The Legend of Kai: Searching For The Demon King's Trails (3)

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Searching For The Demon King's Trails (3)

"There's a mysterious forest located east. From the information I gather, that place is covered in fog all-year-round. But recently, people are sightings strange and unfamiliar creatures appearing there from time to time. Maybe, this has something to do with the demon king?"

Those are the information Yukina gave me. With no other information to rely on, I traveled to the mysterious forest which the locals call the << Dark Forest >>. The reason for the name is because that place is always covered in thick fog, making it impossible for sunlight to penetrate. There had been many attempts to explore the mysterious forest but all attempts ended in failure. They say that 90% of the people who entered it never return.

Rather terrifying a place, if I say so myself.

Still, it's the only clue I have. Thankfully, I can use Gate so I could escape if things goes awry fast. Maybe, this is the reason Yukina did not hesitate to tell me this information?

I guess she trusted me a lot. Better not disappoint her.

The journey to the forest of took half a day using flight magic. Though I could go there instantly if I use Long-distant teleportation, I decided against it since I wanted to explore the place properly. of course, I needed to find the demon king quickly so I could not waste too much time either. SO using flight magic is a great compromise.

Looking from above, the Dark Forest lives up to it's reputation. The place is really covered in thick fog. If one doesn't have a skill or magic that will allow him or her to see in the dark then, he or she would get lost quickly.

No wonder 90% of the people sent to explore the place never returned...

After observing the Dark Forest for a little bit, I decided to descend and enter the forest. Upon entering, I was assaulted by a sudden mental attack. Thankfully, I have immunity to all abnormal status so the mental attack is ineffective against me.

Still, who attacked me? Due to the suddenness of the attack, I wasn't able to pinpoint the location of the attacker. Not to mention, mental and spiritual attacks are among the most difficult attack to depend against.

"How interesting..."

Whispering some words, I continue forward with a small smile on my lips. I seems that I won;t be getting bored. I can feel my adventurer blood flowing intensely. Come to think of it, I haven't had a a normal adventure since arriving in the eastern continent. Exploring the unknown, isn't that what adventurers do best?

Thinking as such, I decided to explore the dark Forest seriously. And while I'm at it, I'll make a map too. I'm pretty sure Yukina would appreciate a complete map of this place.

Well then, what sort of challenge could I expect from this place? My anticipation is rising and I walk with renew vigor.

Swoosh! Cut cut cut!!!

Blade of winds assaulted me once I went deeper. But this level of attack is useless against someone of my level. Just covering my whole body with mana is enough to stop such weak attack. Okay, the attack isn't really weak. A normal person would have been shredded to ribbons by the Wind Blades. But I'm no ordinary person right?

Still, I noticed that the attacks are becoming more frequent as I delve deeper--maybe there is something in the deepest part? The demon king maybe?

No, I highly doubt it's the demon king. Such approach isn't that guy's style. If it were the demon king, he would have sent out powerful monsters to harass and whittle my strength. Certainly, the previous attacks falls to the category of harassment.

Maybe, the demon king isn't here? Yeah, he's most likely not here. I'm not that disappointed though. I mean, it won't be easy to find the demon king if he is seriously trying to hide. Also, there's still a chance that he's been here earlier and I just arrived too late. At this stage, anything's possible.

Hm? What's that?

I saw a shadow running away at an incredible place. Unfortunately, I was only able to take a peek and couldn't see the shadow's true appearance. I wonder. Is it a person or a monster? I can't tell but I'm eager to find out.

Sensing the general direction where the shadow ran to, I chase after it.

To be continued...


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