The Legend of Kai: Labyrinth Exploration (1/3)

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Labyrinth Exploration (1/3)

Soft swirling fogs, strange crystals on the ceilings and walls giving off purplish ligh, that's what welcomed our party of three inside the labyrinth.

"How surprising. I didn't think that it would be bright inside!"

Looking around I could not help but exclaim in amazement

"I know right? I too had the same reaction when I first set foot on the labyrinth." (Kara)

"Now I understand what Mia meant when she said that torches or lamps are unnecessary." (Kai)

"Um. Labyrinths are very strange. I heard all labyrinth are like this one." Mia explained.

"Are dungeons like this too?" I asked.

Mia thought for a while before answering, "no most dungeons are dark and gloomy, though there seemed to be exceptions." (Mia)

"I see. How interesting." (Kai)

The three of us converses while walking but that doesn't mean that our guards are down. Kara and Mia scanned the surrounding carefully while I use the System map and the skill "Mana Sense" from time to time.

Hm? Monsters?

"Wait. I sense several presence ahead. I think they're monsters."

I warned the two girls of the presence that the I felt using "Mana Sense". I looked at the map and saw several red dots that indicates they're hostile.


Kara and Mia did not questioned what I've said and ready their weapons. A sword also appeared on my right hand and we waited for our opponent to appear. Not long after seven doglike monsters that stand upright while wielding clubs appear before our eyes. These monsters according to the Systems are called "Kabold" except they are bigger and fiercer looking than those found outside the labyrinth.

"Kabolds! And seven of them!"

Kara gasped after seeing the kabolds, while Mia's expression grew more serious. I glanced at the girls, admiring the serious reaction on their faces. Those are the faces of adventurers. Though these kabolds are just D-rank monsters and the girls are lvl 7 (Kara) and 9 (Mia) respectively, they still did not let their guards down.

Such a behaviour will definitely help them live longer whether inside or outside the labyrinth.

Following their examples, I too looked at the approaching kabolds with serious expression. These are the first monsters that I'll be facing inside the labyrinth and I can't help but be excited.

The kabolds growled fiercely at us. Their reddened and glowing eyes looked at us like we're prey.


Roaring, the kabolds attack us with their clubs. Kara used her shield and stepped in front of us.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Clubs hit the shield but like a wall it remained unfazed. Taking advantage of the situation, Mia and I attacked at the same time and with every slash of our swords, a kabold lose its life. Before we know it all kabolds had fallen.

I then saw the kabolds slowly turning to ashes, leaving their clubs, and cores. Curious I picked up the cores and examined it. I noticed that this cores seemed to be bigger have more mana than most monsters I encountered outside.

"I didn"t knew that they will turn to ashes after dying..." I murmured to myself.

"Yeah, all monsters inside the labyrinth are like that." (Kara)

"Really? Why?" (Kai)

"No one knows. That's one of the labyrinth's mystery. Their had been many theories but the most accepted of those theories is that the fallen monsters revived after some time passed. But no one ever saw a monster reviving, not that we could recognized a monster even if we do." answered Kara with a wry smile.

We proceed further after that. On the way we encountered more kabolds, along with slimes, goblins and rabid rabbits.


Killing the last of the rabid rabbits, I swish my sword to remove the blood covering it. I then asked a question that has been bothering me for a while now.

"Does the labyrinth have boss monsters?" I asked.

"Yeah. There's a boss monster every 10th level." Mia answered.

"Oh? A boss monster every 10th level? That's an interesting arrangement. Rather unnatural though." I thought.

"Why every 10th level?"

Mia shooked her head explaining that it had alway been like that on most labyrinth. Dungeons on the otherhand are less predictable and boss monsters could appear anywhere, even the 1st level.

My eyes widened when I found out that boss monsters can appear on the 1st level of a dungeon.

"Dungeons are that dangerous?" (Kai)

"Um. Dungeons are smaller and have few levels compared to labyrinths but the monsters their are a lot fiercer and stronger. At least that's what I've heard. Kara and I have never entered a dungeon before." (Mia)

"I see. By the way, what type of monster is the first boss of this labyrinth and what is its rank?" (Kai)

"I heard its a huge red slime, and it should be a B-rank monster." (Mia)

"Oh? If it's just B-rank then it's possible to beat it with our current party."

The more I heard about the boss monster the more excited I become. Considering that it's just a B-rank monster, our party of three could defeat it.

Seeing my excitement Kara smiled wryly and said, "we could fight it if no one defeated it yet."

Ah! She's right. Where in labyrinth city, and plenty if adventurers enters the dungeon on a daily basis. Considering that it's just D-rank, lots of adventurer could beat it with ease.

"Sigh...I guess it depend on luck huh?" I sighed gloomily.

"Don't be depressed. The labyrinth have lots of levels and the deeper we enter the stronger the monster becomes, same thing for the boss monsters. Besides, no one knows when a boss monster will respawn so we might get lucky and encounter it." Kara said as she tries to cheer me up.

"Um. Kara's right." (Mia)

Scratching my head in embarrasment, I apologized to the girls. "Such childish action," I scold myself.

Our party carry on with our exploration, meeting other adventurers on the way. Before long we saw the entrance to the second level.

We saw several adventurer party resting near the entrance. It seemed they are trying to recuperate their strenghts before going down. Some of the adventurers are seatibg while the others are standing. Probably to guard the resting adventurers from attacks. With the help of the System I found out that there levels are lower than us—ostly Lvl 4 or 5.

The resting adventurers also saw us. After giving them a polite nod we proceed to the next level.

"They're not resting?" asked one of the adventurers.

"Yeah. But it doesn't seemed like they needed rest. They looked so relax." answered another.

"Must be high level adventurers. Though they looked so young, especially the only guy in the group..."

Unaware that we've caught the attention of the resting adventurers, our grouo finally reached the second level. The moment se set foot on the second level, we heard the sounds of battle.

Looking at each other we rushed towards the source of the sound. There we saw a large party of adventurers fighting an ever larger group of monsters called gnolls.

Though we saw them having a hard time fighting the monsters, it doesn't seemed like they're in any danger. And our sudden appearance could cause a misunderstanding. They might think that we wanted to steal their quarry. As proof of that, some of the adventurers are looking at us wearily.

"Do you guys need some help?" I shouted wanting to dispell their wariness.

Hearing what I've said the adventurers become less wary.

"Thank you for the offer friend but we can handle this." a dwarf wielding a large axe answered.

"Got it."

So Kara, Mia and I waited at the side for the battle to end. But we did not let our guard down and observed the situation carefully, just in case something unexpected happened. Tens of minutes later, the adventurer party manages to slay all of the monsters.

To be continued...


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