The Legend of Kai: Visiting Melrac's Capital (3)

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Visiting Melrac's Capital (3)

"Ah, there you are, son-in-law!"

The king simply dropped a bombshell after seeing me, and then walks towards me while opening his arm wide as if wanting a hug!

You, when did I become your son-in-law?!

I avoided the king's attempt to embrace me. After all I have no habit of hugging men! Not to mention I'm a bit ticked-off that you called me son-in-law like it was nothing!

"Oh! Oh! You're still as shy as ever I see!"

The king simply laughed at my reaction and simply shrugged it off as me being shy.

Oi! Get a clue, damn it!

As expected of a king, his thick skin is king-sized as well!

I shook hand with the king while cursing his thick-headedness inside my head. As he is a king I could not show much disdain in front of his subjects.

Well, it's not like I hated his behaviour. At the very least the king of Melrac is much of an easygoing person than most kings. At the very least I don't need to be stiff in front of him.

"It's been a while, Your Majesty. As promised, I came to visit. Though it did took a while, so I hope you could forgive me for that."

I greeted the king after inviting him to set down. I also apologized for making the king wait, after all he did invite me a few months back. But due to the lack of time because of everything that happened recently, the visit was pushed back. Well it is also a fact that I simply pushed it on the back of my mind due to finding it troublesome.

"HAHAHAHAHA! What is there to apologized for? I know that you have been busy because of the demon king! Anyway I'm just glad you finally find time to visit!"

The king good-naturedly laughed off my apology as he completely understand my situation. After that he invited me to the castle as he had prepared a feast for me. How should I say it, as expected of him? Despite the fact that my visit is a complete surprise, he still manages to prepare a feast for me? I hope he didn't overworked his staffs though...

After giving my thanks to the manager for his hospitality I rode the same carriage as the king. From what happened today, I expect that this modest hotel would become quite popular. Though I probably still underestimated mine and the king's presence at that hotel as the hotel's popularity surpassed my imagination. But that is something that would happen in the future.

Inside the carriage, our conversation continued. Since the castle is a little far away from the hotel, we have a bit of time before we arrived. This is one of the reason why I selected a hotel a bit further from the castle--I wanted to give the king a bit of leeway to prepare.

Our conversations, cycle around the demon king, the current state of affair and the likes. The king did not mention about the engagement with his daughter which is fine with me--though he did call me son-in-law back at the hotel where a lot of people manages to hear it.

Before long we finally arrived at the castle where a grand reception awaits us.

As expected of a castle where the royal family lived, it looks grand and have a lavish feel to it. One can also feel the dignity of the royal family by just standing in front of it. Inside the courtyard knights stood tall and proud. With just a glance I could tell that they are quite strong--At least B-rank in strength. Though for some reason I could also feel some nervousness from them. I don't know any of these knights but they most likely heard of me and my reputation.

The nervousness they felt is most likely similar to the nervousness someone would feel when facing a very important figure. Honestly, I don't know how I would feel about this...

Inside the castle, we are welcomed by servants wearing butler and maid uniforms. There heads are lowered in a respectful bow and none of them are looking at us in the face.

I simply took a cursory glance at them then look at the officials and members of the royal family waiting for our arrival.

Among those that were waiting is a young woman whose beauty stood out from the rest. I till haven't meet this so called "fiancee" of mine but I have the feeling that it is none other than this young lady...

To be continued...


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