The Legend of Kai: Monster Invasion (3)

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Monster Invasion (3)

Kai used the Gate and teleport to Fenrir's Den. But because he promised Rudra that he'll make himself available just in case he is needed he did not stay there for long. After explaining everything to the Lily, Kara, and Mia, he asked them to prepare for the monster army's invasion just in case. Though the monster army's advances were stopped at Goeth, there's still the possibility that the adventurer's from other branches will be asked to assist in the battle, or rather, that's exactly what's going to happen.

After saying what needed to be said, Kai returned to his house in Ark, he too needs to prepare for the inevitable war with the monsters. He had leveled up quite a bit during the quest and has saved up quite a lot of SP. Therefore, he decided to use the system shop and purchase some necessary skills, spells, and items.

While Kai's doing his preparations, a messenger from the king arrives at the city lord's mansion.

"I did not expect that the king would send you, Viscount Alfred. How's your father by the way, healthy I hope?" city lord Lagus greeted.

"My lord father is well, lord Lagus, thank you for asking," viscount Alfred replied.

"That's good to hear. Well then, let us go straight to business. What is his majesty's order?"

Lord Lagus nodded his head and knowing the reason for viscount Alfred's visit he went straight to the point.

"Goeth has requested assistance and the king decided to respond," Alfred answered with a solemn expression.

"So it comes to this. Well, I expected as much. Goeth and Malkal are allies, not to mention once Goeth falls, Malkal is going to be next."

Alfred's response does not surprise city lord Lagus. Knowing the connection between the two kingdoms, the king's response to its ally's pleas is natural.

"The adventurer's help is going to be necessary," Alfred cued the city lord about the king's plan.

"That's to be expected. But Guido won't be easy to convince unless there's proper compensation," lord Lagus reminded.

"That's only natural. The adventurers guild is, after all, a separate entity and would not join our wars without recompense. The king should have expected that," said Alfred.

Hearing the king's decision, Lagus is satisfied. Despite being the city lord, he could not order the adventurers like the kingdom's soldiers. As such he must prepare proper rewards for them.

"Let's go to the guild now. The faster we got the guild's cooperation, the better for us."

Saying so, Lagus stood and urges Alfred to follow him. Riding a carriage they went to the adventurers guild.

"Guild master, the city lord is here and is asking permission to see you," Lena reported after entering the room.

"Hm? And I was about to see him myself. Let him in," guild master Guido ordered after putting down one of the maps that Kai submitted.

"Yes, sir."

Lena exits the room and returned after a few minutes. She is followed by the city lord and a young man that looked like a noble's son or something.

"Your timing's perfect, Lagus. I was actually about to visit you myself. But since you visited first, you saved me the hassle," the guild master greeted the two and asked them to sit down.

"Really? What for?" city lord Lagus asked.

"Hahahaha! Take a look at this!" instead of answering, the guild master hand him one of the completed maps.

"This is! Don't tell me, he completed it?" the city lord asked, flabbergasted.

"Not yet, but he is about 70% complete!" the guild master answered with a smirk.

"That's fast?!"

"Of course! Honestly, I was shocked too..."

Alfred listened to the conversation between the city lord and the guild master with confusion. Unable to contain the curiosity, Alfred opened his mouth and asked.

"What's going on?" Alfred started.



"My apologies, Alfred, I got a bit too excited."

Seeing that he left the king's messenger in confusion because of his excitement, the city lord quickly apologized. He then introduced Alfred to the guild master.

"Viscount Alfred? The king's messenger? I apologized for the rudeness."

After knowing the young man's identity, the guild master also apologized for ignoring him.

"There's no need for apology, guild master Guido. But what exactly is going on? I rarely see lord Lagus this excited," Alfred asked.

Instead of answering the city lord passed him the map and asked Alfred to take a look. Accepting the item, Alfred inspected the map and was surprised by how easy it is to read.

"What an amazing map! I've never seen such a perfect looking map before! Who made this?" Alfred exclaimed with amazement after seeing the map.

"It created by one of the guild's best talent! The place in the map one of the unmapped areas in Ark," the guild master explained.

"That person is truly amazing! Anyway, has the map been verified yet?" the city lord asked.

"I've already sent people to verify it but I trusted the kid's capabilities. So it's definitely accurate, the guild master answered with confidence.

"So true. Knowing him, you are most likely correct. Since he completed 70% of the quest, I think it's okay to give 70% of the reward," the city lord declared.

While the two are conversing and negotiating, Alfred continues to inspect the map. The style and make of the map are unique and could prove very beneficial to the kingdom. He also planned to hire this person to create new maps for his father's territory.

Having his mind made, Alfred asked if he could meet the person who made the maps, his interest obvious.

"I don't see any problem with that but you might have to wait for a while because Kai cannot leave the city for a while."

The guild master then proceeds to explain the whole situation to the shock of the city lord and Alfred.

"Are you saying that something very dangerous is lurking in my territory?"

Knowing what Kai have discovered, the city lord was startled and stood up.

"Something like that... Could it be that there's also a dangerous dungeon similar to what was found in Goeth?" Alfred asked after thinking of something.



Hearing what Alfred said, both the city lord and guild master looked at each other. The possibility of what Alfred said becoming true is quite large. After what happened to Goeth, most dungeons on the continent are being watched with great vigilance. So a possible appearance of a dungeon near Ark is of great concern.

"We need to have this thoroughly investigated. But from what Kai said, the place is covered in miasma and it's going to be very dangerous to just send people to investigate. Fortunately, the dragons seemed to be very concerned about this too and will most likely send people to investigate. For now, it's better to wait and see..."

Left with no other option, everyone in the room could only sigh with heavy hearts. They could only hope that the dragons would send the investigators as soon as possible.

To be continued...


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