The Legend of Kai: Mysterious Entity (2)

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Mysterious Power (2)

Kai, Emilia and the Demon King saw the space being twisted. On that twisted space, they could feel a mysterious power that is somewhat holy or divine. Kai was not affected by this power but the Demon King seemed uneasy while Emilia felt some sort of familiarity with it.

The twisted space became larger as the three waited with bated breath. Before long the twisted space was replaced by a portal and a winged being emerges from it!

An angel!

The being that emerged from the portal is similar to the image of an angel that Kai often saw on churches back in Earth. This "angel" is physically beautiful and is giving off a holy aura that would leave most people at awe. However, Kai and the others could not figure out if this "angel" is male or female.

"God's messenger!"

Emilia was at awe as she looked at this angel-like being. The temples of the Holy Church have statues and murals of these "god's messengers," and Emilia grew seeing these images so she is very familiar with them. She could not believed that she would be able see a messenger on this lifetime.

While Emilia was looking lost and at awe, the Demon King is looking more solemn and aggressive as if he is going to attack at any moment. Gaze laden with malice, the Demon King spoke: "As expected, it's one of 'that guy's' doll."

Hearing the Demon King's cold and mocking words, Kai and Emilia look at him with surprise. Though Kai knew that the Demon King is not fond of people using holy elemental power, he had never shown such hostility to anyone, even the Hero Emilia before!

Kai look at the Demon King and the so called "god's messenger" and slightly frown. From the Demon King's previous words, it seemed that the battle between the forces of light and darkness is not as simple as what it looks like on the surface!

"Impudence! How dare a mere insect like yourself insult this servant's master! Ten thousand deaths is not enough as a punishment for you!"

The "god's messenger" lashes after hearing the Demon King's scathing words. His/her voice is neutral making it more difficult to judge his/her gender.

"Oh? Did I hurt a doll's feelings? How surprising!"

Slightly surprise at the messenger's response, the Demon King responded with more mocking words.

"Enough! Champion, I order you to punish this infidel!"

The messenger grew more angry at the Demon King and pointed at Emilia, ordering her to punish the Demon King.

Still surprise and confuse, Emilia was not able to respond to the messenger's sudden order. Even though the messenger is physically similar to a "god's messenger," and is emitting holy aura, Emilia still won't blindly believe that the "person" in floating before them is a real god's messenger.

Seeing Emilia not responding to his/her command, the messenger grew furious. But before it could lash out, it heard the Demon King's rambunctious laughter.

"Hahahaha! How amusing! It seems your not a complete fool, hero!"

The Demon King's words are still full of mockery towards the messenger but he could not help but somewhat praise Emilia. As a hero, Emilia is expected to follow the orders of the god of light, and even though the messenger is not the god of light, he/she is still the god of light's messenger! Yet, surprisingly, Emilia did not blindly follow the messenger's order!

"Champion, what are you doing? Did you not hear my order?"

Angry and a little confuse, the messenger question Emilia for her refusal to follow it's command. Emilia on the other hand is feeling conflicted, the holy power inside her body is almost raging and if not for her forcefully controlling it, this holy power would have attacked the Demon King!

The raging power inside her, finally confirmed that the "angel" before them is truly a god's messenger, and yet, Emilia's instinct is telling her that she should not follow the messenger's command!

Seeing no response from Emilia, the messenger grew angrier at her.

"It seems that this champion is defective. Fine, I will do it myself!"

Disappointed at Emilia, then mocking her as defective, the messenger declared that it would punish the Demon King, himself!

To be continued...


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