The Legend of Kai: The Dark Guild (2)

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The Dark Guild (2)

I was about to see the Adventurer's Guild president but for some reason I feel so tired.

Is it because of exaggerated welcome?

The way the other adventurers look at me as if I'm some sort of idol?

Or the never-ending waves of female adventurers that wants to hook up with me?

It's obviously all of the above...

I don't know what type of rumor has spread about me but I don't feel comfortable being viewed like I'm some sort of rare animal. Even though this is supposed to be the first time I went to the main branch but somehow my face is well known.

I don't hate fame but I'm not exactly fond of it. Sure, I'm also quite famous back on Earth due to my philanthropist work but the energy of the adventurers are just insane.

I'm not sure I'll be coming back to this place in the future...

While I'm thinking such thoughts, I finally arrived at the presidents office. His secretary, Ms. Doris opened the door for me and invited me inside. There I saw the Adventurer's Guild president who upon seeing me stood and beckon me to sit down.

The president and I, had a small talk over tea, where I complain about the strange atmosphere inside the guild. But the president simply laugh off my concern and told me that I should get use to it considering my achievement and fame, of which I can only sigh in exaggeration. After that the president asked me the purpose of my visit.

"I heard the Dark Guild had been kidnapping promising adventurers?" I asked straight to the heart of the matter.

The president was only a little startled after hearing my question. From the look of things the incident is no longer a secret. If this is true then it is very concerning as it means that there are more of such incident,

"Hah... so the incident already reached your ears. But considering your organization this is not surprising." The president sigh, exasperated.

From his reaction the whole kidnapping incident is weighing on his mind. I wonder, what is the Dark Guild's purpose for challenging the Adventurer's Guild like this. I can tell that the president is about to explode from his reaction so an all out war between the two guilds might happen soon.

"Yeah, some of my people coincidentally was in areas when some of the kidnapping incidents occurred. Due to the fact that one of the rule of Fenrir is not to ignore people asking for help, they acted and helped some of the victims," I explained.

The president's eyes widened upon hearing my explanation. It seems that he didn't know that the ones saving some of the kidnap victims are my people.

"So it was your doing! I also, heard of mysterious people coming to the rescue of some of the kidnapped adventurers but upon making sure that they are safe the said people left without introducing themselves or saying anything," the president blurted.

I mentally nodded at the mechanical puppet's actions. From what the president said, Ozma had been following my orders to the letter.

"Like what I've said earlier, everything is just a coincidence. I think you are already aware but I was investigating the demon king's whereabouts, so my people are in lots of places," I answered while explaining why my people are in those areas.

"So I've heard. Still, I'm very thankful. Without your people's help those adventurers would have beem kidnapped and the losses would have been bigger," the president said while lowering his head.

I told the president that I'm just doing what a decent person would have done and asked him why the Dark Guild is doing something like kidnapping adventurers considering that the Adventurer's Guild would see it as a provocation.

The president's expression turned more serious after hearing my question. He then began to tell me what he knew.

To be continued...


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