The Legend of Kai: Boss Fight (2)

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Boss Fight (2)

Inside the boss room, Kai's group saw a huge golem made of iron.

"Is that an Iron Golem?" Ahnari was greatly surprised at seeing the monster boss that awaits them. Ahnari had seen Iron Golems before but none of those golems can compare to the sheer size of the one they are about to face. As someone from the race that worship nature, seeing an entity made out of iron makes her feel ill-at-ease.

"It's quite the big guy, isn't it? Also, look at all that iron! Just imagine the sheer amount of weapons and tools that could be made out of them!" Talban's reaction is the exact opposite of the elf Ahnari. As a dwarf, Talban is also a blacksmith and seeing the mountain of iron (Iron Golem) is making him excited.

The rest of the party could only shake their heads at Talban's statement. What in front of them is a colossal and powerful-looking opponent, yet their dwarven friend here is looking at it as if it's a treasure mountain. Indeed, the Iron Golem is as big as a small hill. It's hard to believe that something this big could fit into the labyrinth. But then again, labyrinths are already absurd by themselves, so seeing this mountain-like Iron Golem shouldn't be too surprising.

"What's the plan now, party leader?" the knight Isaac faced Kai and waits for Kai's decision. Being the leader of this group, Kai is responsible for giving orders. Since the king of Melarc assigned him to assist the young man, Simon decide to simply follow Kai's instructions. Beside, Kai have not given them instructions that would be harmful to the group so Simon doesn't have musch qualm following someone younger than him.

The rest of the party also looked at Kai awaiting his instructions. Kai nodded and gave simple orders to the group. Since the Iron Golem it the first boss of the labyrinth, he could not afford to waste too much time and energy on it.

After receiving Kai's instructions, the rest of the part ready their weapons. Talban and Isaac are the first to engage the Iron Golem's. These two are the vanguards of the party. Talban being a heavy warrior that uses a huge hammer have good compatibility with the Iron Golem, while Simon being a knight that carries a towering shield would protect the Talban as the party's tank.

Isaac, as an S-rank adventurer would also join the fray and would be responsible for giving the finishing blow. As an adventurer with S-class strength, Isaac is quite use to fighting opponents larger than himself. Ahnari and Kuran on the other hand would be the one's responsible for the rear. The two of them are from tribes that specializes in magic and would be a huge boost to the party's offense. Unfortunately, Ahnari's compatibility with the Iron Golem is quite bad as such she could not use her favor bow to defeat the enemy, nonetheless, her wind magic, paired with Kuran's lightning magic could cause devastating damage on the Iron Golem.

Then what about Kai?

Kai would be responsible for the team's formation, making sure that their strategy would be implemented as it is supposed to be. Of course, Kai won't be just observing the battle and would act depending on the situation. Kai is also very wary of Hydra and could not afford to show all of his cards. He must make sure that he is prepared for any situation, hence he would be staying at thr back despite being a very capable frontliner himself.

Talban, Simon and Isaac started battling the Iron Golem and using their superior numbers, pummels the Iron Golem endlessly. But as one would expect of such a huge opponent, it won't be easy to make it fall.

The entire hall rumbles as the Iron Golem sweep its two massive arms. And despite is huge size, the Iron Golem is quite agile. If the golem is facing weaker opponents, it's sheer speed and power would have already finish the other party. But unfortunatley for the Iron Golem, it is facing a group of monstrously powerful individuals. None of the golem's attacks could even graze its opponents. Try as it might, it is no much for the other party.

The Iron Golem caanot keep up with the adventurers and massive chunks of iron that composed its body had already fallen off. Still, the Iron Golem is incredibly tough and it would take a while to defeat it.

Kai watches all of this with a frown on his face. it'll only be a matter of time till the golem is defeated and yet there has been no movement from Hydra. As such, Kai could not help but wonder if Hydra is going to just let the Iron Golem be defeated.

To be continued...


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