The Legend of Kai: Fierce Battle With The Demon King (1)

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Fierce Battle With The Demon King (1)

Kai's POV

What am I doing?

Why did I suddenly jumped out to save the day?

This isn't like me at all...

My thoughts are garbled as I looked at the demon king staring at me with surprise.

Not surprising though, considering that I jumped out of nowhere and tank the attack meant for the hero and her party.

Honestly, I'm not sure what gotten into me. For someone like me who always measure the pros and cons before acting to jump into danger like this... is out of character.

[Not really, host. You have been acting like that since you arrived in this world. Don't tell me you haven't noticed?] The System retorted.

"Really? I'm pretty sure that I'm the type that'll think first before acting." I replied

[You're definitely like that but you are also the emotional type.] The System argued.

I can't argue with that. Indeed, if I think about it, I've been doing some crazy things since arriving in this world. I guess what the System said is the truth--there are times that I will let emotions get the better of me...

"I see that you can no longer hold yourself. But are you certain you wanted to fight me? With your current power, defeating me is but a pipe dream," said the demon king after his initial surprise of seeing me stopped his attack.

"I'm aware of that. But I can not let you kill the hero no matter what," I answered with a wry smile.

The demon king was surprised by my's answer, as such he could not help but ask again.

"Oh? And why is that?" asked the demon king.

"Well, we needed her to defeat you, isn't that right?" I answered truthfully.

As if hearing the funniest joke, the demon king laughed at my answer.

"Is that so? Do you really believe that she could defeat me?" Asked the demon king mockingly.

Knowing what the demon king meant by that question, I took a glance at the hero and her party and noticed that they are not faring well. Nonetheless, I could not show any weakness in front of the demon king, considering what is at stake.

"Who knows? SHe might not be as powerful as you but she's still the hero. Underestimating her could be fatal, you know?" I answered

"Indeed that is true. But if at her current level of power, it's an impossibility," the demon king shrugged.

How confident, I thought. The demon king doesn't seem worried at all, unsurprising considering how strong he is. Once again, I took a glance at the hero and her party. I noticed that she had completed her preparation and can use her ultimate skill, << Heroic Sacrifice >> anytime she wanted. But using it like that would most likely end up in failure. Therefore, It must be used at the right moment/

I guess I have no choice. I needed to act as a decoy.

I prepared myself. Seeing my movement, the demon king becomes vigilant.

Seriously, you're already this strong, do you need to be vigilant to someone two class lower than yourself?

[He has no choice but to be vigilant, host. You've already caused much damage to his army. Or have you forgotten that already?]

Uh. The System is right. I guess the demon king has the right to be vigilant.

Well then...

Hero Emilia's POV

W,what is he doing here?!

No. More importantly, how did he stopped that last attack? That attack is powerful enough to kill me and a third of the army!

They're conversing? The demon king seemed wary of him. But why? The demon king is the more powerful of the two. When we are fighting, the demon king has a nonchalant attitude but he is showing such serious expression facing that guy. Have they fought before perhaps?

I have so many questioned but I know that this is not the right place for that.

Oh, he's glancing at us. He seemed to be observing our situation. Wait, those eyes, is he trying to tell me something?

Could it be!

No, that's crazy!

Oh no! He really is trying to fight the demon king! Not good, that's too reckless!

Hm? Those eyes again...

I see! He wanted to me find the right moment to use my ultimate skill.

But. No! I cannot hesitate! He is risking his life for me, I can not fail him!

Having made my decision, I ordered my team to attack after my signal. We must make this attack a success. If we fail, many will die...

To be continued...


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