The Legend of Kai: The Monster Tide (5)

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The Monster Tide (5)


What timing?!

To think that I would actually see monsters the moment I arrived...

I watched as the monsters increases in numbers. to my surprise the monsters are not doing whatever they wanted and instead looked like a proper army.

This is strange. The only one I know capable of doing something like this is the demon king or one of his generals. Could the demon king be the one responsible for the monster tides that happened recently?

Though such a though entered my mind, I quickly denied it.

I still have no evidence but my gut is telling me that the demon king have absolutely nothing to do with whatever is happening right now.

It seems that someone is trying to put all the blame on the demon king.

What courage they have to do such a thing!

"They won't have an easy death once the demon king finds out that some people are using his name to wreck havok," I mumbled inside my head.

[The demon king would certainly massacre them for this,] the System agreed to my mumbling.

"Yeah, that guy have lots of pride after all. I'm quite sure he'll hunt them down once he finds out who they," I said with a sneer.

[Then you could take that opportunity to find the demon king's location,] the System advised.

Oh? That's actually a good plan!

Indeed, there's no reason to do all the work. The demon king should also help. And once he make his move then that is where we strike!

Of course, such positive thing won't always happen but this is indeed an opportunity.

Since Hydra is most likely the cause of this, I could take care of both of them at the same time...

But I should take care of this situation first. I could easily take care of this by using gate and then teleporting them all to the Sea of Chaos, but this might alert the ones responsible for the monster tides. I should act with caution just in case...

I hid my aura and body using an invisibility spell. With the help of the spell, i was able to observe the situation without being noticed. Beofre long the monster stopped coming out and there I saw a man in black cloak coming out last.

Finally! I've waited long enough for you!

The grunted and the monsters stiffened as if losing control of their bodies. Then with another grunt from the mysterious man, the monsters started marching. Since Jillan city is the nearest, it is the most obvious target.

I watched the monsters marching while floating on the sky. To prevent the mastermind from escaping I made sure to not lose sight of him.

After several hour of marching, the monsters almost reached their destination. And as expected their target is Jillan who's still recovering from the last tide. If the monsters attack now, the city will surely fall.

"This is enough."

I could not allow Jillan city to fall. After all I've made some acquaintances while staying there. Paul and Ellen's face appear on my mind and helping make up my mind.

Using short-distance teleportation, I appeared behind the mysterious man and knock him out. The monster suddenly stopped marching and look around in confusion. And before they could react, the monster fall inside the gate which suddenly appears under their feet!

"It's done."

After taking care of the monsters, I returned to the Den carrying the mysterious man. I will have him tell me all the information he has. I'm sure Ozma could easily extract the information I needed...

To be continued...


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