The Legend of Kai: Returning Home

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Returning Home

The invasion of the wolf clan did not escape the notice of the nearby clans. No, with how flashy the invasion was, there's no way that it could be missed. But the invasion itself is not what concerns the clans but rather the mysterious force that lends their aid to repel the invasion.

Everyone saw the humongous blue-silver wolf that instantly decimates the wolf clan army. Then the same blue-silver wolf attacked the wolf clan stronghold devastating the clan and easily defeating the wolf clan's guardian beast.

The strength of the mysterious beast made the nearby clan uneasy as such they tried to gather as much information as they can. Yet no matter what they do, they couldn't find anything. Even the the defeated wolf clan maintained their silence on the matter. Adding more fog to the mystery.

What the other clans know is that the fox clan welcomed a mysterious young man as guest. But whether this mysterious young man have anything to do with the mysterious beast is anyone's guest. The fox clan ain't talking and so were the wolf clan. One thing is certain though, the fox clan has found a powerful ally, an ally that would act if the fox clan is threatened in any way.

Inside a certain courtyard.

"Yukina, I'll be leaving for now. But I'll return soon after settling Myuu over there," I said while explaining my plan to Yukina.

Since the problem with the wolf clan had been settled, I plan to temporarily return to the western continent. I plan to take Myuu there and introduce her to my teammates. Since Myuu is reluctant to return to the wolf clan after what happened. I decided to adopt Myuu as my little sister. I'm sure Lily and the others would love to have Myuu--she's that adorable after all. I also, want Myuu to feel loved and needed, the wolf clan only wanted her for her power after all. Hopefully, the girls would be able to make her open up more.

"I understand. Then I will await your return, Kai," Yukina replied.

I took out several talismans and handed them to Yukina."This talisman allows you to communicate with me through telepathy. It's a multi-use talisman, meaning you can use it multiple times. But there is a limitation. It uses mana and due to the distance between here and the western continent, it could only be used twice a day. So I suggest that you only uses it when necessary," I explained.

Yukina, Inaba and the elders stared at the telepathy talisman with shock. In their eyes, the talisman that allow them to communicate with someone leaving in another continent is just godly. I expected such reaction though, after all such talisman is not easy to make even for me. I really wanted to introduce the telegraph to them but the eastern continent doesn't have the needed infrastructure nor do I have time for it. I'll just discuss it with her once I returned.

I also explained the effect of the other talismans to her though I will omit it here. Let's just say that the effect of the other talisman's aren't inferior to the telepathy talisman. So much so that the everyone were looking at them like they are treasures. though that's not exactly wrong considering their effect and value.

"Well then! I'll be going now. Are you ready, Myuu," I asked the fidgeting Myuu.

"U,um! I'm ready big brother!" Myuu replied with a big smile.

I grin at Myuu's cuteness and opened a Gate. After saying my farewell, Myuu and I entered the Gate.

Fenrir's Den.

A magical Gate opened at a certain room in Fenrir's Den. There I saw Lily, Mia, and kara running towards us. Since I've already reported my plan to them, I was not really surprise but Myuu become fidgety and hid behind me.

"""Kai! Welcome back,""" Lily, Mia and Kara greeted together.

"I'm back," I answered.

Behind them I saw a humanoid puppet walking casually.

"Welcome back, Master Kai," the puppet bowed and greeted.

"I'm back, Ozma."

Yes, the humanoid puppet is Ozma, or rather, the consciousness inside the puppet is Ozma. The reason Ozma is inside a puppet is due to the girls' request who were feeling uncomfortable seeing a giant disemboweled head floating around. I don't blame them though, It is kinda discomforting seeing such a scene if you're not use to it.

After the short pleasantry, I introduced the Ozma and the girls to the newest member of the team, Myuu. At first, Myuu is a little uncomfortable being stared by unfamiliar people (and a puppet) but quickly warming up to them after seeing how nice they are. The girls too fall in love with Myuu's cuteness and spoil her like no end. While Ozma, watch over her like a grandfather for some reason. I guess the entire Fenrir team was easily subdue by Myuu's charm.

To be continued...


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