The Legend of Kai: The Wolf Bare Its Fangs (1)

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The Wolf Bare Its Fangs (1)

"I have return, my liege," the demon general started.

"Hmm," the demon king acknowledges the demon general's greetings with a groan. He then asked,"how is it?"

"Luck is on our side and we fortunately did not fail Your Majesty's expectation,"answered the demon general as he took out an object shaped like a sword.

Seeing the sword-like object, a mysterious glint flashed on the demon king's eyes. With a gesture of a hand, the object flew towards the demon king. "Well done!" Exclaimed the demon king as he took a closer look at the sword-shaped object. "What would you like as reward?" Asked the demon king without looking at the demon general.

The demon general grew excited after hearing the demon king. "If Your Majesty will allow it, I would like to lead the first offensive against the coalition army," requested the demon general expectantly.

The demon king looked at the demon general after hearing his request. He thought for a bit before agreeing. "Very well! I will permit it! Go! Wash our last defeat with the blood or our enemies!"

"By your will!"

Recieving the demon king's order, the demon general left the throne room excitedly. For a demon like himself, being able to lead the demon king's army is great honor.

"I will need to go to seclusion to unseal this artifact. Do not let anyone disturb me unless it is something of utmost importance," the demon king spoke to seamingly no one as there's only him inside the throne room. But then a figure shrouded in mist appeared from the demon king's shadow!

"Undertood!" The shadowy figure answered. Hearing the shadow's response, the demon king disappeared into a hidden room without saying anything.

While the demon king went into seclusion, the demon king's army marches without rest while the coalition army wait with baited breath. Several days later, the first battle between the coalition army and the demon king army finally happened. Using traps and spells, the coalition army got the upperhand against the monster army on the first campaign. The army manages to kill uncountable number of monsters, thus raising the morale of the troops greatly. But on the next encounter, the monster army took the initiative and manages to turn the tide of battle to their favor--forcing the coalition army to retreat and regroup.

Despite the failure of the second campaign, the coalition army's morale did not decline in the slightest. Instead, it was greatly boosted as the soldiers used the death of their comrades to fight harder. Experiencing defeat on the second campaign helped the new generals of the coalition army to familiarize themselves with how the monster fights. Using that experience, the coalition generals lead the third campaign to victory.

"How is the battle?" Kai asked Lily of the result of the battle after returning to the Den.

"Things are looking quite good for the coalition army. Of the three campaigns, the coalition manages to take two victories," Lily answered. She then prepared tea for Kai then asked, "how about on your side? Did you discover anything?"

Kai drank the tea prepared by Lily and felt refreshed. "I've found out that the demon king seemed to be seeking a certain artifact. Unfortunately, I've arrived too late. The said artifact was already taken before I got there." Kai explained.

"I see. That's truly unfortunate. Do you know what the artifact is for?" Hearing that Kai arrived too late and missed the artifact, Lily was not really disappointed. The information that the demon king was seeking something reached Kai's ears not too long ago as such Lily knew that Kai won't make it on time. What Lily really want to know is the purpose of the said artifact.

"I'm not too sure. But according to the clue I've gathered, it is a key or sort. But to what it is supposed to open? I have no idea," Kai answered helplessly.

Despite knowing that he won't make it on time, Kai still decided to go the place where the artifact is located. But upon arrival, the dungeon that houses the artifact was already turned into rubble! It seemed that whoever retrieved the artifact, decided to destroy the whole dungeon so destroy all clues. Fortunately, not all evidence was destroyed. Using some skills and spells, Kai was able to piece together some of the destroyed clues. But due to lack of information, Kai still arrived at a dead end.

"By the way, are preparations complete?" Knowing that the artifact is most likely with the demon king, Kai decided to focus on more pressing issue at hand. He wanted to know if Fenrir's preparation is complete.

"Don't worry, everything is ready. We are just waiting for your return," Lily answered with a smile.

"Very well! It's time for Fenrir to join the fight! Tell Ozma to deploy the troops!"

With Kai's orders, Fenrir will finally join the fight against the demon king. From here on, the battles will become much bigger and bloodier.

To be continued...


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