The Legend of Kai: City of Adventurers (2/3)

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City of Adventurers (2/3)

[Congratulation host for completing the "Abrupt Quest"!]

[Reward: 100000 EXP and 10000 SP)]

[Level Up to 15! Learned the skill "Mirage Slash" "Heal"]

The system notification flooded Kaidu's mind after killing the last goblin. But Kaidu ignored the notification and instead ran towards the three injured girls.

"Is everyone okay?" Kaidu asked.

The girls finally snapped out of the reverie when Kaidu asked them.

"I'm okay but Lily and Mia are injured..."

Kara answered for the other two and worriedly looked at them, especially Mia who has rhe worst injury.

"Let me take a look."

Kaidu scanned the two girl and nodded in understanding. He then placed a hand near Mia's chest but did nit actually touched them. He then quickly used his newly learned skill "Heal".

A soft green light covers Mia body and she could feel the pain from her injuries greatly leassening. Several seconds later all of Mia's injuries are healed. If not for the fact that her clothes are dirty and tattered, one would not think that she was previously injured.

[What kind of spell is that!]

The two girls looked at Mia in disbelief, even Mia herself was greatly shocked. They have never seen such a miraculous spell before. Not even the priest's could heal such an injury in such a short time. Not to mention it was a full healing without any trace of injuries remaining.

Kaidu did not noticed the girls reaction and quickly shift his attention to the injured Lily. He noticed an arrow lodged to Lily's shoulder and knows that he could not heal her without removing the whole arrow. But removing an arrow is no easy task. The arrowhead could easily rupture the flesh and make the injury worse. Of course he could pull it out and heal the injury afterwards but that would cause the girl unnecessary pain...

Noticing Kaidu's hesitation, Lily understand what's worrying him.

"Please pull it out. I could handle the pain." Lily said with a smile.

Kaidu looked at Lily and nodded.

"Then please excuse me. I'll try to lessened the pain."

Kaidu focuses his attention at the arrow, channeling his mana as he did so. Lily feel his shoulder becoming numb though not entirely removing the feeling, she did feel the pain greatly lessened. Taking a deep breath, Kaidu pull out the arrow swiftly.

Lily groaned a little the moment the arrow was pulled out. But to her surprise she did not feel much pain.

Kaidu quickly used "Heal" after successfully pulling the arrow. And just like that of Mia, Lily's wound closes at an observable speed. Before long all of her bodily injuries and pain disappeared like an illusion.

"It your turn now, miss." Kaidu said as he looked at Kara.

"No, that won't be necessary. My injuries are light. Besides you've just healed Lily and Mia and you must have exhausted your mana after using such a spell." Kara refuses Kaidu's offer as she believed that using such an amazing healing magic must have sapped Kaidu's mana reserves.

"Please don't worry, I still have lots of mana left."

Kaidu was telling the truth, he did indeed possessed an absurd amount of mana. And even if he uses heal thousands of time, it will only put a dent to his mana reserved. Not to mention his mana recovery rate is as absurd as his mana reserves and even has the unique skill "Absorb" that could absorb life essence from anything. This makes it almost impossible for Kaidu to used up all of his mana!

"I, no, thank you!"

Seeing Kaidu's honest expression, Kara finally relented and allowed Kaidu to heal her.

After being healed the girls hugged each other with teary eyes. They are finally saved. Though they are prepared to die earlier, it is only because death is a much better alternative than being captured and violated by goblins. After all no one wanted to dies if they have the option to live.

Kaidu waited for the girls to stop crying and calm down. Several minutes later, the girls finally calmed down and faced their saviour. The moment they took a good look at Kaidu's face, the girls are startled at how good looking he is. Though they had seen his appearance earlier their situation prevented them from actually acknowledging this fact.

But now that everything's settled they are surprised at his youthful and beautiful appearance. Yes, beautiful. The young man in front of them had already surpassed the category of being handsome and had reached the level of being called beautiful.

"Um, hello?" Kaidu confusingly looked at the girls who just stared at him but refuses to talk.

The girls finally realized their mistakes and blushes due to embarrassment. After calming themselves they started to introduced themselves.

The first one is Lily, a young woman of 19 with shoulder length blonde hair and grey eyes, a Lvl 6 Merchant.

The next one to introduced herself was Kara, a young woman of 20. Kara has brown hair, styled in a ponytail, and her eyes are blue. She's a Lvl 9 Warrior.

And lastly, there's Mia. A dignified 17 years old young lady with black hair and platinum colored eyes. A Lvl 10 Sword Maiden.

Kaidu looked at the three girls and could not help but appreciate their good looks. If this is Earth, the three could easily become models or actresses.

Of course being a gentleman, Kaidu did not gawked at the girls for too long.

"Nice to meet you all. My name's Kai!"

Kaidu introduced himself of Kai instead of Kaidu. The reason for it is because he wanted to start anew but was hesitating if he should ditch his old name. But after a brief thinking he decided to compromised and just call himself Kai.

To be continued...


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