The Legend of Kai: New Allies (1)

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New Allies (1)

Fenrir's Den.

A Gate suddenly opened inside one of the halls in the den, then a group consisting of four people and a fox step out of the Gate. They are Kai, Yukina, Inari, Tenma and a nameless young man with scales--the mysterious cloaked person.

"Welcome to the den!"

After exiting the Gate, I introduced the four to my base of operation--Fenrir's Den. The four look at the place with amazement. Since they are from the eastern continent, there reaction is quite normal. And considering that the den used to be a temple from a civilization long lost--the confusion is acceptable.

"What an amazing looking place. I could feel that this place has deep history," Tenma in her human form, praises.

Yes, Tenma could turn into human much to my surprise. According to her a guardian beast like herself has the capability to transform into human if after reaching certain level and age. With that said, the current four strongest clan's guardian beast also have the capability to transform into human.

This is the reason why Shiro could still not transform despite his level. SO unless something unexpected happens, Shiro still needed to wait for a millenia or more.

"Tenma-sama, could we really trust this person?" The young man--Tenma's faithful servant wihispered to his master while looking at me with fear.

Well, considering our first encounter, this guy--Rukka's wariness is understandable. Still, since we are both men, not to mention of the same age as me, I was hoping that we could at least get along.

Hopefully, he'll warm up to me soon.

"That's quite rude of you, lad of the serpent clan. Master Kai had already showed us his generosity by inviting you to his sanctuary. Yet, you still dare to doubt him?" Inari chastised.

Yukina didn't say anything but her expression is telling us that she agreed to what Inari said.

"Rukka, I've already gave my trust to young master Kai. I understand your wariness but the young master have no malicious intention. Please, learn to open up and trust him. Can you do that for me?"

Tenma did not scold Rukka, instead she explained her stance in a gentle manner. Rukka lowered his head and stayed silent. It seems that it will take a while.

"Young master Kai, I apologized for Rukka's behaviour. After what happened to his clan--he has a hard time trusting outsiders. Please understand," Tenma apologizes.

I smiled and told Tenma not to worry about it. I then asked them to follow me. Upon exiting the hall, I was suddenly tackled by someone.

Though caught surprise, I did not panic as I knew who it is. But the other four were greatly surprise--especially Rukka who took out his weapons. Of course, after noticing that there is no killing intent and seeing the "assailant", lowered them quickly.

"Welcome back, Kai!" Myuu greeted.

Yes, the "assailant" is none other than Myuu. I ruffled Myuu's hair causing her to giggle cheerfully. Myuu then notices the people (and fox) accompanying me. She is especially happy to see Yukina.

"Yukina, I'm glad to see you!" Myuu gave Yukina a hug after seeing her of which Yukina happily returned.

"I'm glad to see you looking healthy, Myuu," Yukina greeted.

Myuu answered with a "yup" then look curiously at the two stranger behind her. To sate her curiosity, I explained to Myuu that I invited them to join Fenrir--causing Myuu to smile widely and cheerfully greeted the two. With Myuu's cuteness and innocence, Tenma quicky opened and even the Rukka became less wary. As expected of Myuu. Not long after, Lily, Mia, Kara, followed by the puppet Ozma came to welcome us.

To be continued...


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