The Legend of Kai: A New Beginning (1/3)

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A New Beginning

The moment Kaidu come to, he found himself surrounded by nature. Large trees, grasses, and plants he could not recognized. There is also a small lake with crystal clear water not far away. Feeling the chilly wind on his body, Kaidu could not help but shiver. Then he frozed.

"I-I could feel the cold?" Kaidu realized as he inspect his body. Feeling the warmth that his body emits, Kaidu could not help but tear up.

"I'm really alived!" He exclaimed with joy.

Laughing like a madman Kaidu rolled on the ground, and feel the coldness of the ground, the grasses, and smelled the fresh scent of nature. Having been bedridden for years, Kaidu could not help but enjoy the feeling of freedom.

Moments later, Kaidu finally calmed down. He then started observing his surroundings with great interest.

"Am I really in another world?" Kaidu asked himself.

The reason Kaidu asked is because aside from the unfamiliar plants, and trees, everything is very similar to the scenery on earth.

"I wonder if there are also humans here. Wait!" Realizing something, Kaidu ran towards the lake. He then stared at his reflection on the water. And what Kaidu saw shocked him greatly

"T-this, this is me?" Kaidu asked in disbelief seeing the handsome, and youthful face reflected on the water.

The face he saw is almost identical to his youthful self back on earth, except much prettier. Also, his hair, and eyes are not black like what he originally had. For some reason his hair turned red, and his eyes green. Very similar to a certain red-haired, and green-eyed swordsman, on a certain action JRPG he used to play.

Kaidu could not help but admire his new appearance. If he had this face back on earth, he might not become a businessman but a model, or even an actor.

"Tsk! I wonder if this is heaven's way of making up with me since I died unmarried. Maybe the gods wanted me to establish my own harem?" Kaidu contemplated only to realize.something very important—his naked!

Yes, the heaven gave him a peerless appearance but forgot to give him clothes!

"Hopefully, I could find something to wear before, or people might think of me as a pervert." Kaidu smiled wryly as he realized the problem he is in.

"Hm? Damn! Is that a dragon?!" Kaidu suddenly exclaimed when he noticed what's below his waist.

Attached to the lower part of his body is something that would make women swoon, and men insecure. Yes, there's a "dragon" down there, a very proud "dragon"! "Now it's imperative that I find something to wear..."

As he was contemplating on what to do, he heard a rustling sound behind him. Startled, Kaidu quickly turned around, and saw a slime-like creature coming out of the bushes.

"A slime?" Seeing a creature similar to the slimes found on games, and fantasy themed books, Kaidu could not help but be amazed.

Despite his amazement, and curiousity, Kaidu dare not approach the creature unarmed. He then looked around for something that could be used as a weapon, only to see a dead branch that dropped from a tree. Kaidu ran towards the branch, and picked it up without hesitation. After all, a tree branch is still better than nothing.

Kaidu then walked towards the slime carefully, and stopped after reaching a certain distance. Using the tree branch, Kaidu poked the slime-like creature. And to his surprise the tree branch passed through the creature's body without much resistance.
Moments later the he noticed that the part of the tree branch inside the creature's body is starting to dissolve!

"Shit! Not good!" Kaidy cursed as he quickly removed the branch from the creature's body.

But before he could examine the branch, the slime-like creature suddenly pounces at him! Fortunately, Kaidu's new body was surprisingly agile, and manages to dodge to the side.

Seeing that its prey dodge, the creature pounced once more to Kaidu's annoyance who slashed back using the tree branch with anger.

"How dare you?! You're just a slime!" Kaidu exclaimed as slashed towards the slime.

As if reacting to his anger, the tree branch started to give a faint red light, and slashed the slime to half! But the surprise did not stop there as he heard an emotionless voice inside his head.

[Congratulation on killing a "Common Slime"! 10 EXP Recieved!]

To be continued...


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