The Legend of Kai: Returning To Ark

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Returning To Ark

"The Dark Knight?" I asked while looking at Lily flabbergasted.

Lily, Kara, Mia and I are having breakfast at the inn when Lily suddenly mentioned about a mysterious adventurer that managed to solo a labyrinth boss monster.

"That's right the Dark Knight, a mysterious adventurer wearing black full body armour. He seemed to have appeared on the 10th level and after defeating the level boss went to the 11th level. Then no one knows where he went after that." Lily explained between bites.

"Wasn't that me? How the hell did I suddenly get an alias?" I thought to myself.

"What's so special about this Dark Knight? Isn't he just an adventurer that soloed the weakest boss on the labyrinth?" Kara asked.

I nodded at Kara's question. Indeed, it's just an adventurer wearing black armour that manages to solo the weakest monster boss on the labyrinth. There shouldn't be anything strange about it, stronger B-class adventurer and A-class adventurer can do it too. Why make it sound like it's something big?

"Right. Is it just an A-class adventurer passing through the 10th floor when the level boss respawned?" Mia throws in her own question.

"Um, um!" I nodded.

"Well, according to the witnesses there's a high chance that it's an S-class adventurer..." Lily answered after swallowing her food.

"The hell?! What makes them think that?!"

Shocked by what I've heard, I forgot myself and exclaimed loudly. Everyone dining stared at me inquiringly and Lily, Kara, and Mia looked at me with confusion after my sudden outburst. Noticing what I did I blushed with embarrassment and apologized at everyone with a bow then sat down.

"What's wrong Kai? Did something happened?" Lily asked me with a confuse face.

"N-no... it's nothing I was just shocked by what you've said..." I explained while mentally wiping my sweats.

"Oh, so that's it. Well, can't be help, S-class adventurers are almost legend anyway so your reaction's pretty normal." Kara chimed in, buying my explanation.

"Hahaha..." I scratched the back of my head while laughing hollowly.

"Lily, how are they sure that this Dark Knight's an S-class adventurer?" Mia inquire the question that everyone wanted to ask.

"Most likely just an assumption on there part. I heard they come to a conclusion after seeing him unleased an attack that they haven't seen before. According to them it's a skill that an A-class adventurer is not capable of using." Lily explained the reasoning behind the rumor.

"Huh?! The 'Great Slash' is that powerful? Isn't that just a stronger version of the 'Slash' skill?" I thought in confusion, and as if reading my confusion, the System offered an explanation.

[Host, the skill 'Great Slash' is the evolution of 'Slash' and according to the power level if this world, it can be consider an S-rank skill.]


"How could that be? I'm just lvl 20! Shouldn't I need to be atleast lvl 30 to use an S-rank skill?"

The System's answer made me more confuse, and quickly followed up with another question.

[That's how normally things work on this world but the host is different. You're originally from another world as such the laws of this world does not apply to you. As such you'll have no problem using skills and magic that you've already learned despite the rank.] the system explained.


"Wait are you saying that all otherworldlers are like that?"

[Negative. Otherwordlers summoned in the regular way still need to follow this world's law but are given innate abilities unique to them that can somehow bypass these laws. They are not like you that can totally disregard this world's laws.]

Damn! So I'm more of a cheat than I imagined. I thought I'm the same as the other otherwordly beings...



"Hey Kai!"

Huh? I heard someone calling me. When I looked at the direction of the voice I saw Lily, Kara, and Mia looking at me.

"What's wrong Kai? Why did you become quiet all of the sudden?" Lily asked.

"Oh? Sorry about that, I was just thinking if something. By the way Lily, how did you know about the rumor?" I quickly changed the subject and asked the question that has been bugging me.

"I heard about it when I was checking the wagon earlier. Some adventurers are talking about it and I just happened to be nearby and overhear it. Anyways, a lot of people should already know about the rumor." Lily explained.

I see...

After breakfast the four of us went to the labyrinth to train. We left Shiro at the inn's stable to guard the wagon. Speaking if Shiro, I haven't been spending time with it and the way it looked at me makes me feel guilty. I should let him accompany me to the labyrinth after returning to Ark. Anyways, I have left a gatepoint at the 10th level and could go there whenever I wanted.

Like the arrangement I made with Kara and Mia where I let all the fighting to them, this time I too stayed at the back where I'll just observe while the three girls kill the monsters. The purpose of this is to help them level up and familiarized themselves in using 'Mana Sense'.

