The Legend of Kai: Solo Labyrinth Exploration

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Solo Labyrinth Exploration

That night I celebrate my first successful labyrinth exploration with the girls. Though not really fond of this world's wines, I still played along and drank a few cups.

"Guh! That tasted horrible... how could anyone drink these stuff?"

I grimaced at the taste of the wine but looking at the girls and the other people drinking the bad tasting wine, I wondered if their taste is diffrent than mine or they're just used to the taste. Also, how wines made from mana rich ingredients to taste so bad is beyond me.

"Hah! ...Maybe it's time I brew my own wine?" I thought to myself.

A plan started brewing on my mind. Since I missed Earth's alcoholic beverages, and this world's alcohols aren't to my taste, brewing them myself seemed to be a good idea. Anyways, I have experience in brewing wines as I own several breweries and wine factories. After the celebration we went back to our rooms to sleep.

Inside my room, I reactivate my poison immunity skill to cleanse my body of the alcohol's effect.

"Alright, I'm ready to go! System has the boss respawned?" I asked the System.

[No, not yet, host. There's still 10 minutes left.]

I nod at the System's answer. Since the 10th level boss was already slained when we arrived earlier, I wasn't able to fight it. As such I asked the System if it knows when the boss is going to respawn. Though not really expecting a positive reply, the system surprised me once again by telling me the exact time. It seemed that the System have plenty of function that I am not aware of...


I chanted the name of a spell that I purchased in the System store a while back inside my mind. Gate is a space based spell that allows the user to teleport from one place to another in an instant. It's a very useful spell with very few restrictions, and it cost me a whooping 30,000 SP—that's almost all the SP points I had that time.

A large hole in space opened in front if me. Inside I saw the same place where I left the gatepoint earlier. One of Gate's restriction is the need to magically install a gatepoint to the place I wanted to teleport to. This is one of the reason I decided to travel to Babylon. I've install the gatepoint at the 10th level. The spot I've choosen is hidden from view and no adventurer would normally go there.

Entering the gate, I found myself in an elevated area near the level boss' respawn point. Looking around, I did not see any adventurers nor monsters nearby.

"Better check if everything's ready."

I opened my status and thoroughly checked if all the items I needed are in order. I also checked at my skills and spells. Among the spells I currently have, the new spell, 'Short-distance Teleportation' is the one I needed to understand the most.

The Short-distance teleportation skill is a another skill newly bought from the System shop. It cost me 5000 SP and was forced to exchange 500K exp just to afford it. Fortunately, experience points are much easier to get than SP. This is the reason why most guild quest I took are subjugation quest. But due to my rank, the quest I could get are low level ones. Well I did monster subjugation outside the guild quest so it even things up.

Anyways, the Short-distance teleportation allowed me to teleport from place to place like the Gate. But unlike the Gate, I could only teleport to places that I could see. As such the it's not good for long distance travel. Though there is a long distance teleportation spell too. Unfortunately, it's too expensive for me to afford right now—costing 10000K or 10 million SP. Yeah it's an exageratedly expensive spell that's allow me to teleport from any part of the world with a mere thought...

The reason I bought the Short-distance teleportation spell is to use it in battle and escaping. With it I could easily teleport behind the enemy and deliver a fatal blow! Just thinking of doing such a cool thing is making me excited.

While I was on my own world, a red magic circle appeared out of nowhere waking me up from my dillusion.

"It seemed that the boss' respawning."

I readied myself and equip an armour that covers my whole body, including the face—called Redline. The armour is fully black in color with red veinlike pattern, giving it a sinister but cool look, hence the name. The armour is enchanted and could protect my body without affecting my mobility. Though it sounded expensive, it's actually quite cheap, costing just several hundred SP—something I could easily afford.

Why wear a full body armour you asked?

Well, I wanted to keep my identity a secret. Since this is just the 10th level, there's a good chance that some adventurers will arrived while I fight the boss. The sinister look of the armour will also deter any adventurer with malicious intentions from trying to steal my kill. After all, there are few people who would want to mess with someone thar could solo a level boss while wearing black full bodied armour.

The moment the level boss fully materialized, I teleported behind it and tried to stab its core. But to my surprise, the core quickly moved away thus missing it. It then send several tentacles stabbing towards me but missed when I teleported far away.

"Tsk! How careless of me. I forgot that slimes had no eyes and could sense things using a different method."

I eyed the huge red slime in front of me. It too "looked" at my direction while sprouting more tentacles from its body.

"This us gonna be fun!" I exclaimed while licking my lips.

Using teleport, I appear before it and used 'Multi-slash' to cut several of its tentacles, then used another teleport to appear behind it when it countered attack. Using this method, I slowly whittled the red slime boss' health.

But while I was fighting, I noticed several blue dots appeared behind me. Since the dots are blue it means that they are not hostile, most likely adventurers. They appeared near where the stairs to rhe 11th level so they are probably adventurers returning from the lower level.

Not long after the adventurers appear not far away from me and the red slime boss. They did not approach but just watched from a distant with weapons drawn. From the looks of it they don't plan to interfere which proves that they are decent people.

Since there are people watching, I decided to finish the battle. I could have killed the boss whenever I like earlier but since I wanted to train my skills, I did not use offensive magic but just sword skills. Now that other people are in the area, there's no point in prolonging the battle.

My aura changed and both the adventurers boss slime feel the change and grew wary. The red slime boss attack become more ferocious as if wanting to rip me to thousand pieces. It spew acid at me followed by tens of piercing tentacles.

I did not move from where I was standing despite the fact that the attacks are upon me. I raised my right hand and while quickly channeling mana into the sword. The blade glowed red and I slash downward!

Mighty Slash!

My slash released a red energy attack that went straight at the red slime boss. The red energy slashed the boss and its core in half!

The attack also released a strong draft of wind that send tiny debris and dust flying—forcing the adventurers watching to cover their eyes with their hands.

Once the dust settled I approached the boss or rather what remain of it to collect the loot. I saw a core as big as an adult fist laying on the floor. It's the boss' monster core. The said monster core is different from the core I destroyed earlier. That core is the slimes life core and only by destroying that core can a slime be killed. And once the the slime is killed a monster core is produced.

Looking around, I did not see anything else aside from the monster core. Seemed like that it's the only loot...

No matter, the core itself will fetch a good price. Not to mention I did get an additional reward from the System.

[Congratulation host for killing you first labyrinth boss, Giant Red Slime.]

[Reward: 3,000000 exp and 15,000 SP]

"I knew it!"

I secretly pump my fists after receiving my reward from the System. I've noticed that the System will reward me everytime I reached a certain milestone or complete a certain task. Since this is the first time I defeated a labyrinth boss, the System rewarded me for my effort.

"I probably won't get such a huge reward next time but... the effort's definitely worth it."

Suddenly, more notifications from the System arrived.

[Congrarualtion host for leveling to Lvl 20!]

[Congratulation host for opening the 1st 'Space'! The host, can now enter a micro realm.]

[Congratulation host for opening your 1st 'Space'! The workshop is now available at the 'Space'. Will the host enter the micro realm now?]



I quickly selected No. Though I wanted to explore the micro realm, there are adventurers nearby and I could not just enter the micro realm with other people watching can't I?

Reigning my excitement, I walked towards the entrance to the 11th level. I saw the adventurers looking at me with both awe and fear. From the looks of it, my plan worked. As such I entered the 11th level without anyone stopping me or causing trouble.

To be continued...


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