The Legend of Kai: Labyrinth City Babel (2/2)

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Labyrinth City Babel (2/2)

Lily's eyes widened after seeing me taking out items after items. She's nit surprised because I was making items appear in thin air (Lily, Kara and Mia are already aware I have an "Inventory", though they thought it was the rarely seen "Storage" magic) but rather by the sheer number and rarity of the said items. And before we know it the large table is filled to the brim with monster drops, rare herbs, elixers, and all kinds of rare minerals.

"W-where did you get of this items?"

"From the nameless forest. I did mentioned that I've stayed there for a week right? While training there, I was also gathering items. I mean, I do have a magical 'Inventory' that let me store items, and I figured it's kind of a shame not to take advantage of that..."

"The nameless forest have this many materials left? I thought all of the rare and useful materials had been cleaned up a long time ago!"

Since I don't want Lily to misunderstood and endanger herself by going there herself, I explained that most of the rare herbs, elixers and minerald could be found in dangerous locations and finding them required a lot of luck and skill. I also tell her that most herbs there are low level ones, and unless she have great need for them, harvesting them is not worth it considering the danger involved.

Totally understanding what I mean, Lily swallowed her greed and sigh, "you're absolutely correct. It seemed that greed momentarily consumed me."

I shook my head and said, "that's understandable, you're a merchant after all. And merchant without greed cannot be called a merchant. But one must never be consumed by it."

Hearing what I said, Lily cheered up, Kara then asked how I managed to gather so many rare items in just a week.

"Luck plays a big part in it. But I also have a way not to miss rare items. As long as it's in the vicinity I could find it," I said, referring to the System's scanning capability.

"Really?!? That's amazing! Is it a skill?"

"Well... sort of..."

The girls were amazed by what I've said, and their eyes glowed with admiration. Though technically not a lie, the said ability belonged to the system and not really mine so I feel kinda guilty.

[Host, the system had merged with your soul. So technically all of my abilities are yours as well.]


The sudden explanation from the System startled me. I never thought that it'll try to comfort me.

["Really? Then why could I not use all of the your feature without limit. For example the 'System Shop'. I mean why do I need to buy the items there using SP (System Point)?"]

The System explained that it was programmed that way and cannot go against its programming. And the limit was put there to assist me and not to make things too easy for me.

["I see. It does make sense if you put it that way."]

Indeed. If I could get everything with but a thought, then everything would be pointless. Without hardwork and struggles, people will not become stronger, not to mention life would be really boring.

After returning to my senses, I told Lily if she could sell the materials for me. In return she'll get 30% of the profit. Lily was shocked at my generosity and and thought 30% was too high so she tries to bargain. But because I was adamant in giving such a compensation, she reluctantly agreed.

To make things much easier, Lily asked me to keep the materials after writing their names in a parchment. I agreed without hesitation and even offered to store her own merchandise in my "Inventory", of which Lily happily agreed.

The next day, I accompanied Lily to the guild to officially request my service. I also bought several container of pizzas for promotional purposes. I figured that the adventurers and guild employees will make good customers. This is especially true for the adventurers since they travel a lot.

Arriving at the guild, Lily quickly made the request. I, on the other hand approached the adventurers just lurking around and begin with my promotion. I opened several container of pizzas and told everyone to sample them.

Instead of a circle like the traditional pizzas, the pizzas used for the promotions are square and sliced the same way. This is because there are too many adventurers and using smaller slices will be enough for the promotion.

"What are these?"

An adventurer looked at the pizza and asked with curiosity. I smiled and happily explained, the salesman in me triggered.

"It's called pizza, a very popular dish from my country. These pizzas are just samples. Please give it a try, it free."

"Free? You're giving free samples? If that's the case, then I won't hold back."

The adventurer, wipe his hand in his shirt and took a slice, then took a bite. The other adventurers looked at him, curious of the taste. I on the other hand confidently wait at the side.

"Delicious!" he exclaimed.

The exclamation from the said adventurer startled the others and curiousity took over. Before long amazed exclaimations filled the entire reception area.


"This is really good!"

"How could it be so tasty!"

Seeing them acting so surprise bring a smile to my face. And before I know it all of the samples are gone, except for the ones I purposedly left unopen—those are for the guildmaster and the receptionist who are currently working.

Due to the small number of samples, the majority of the adventurers failed to get a taste and looked really disappointed.

"Ahem. Everyone, these pizzas are only sold at the Silver Maiden inn. They are not sold elsewhere. If you wanted to have a taste, and kniw more please go there." I explained.

"Only at the Silver Maiden? How many are sold each day?" One of the adventurer asked.

"Yes. It is only sold there, and the supply are limited. So please buy quickly before it is sold out."

"What? Why didn't you say sooner?!?"

The adventurers, especially those who manages to get a sample dashes out of the guild like a bunch of locust—startling even me.

["It seemed like the Sasha and her parents are going to be very busy."]

Shaking my head, I approached the receptionist and gave them the remaining containers to their surprised. After instructing them to share them with the guildmaster and the others, I left the guild along with Lily.

The popularity of the pizza surprised me greatly and the Silver Maiden inn become more popular because of that. But the said popularity also caused a bit of trouble for them. Though that's a story for another time...

The next day, I leave Ark along with Lily, Kara, and Mia. Our distination is the labyrinth city Babel.

The journey alone will take a week. If I am alone I could just ride Shiro and reach Babel in a day or two. But since the girls are with me, I have to travel a lot slower. Nonetheless, I did not regret traveling with them and was intead enjoying their company. I mean, I'm traveling with three beautiful young ladies, who am I to complain?

While traveling we encountered a few group of monsters and a small group of goblins but Kara, Mia and I made short work of them. Though there had been several attacks, the journey is relatively uneventful most of the time. Actually, I could have Shiro released its pressure as an A-rank monster but since the girls wanted to train, I asked Shiro to reign in its aura. Of course Shiro's aura is in full release during the night to prevent monsters from sneaking while we rest.

Five days later we safely arrived at Babel. Using our identification as adventurers and merchant, we are allowed entry without incident. Inside I was awed by the sheer number of adventurers and merchants going to and fro. Considering that it is a city surrounding a huge labyrinth, I already expected the city's popularity. But rhe sheer number of people still surprised me.

"So many people."

"Yeah, Babel's this popular all year round—even in winter. Everyday merchants and adventurers from cities near and far gather here." Lily explained.

"It's also a great place to level up." said Mia in agreement.

"Right. Mia and I liked to enter the labyrinth while Lily's selling her ware." (Kara)

"I also want to explore the labyrinth you know?" complained Lily.

"Then let us all enter the labyrinth before leaving. I'm sure it's going to be fun." I urged trying to comfort Lily.

"""Let's do that!""" (Lily, Kara, and Mia)

Due to the large number of people, Babel have countless inn and hotels. But it still took us a while before we found an inn with vacant rooms. Unfortunately, the said inn is found quite far from the labyrinth itself but considering we have Shiro, it's not really a problem.

After reporting to the local adventurers guild, our group made the preparation to enter the labyrinth while Lily rent a spot near the labyrinth to sell the merchandise. With all preparations complete, Kara, Mia and I entered the labyrinth...

To be continued...


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