The Legend of Kai: Labyrinth Exploration (3/3)

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Labyrinth Exploration (3/3)


"Mia, to your left?"

"Got it!"

"Kara, archers at 2'oclock!"

"Leave it to me!"

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Kara blocked the arrows aimed at Mia with her shield. Mia then rushes the skeleton archers after disposing of the skeleton warriors. Using several slashes from her sword the skeleton archers shattered.

"Whew! That was intense, right Mia?"


"Still, having you around is very helpful Kai. Your Mana Sense is such a cheat. It makes ambushes almost impossible," Kara praises.

"Um... agreed." nods Mia.

I embarrasingly scratched the back of my head after being praised by the girls. To train and raise the level of the girls, I have them attack and kill the monsters without aid from me. The reason for it is because my level is too high for the current floor and I won't get much experience even if I killed the monsters. Therefore, I had the Kara and Mia teamed up to kill the monsters while I watched at the sideline. Only assisting by using Mana Sense to avoid ambushes.

Fortunately, the girls had known each other for years and were familiar with each other's personalities.

"If we keep this up, you girls will level up before reaching the 10th level." I said.


I nodded and explained that they're showing signs of leveling up and just needed a little push.

We gathered the materials and monster cores and stored them in my inventory.

"There's something I need to tell you two."

I beckon the two to the sides. After making sure that there were no adventurers lurking around, I took two scrolls from and handed them to the girls.

"What's this?" Kara asked, while Mia looked at scrolls curiously.

"Skill scrolls. It allows anyone to learn Mana Sense, despite one's magic talent," I explained.

The girls looked at me incredulously after hearing what I just said.

"Are you serious?!"

"Aren't skill scrolls extremely rare and expensive?"

I nodded and explained that they only needed to read the scroll and they'll be able to learn the skill inscribed in it.

"Kai, this it too precious, we can't accept it."

Kara and Mia tries to give back the scrolls but I shook my head in refusal. Smiling and showed them another scroll.

"I have a way to inscribe such a scroll and I'll also give one to Lily. So don't worry about it."

Since I wanted them to learn Mana Sense, I forced the scrolls to them and tell a white lie. I bought the skill scrolls at the System Shop for 300 SP each, and since the System is a part of me, what I've said is technically the truth. Also, there are life skills called Enchant and Inscribed respectively, and I will be buying both later. So I will be able to inscribed skils in scrolls very soon.

"You can make skill scrolls? Just how talented are you?!" Kara exclaimed.

"Amazing!" Mia looked at me with awe.

"Cough! It's nothing special really... anyway, learn the skill now and we'll take advantage of the monsters in the labyrinth to hone the skill."

Embarrased, I faked a cough and quickly changed the subject by telling them to learn the skill Mana Sense.

The girls opened and read the scroll. Faint bluish light covered their bodies, and lookee of amazement appear on their faces.

"Amazing! I can feel the surrounding much clearer now!" Kara sighed.

"Yeah... so this is how Kai feels. I feel like the world had become much brighter." Mia said with a soft smile.

"Thanks a lot Kai. We owe you one." Kara said happily, while Mia gave me a look of gratitude.

"We're friends, no thanks are needed with friends." I accepted their gratitude and told them to get use to the skill as quickly as possible.

After Kara and Mia learned Mana Sense, hunting monsters becomes much more effective and easy. I no longer need to tell them the locations of the monsters as they could do it themselves. Their teamwork also improved tremendously and can assist each other without needing to say anything.

We battle our way through hordes of monsters. On the way we encountered several adventurer parties fighting monsters—offering help if needed. Thanks to that we are able to befriend a lot of adventurers. Of course not everyone are friendly, some ignore us or looked at us with suspicion.

Not long after we finally reached the 10th level where the 1st labyrinth boss is supposed to be located. Unfortunately, someone already beaten the boss when we arrived which I heard is a giant red slime.

Feeling a bit disappointed, we retract our steps and went back to the 1st level. We dare not venture deeply as the monsters beyond the 10th level is C-rank and above. And as a general rules, monsters inside dungeons and labyrinths are stronger and tougher. Though I could probably handle them, I cannot ensure the girls safety so we could only go back. As the saying goes, safety first.

Anyway, Kara and Mia leveled up as expected. Kara is now lvl 8 while Mia finally reached lvl 10. With this there strenght increased exponentially—especially Mia who can now apply for a C-rank adventurer license. Speaking of ranking up, I need to complete several more quest before I could rank up to C.

Upon exiting the labyrinth, we saw Lily waiting for us along with Shiro. It seemed that she sold out the merchandise for the day.

"How's the labyrinth?" she asked.

Kara, Mia and I looked at each other before exclaiming, "it's great!"

"Hooo... so managed to reach the 10th level with just the three of you? Then you learned the rare skill Mana Sense using this scroll?"

Lily was amazed by our achievement. It seemed reaching the 10th level in one day was no easy feat. But the thing that amazes her the most was the skill scroll in her hand.

"I know how you feel. Mia and I too cannot believed that we can learn such rare skill with just a scroll." Kara said while looking at me gratefully.

Mia too looked at me with gratitude which makes me feel embarrased once again.

"Kai, you said you could inscribe skill scrolls, am I correct?"

Lily looked at me as he waited for my answer. I nodded and explained that I can as long as I have the necessary materials to create the scrolls like magical ink and parchment. I also told him that creating a scroll requires time and a lot of mana so I could not pump out a scroll whenever I like. And the skills I could inscribe on the scroll is limited to the ones I already knew.

"That's only natural. If making skill scrolls are easy then they woudn't be so rare." Lily nods.

Sighing inside my mind, I could not help but feel guilty. In truth what I said about the difficulty of creating skill scrolls are mostly lies. The System explained that the Inscribe skill I could but in the System store is more efficient and powerful than the methods used in this world. Meaning I could create skill scrolls as long as I have the materials and mana. Though the limitation of being able to only inscribe skills i already knew was true. But with a cheat like the System shop, it's not even an issue worth considering...

"Kai, are you interested in selling skill scrolls?" Lily asked with glint in her eyes.

Seeing that Lily's merchant blood was triggered, Kara, Mia and I could only smily wryly.

"Of course! But how should we go in selling them?" I asked.

"Skill scrolls are extremely rare and expensive. Auctioning them is the best method. The rarer the skill the more expensive it is. For example this Mana Sense scroll could easily sell for 3,000 gold coins." Lily looked at the skill scroll in her hands lovingly.

"Oh? That much?"

The price that Lily quoted surprised me. If we could gather several thousand gold coins, then the plan that I have been brewing could be put in effect.

"Indeed. Actually, that's a conservative estimate. If I do my best I could sell it for 4000 to 5000 gold coins." Lily answered confidently.

"Then lets do that. I'll make a few skill scrolls and you auction them. But for now you should learn Mana Sense too, then we will enter the labyrinth together. Though your main class is a Merchant, you should not take your ranger sub class for granted." I said.

"Got it!"

Excited with the prospect of entering the labyrinth together, Lily answered with a huge smile. And with this, my first labyrinth explorations pleasantly ended.

To be continued...


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