The Legend of Kai: The Shadowy Serpent Moves (2)

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The Shadowy Serpent Moves (2)

As promised I accompanied my companion to raise level inside a labyrinth. The labyrinth in question is called the Logos labyrinth located near the Holy City of Rommen. Rommen is the capital of the Holy State of Morley where the Holy Church is located. The Holy Church is the governing power of the state, basically, the church or the pope to be more specific controls the state.

Since there is something similar back on Earth, this matter doesn't surprise me one bit. A religion being one of the top power might be a common trend no matter the world.

I heard that hero Emillia is also training inside the said labyrinth. But since the Logos labyrinth is one of the biggest labyrinth in the world, meeting her would be difficult, unless I put in some effort that is.

Anyway, back to the main topic. I did not bring everyone to the labyrinth, to make sure that everyone is given ample attention, I separated in to two groups. Group 1 consisted of Lily, Mia, Kara and Myuu. Group 2 consisted of Yukina, Tenma, Inaba and Ruuka. Right now I'm training Group 1 and everything is going smoothly. The girls are able to defeat the monsters that attacks them with little effort. I could see the result of their training which makes me feel satisfied.

Aside from using a certain skill to quickly raise their level, I barely did anything. Even Myuu is performing quite well considering her age. She could easily fight and defeat even B-rank adventurer with her current strength. Of course, she still lacks real fighting experience so A-rank adventurers is still out of the question for her.

Somehow seeing a little girl having enough power to defeat a B-rank adventurer feels wrong. But then everyone of my companion is overpowered as heck, so I guess this is normal?

The training ends without issue and I was able to bond with my comrades. I guess its alls well that ends well?

Since I have some free days I thought I'll be able to enjoy some quality moments. Unfortunately, all the good things have to end. In my case it ends rather abruptly.

I received a secret message from my spies inside Hydra. It seems that the plan for coup will be staged in advance. I'm not sure why the date changed but it will not affect the plan that much.

"I guess I also need to inform the Rudra and the others," I murmured to myself as I enter the Gate that leads to Kabbal.

Inside a certain house in Kabbal slum area three men are seen conversing.

"Are the things I asked you ready?" A middle-aged man with thick beard and eyebrows asked a man wearing hoods that hides his appearance.

"Of course. How about on your side?" The hooded man asked back.

"Though the date had been pushed forward, we have been ready for a long time so it won't affect us that much," the bearded man answered.

"Good. The date of the coup was pushed forward because we are being careful."

The hooded man seemed please with the bearded man's answer and explained why the date of the coup was being pushed ahead of schedule.

"Spies was it?" The bearded man frown but did not show much expressions.

"That is correct. We suspect that we have spies within our midst and this is a method to cope with them." The hooded man explained.

"I see."

The bearded man accepted the hooded man's explanation as he sees no wrong with it. But inside his heart he's feeling rather uncomfortable as if something unexpected will happen.

The hooded man stood and said his goodbye to the two. After he left, the two man looked at one another and nodded at the same time as if agreeing on something.

"At last it will begin soon...," murmured the bearded man to himself.

To be continued...


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