and the adventurer's guild?" asked the queen of Albaster, Lazuli.

"Worry not, Your Majesty, the guild will give everything we have in oncoming battle. Seven of our S-class adventurers are already here, along with our A-class and B-class. Literary most of the guild's main forces are present. Of course, we also expect proper compensations after this," the chairman of the adventurer's guild, Klyne, answered.

"That's a given. The guild is an independent entity that answers to no one but themselves, after all. Then, elder Greene, how goes the dragon clan's take on this?"

Hearing Chairman Klyne's reply, Queen Lazuli is quite pleased and points her question to the dragon clan's elder council representative, Elder Greene.

"We obviously cannot ignore the demon king's existence and will send our forces to eliminate it. That said, our number is very few in comparison to the other races so we will be focusing on eliminating the elites of the demon king's army. As for the army itself, we shall leave them to you lot," answered Elder Greene.

The leaders of the alliance army were pleased by this arrangement and promise rewards and compensations after the war ends.

"Pope Andrew of the Holy Church has arrived," came a sudden declaration from outside the military tent.

"Hmph! So they're finally here, about time if you ask me!"

Chieftain Balk was the first to react to the pope and the church's forces arrival, grumbling at their late arrival. Hearing this the good-nature Saint king could only smile wryly.

"Hahahaha! My apologies Chief Balk. I hope you could excuse this old man for his tardiness. As you know, I'm getting on the years!" Pope Andrew apologized.

"Why are you apologizing to this barbarian, Your Excellency? He should be grateful that the church is willing to lend a hand!"

Hearing the pope apologizing to the Barbar chieftain, a young-looking cardinal complained and hurl insults back to Chief Balk.

"How dare you?! Are you looking for a fight?!"

The short-tempered chieftain of the Barbar did not like what the young cardinal said and picked up his great ax. The young cardinal, unwilling to show weakness, took out his mace but before the conflict could escalate more the pope put a stop to it with holy magic that calms the mind.

"Enough of that! We are all allies here. You two better put that vigor fighting the demon king and its army, understood?"

Being chastised by the old pope, the two hot-headed men looked at each other menacingly one last time before looking away with a harrumphed.

"How childish...," murmured queen Lazuli with a sigh.

Seeing the two calming down, King Malkal asked everyone to be seated they continue with the meeting. While the leaders of the alliance are preparing for the battle, the demon king's army is steadily marching towards the agreed battlefield. watching this from the sky are Kai and Rudra.

"With their speed, it'll probably take two days before they arrived at the plain," Kai said as he voices out what he observed.

"Yeah, the flying monsters could get their faster but it seemed they have no plan of doing so. What do you think, Kai?"

Rudra agreed with Kai's observation but notices that even the flying monsters are matching the land monsters' speed. Kai also finds this strange as harassing the allied army with the flying monsters is a viable option.

"I'm not sure but it worries me too. It seemed that the demon king's a very cautious individual. My guess is that he is wary of a possible ambush so he wanted to keep his forces together," Kai answered.

"Hmm... this is troublesome indeed..."

After observing for a while, Kai and Rudra decided to return to the alliance camp and report their findings.

Two days later...

To be continued...


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