Speaking of Mana Sense, our team is probably the only team where all members are able use the aforementioned skill. If anyone knew about it, it'll surely cause a huge uproar considering how rare it is. Even Lily feel like it's a waste the remaining scroll and was hesitant to use it. But because of our insistant was left with no choice but to use it with eyes brimming with tears. She probably imagined the thousand of coins disappearing before her eyes after using it...

Thwang! Thwang!

Lily released two arrows towards the kobold running away. The arrows hit the kabold at the back of their heads and died. Moments later the monsters disappered leaving only the loots.

The girls gathered the loots and hand it over to me, where I store inside my 'Inventory'. Of course we did not store everything. We store some in our belt bags, along with some potions. We did this because storage magic is rare and have limited space unlike my Inventory. And if we walked around the labyrinth without any bags, the other adventurers would be suspicious.

"How is it Lily?" I asked Lily after we're done gathering and storing the loot.

"It's a lot easier when there's just Kara, Mia and Me. Also, Mana Sense is incredibly useful. I could sense the enemy even before they could see us. My sub class will probably level up soon~!" exclaimed Lily excitedly.

I nodded and told the girls what I've noticed at the way they fight and cooperate. I then told them how they could potentially improved. The girls listened at my explanation while nodding their heads and aaking questions when I used terms they could not understand. After explaining everything to them, we continued to the next level where after fighting for a few hours Lily's sub class finally leveled up; officially reaching lvl 7.

We did the same training for several days, enabling the girls to lvl up once more. Days passed quickly and the day that we must return to Ark has arrived


I put the last barrel of wheat into the wagon and said, "that's the last one."

"Then let's get going. Shasha's probably missing us already." Lily answered.

"Yeah, I kinda missed Ark too." Kara chipped in.

"Um." Mia nods.

"Alright. Let's go Shiro," I urged Shiro and the wagon started moving.

We followed the wagon until we reached the exit. After a short inspection we are finally out of Babel. I turned my head and looked at Babel one last time.

"Kai, about what you've said last night, is it true?" Lily asked after a while.

Lily was referring to the conversation we had last night where I invited the three girls to my room because there's something I needed to tell them.

I told them that I wanted to buy a house in Ark as my base when establish my own adventurer team. I then put forward my invitation, asking them if they are interested in joining my soon to be established team. Surprisingly, the girls agreed without hesitation. After asking if they are certain, they explained that they actually expected this to happen and was prepare to join a long time ago.

There answer left me dumbstruck and was awed at how terrifying a women's intuition could be. I then took out an oath scroll and we made an oath in the name of the Hermes, the god of adventurers. As such we officially become a team. After.becoming a team, we decided to create an emblem that would seperate us from other team.

Mia suggested to use the image of Shiro for our emblem, which get unanimous agreement from everyone. As for the name of our team, I suggested the name, 'Fenrir', after a certain world devouring wolf from Earth's mythology.

Now that everything's settled, I decided to tell them one of my biggest secret. I told them that I have a magic that would allow us to travel to places that I had previously visited, as such we could arrive at Ark almost instantly. Hearing what I've said the girls eyes widened and jaws slackened.

"Of course!"

I guided Shiro out of the main road and into a certain clearings at the forest. Once inside I chanted the spell's name and pointed my right hand to the direction where the gate will appear. The moment I completed my action a huge hole in space appear in front of us.

"This is the spell I was referring to last night. It's a space magic called Gate," I explained.

"T-this is... amazing!" Lily exclaimed as she studied the mysterious hole in space.

"I didn't know that such a magic existed!" Kara drew in a cold breath.

"Kai, when did you learn it? And could you use it to return to your home?" Mia looked at me and asked.

"That's right Kai, since you have this magic, does that mean you can go back home now?" Lily asked the same question.

I was prepare for such a question and have concocted a legit excuse.

"It's unfortunate but I've only learned the skill after being teleported here. And in order to use the spell, I must leave a gatepoint to the place I wanted to teleport to." I explained.

"That's unfortunate..." Lily sighed with regrets, while Kara and Mia stayed quiet.

My heart feel warm because of their concern. And told them not to worry as I liked it here, not to mention I have no one waiting for me back home.

Hearing what I've said they grew sadder, especially when I mentioned that no one's waiting for me back home.

"I screwed up!" I yelled inside my mind.

I then spent several minutes convincing them. After cheering them up, I urged them to enter the gate and once we are out we found ourselves inside a forest near the city of Ark—leaving the girls truly amazed. After a short question and answer episode, we proceed towards the city.

To be continued...


Previous Chapters





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