The Lengend of Kai: Prologue

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In a certain hospital, a middle-aged man was being surrounded by doctors, nurses, and several men, and women.

"I'm terribly sorry Kaidu-san, we did everything we could but..." said a doctor in glasses with great regret.

The man seeing the doctor's regretful face smiled, and said, "It's alright doctor. I've already come in term with myself. And it is not everyone's fault that I've contracted such a disease."

The middle-aged's man name is Hajime Kaidu, a very successful businessman, and a known philantropist. Kaidu, a native of Okinawa used to be very poor but through sheer tenacity, hardwork, and a bit of luck he established a successful company, becoming one of the richest man in Japan.

Yet despite his success, Kaido never forgotten his root, and had helped those who are less fortunate than him. And even donated several tens of millions of dollars to poverty stricken countries in Africa—endearing him to the people around the globe.

Unfortunately, Kaidu contracted a mysterious disease that had put a stop to his endeavor. The said disease weakened Kaidu's body to the point that he could only stay in bed. Though the doctors tried their best, they failed to cure Kaidu.

Though disheartened at first, Kaidu through the constant encouragement of the his supporters, and from the people he had helped came to term with his fate.

Then came the day that everyone dreaded. Kaidu whose body had been weakened to such an extent can no longer hold on. Hence the current scenario where he is surrounded by his doctors, nurses, and supporters.

Calling the attention of a man in suit, Kaidu asked if the will he had asked to be made is ready.

"Yes Kaidu-san, everything's in order." Said the man in suit with reddened eyes.

After confirming that everything was settled, Kaidu's heart was gladdened. Being unmarried, and having no family of his own, Kaidu's main concern is how to make sure that his wealth will not be mismanaged after his death.

Kaidu then asked everyone to leave the room, and give him some privacy. Though reluctant, they did what he'd asked, and went outside.

Alone again, Kaidu sighed as he contemplates his life's choices. His life had been fulfilling. But he did have his regrets. One of them is not marrying, and making a family of his own. He did have lovers in his youth, and even planned to marry his last girlfriend. Unfortunately, she died on a plane crash which greatly devastated him.

After her death, Kaidu felt like he had lost a part of him, and refuses to be in another relationship again. Though from the look of things it might be for the best that he never marry, considering his current flight.

Sighing one last time, Kaidu closes his eyes...

Several minutes later, Kaidu opened his eyes yet all he could see is darkness.

"Hm? Did I die?" Kaidu looked around but saw nothing, only darkness.

Confused, Kaidu tried to move his right arm but could not feel nor see it. Its like he had no arm!

"What's going on? Did I got totally paralyzed, and can't even feel my own body?" Kaidu thought a bit panicky.

"Could it be I'm not dead but only went blind, and paralyzed?! Oh, God, Buddha, or whoever that could hear me! Please don't do this to me! I rather be dead than to be in this state!" Kaidu exclaimed, as he started to panic.

"Calm down child! You're neither blind nor paralyzed. But... you are indeed dead." Answered a mysterious voice.

"W-who is there?!" Kaidu asked, then looked around, only to see a glowing orb of light.

Kaidu focuses his attention to the orb. The orb have a soft, golden glow. Beautiful but not blinding.

"Are you God? Or maybe satan? Am I in heaven? Or maube hell?" Kaidu asked several question in succession

"One at a time, child. One at a time." The glowing orb said as it tries to calm Kaidu.

Kaidu calmed himself, and waited for his answers.

The glowing orb did not disappoint Kaidu, and answered.

"First thing first. I am not satan nor are you in heaven or even hell. And if someone with possessed such a large amount of positive karma was sent to hell, then no one deserved to ascend to heaven." Said the glowing orb as if trying to humor Kaidu.

"Huh? Positive karma? You mean like those in buddhist teachings?" Asked Kaidu full of confusion.

"Karma is exactly as you mentioned but for the record, I am not Buddha as well. And Karma's not limited to buddhism. But for whether I am a god then the answer is yes. But be aware thought that I am just one of many. Meaning there are others similar to me." The glowing orb answered.

"What do you mean?" The glowing orb's answer confused Kaidu more. In his life, Kaidu was an atheist, refusing to join any religion of sort. And the words he blurted earlier is something he said without much meaning. But the glowing orb in feon of him claimed that it is a god, what's more shocking is that it is just one of many!

Sensing Kaidu's confusion the glowing orb explained. According to it, the legend of gods, and demons is something it perpetrated by it to help mold humanity, and give them something to believe in.

But as the glowing was about to continue its explanation it stopped, and instead said, "though I would like to explain more. The time of your reincarnation have arrived."

"Huh? What did you say? Reincarnation!" Kaidu asked in shock.

Unfortunately, no answer came, instead his vision was drowned by a blinding light!

To be continued...





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Interesting story @yuki-nee!
I guess the universe decided to take Kaidu into a celestial adventure.
Can't wait to see the next write up!

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