The Legend of Kai: The Hero (2)

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The Hero (2)

Hero Emilia's POV

I'm Emilia, this era's destined << Hero >>.

what's a << Hero >> you say?

Well, I am someone who is destined to fight and defeat the << Demon King >> --a monster who rules over all monsters and a being of immense power.

In this world, a << Hero >> and a << Demon King >> is born at a certain time. It is said that once a hero and demon king is born, an old era would end and a new one emerges. The result of the hero and the demon king's battle will decide the fate of the world.

Sound's crazy right?

It is.

It's crazy to think that the fate of the world ride on the shoulder of two people, no, one person and a monster.


I wonder what the gods are thinking. Why would they such a thing? Does this battle even have a purpose? Or perhaps, we are just entertainment to them?

No. I really should stop such a thought. If his Excellency the Pope know what I am thinking, I'm in for a long and boring lecture.

Anyway, I've gone off topic.

I need to make sure that my teammates survive this battle


It's probably gonna be very difficult. The demon king... seemed to be a lot stronger than me, the hero...

How unfair...

No wait, it's actually seven against one. Seven of us against the demon king.

So maybe we are the ones being unfair? Though the demon king doesn't seem to mind the slightest. I mean, he is mopping the floor with us...

Seriously, just how strong is he?

Hey, you gods watching from somewhere. Isn't this demon king too strong?

Look at my teammates. They are already despairing...

"W,what is that?!"

"N,no way..."


This is too much to handle. we are supposed to be the << Hero's Party >> but at this rate... we are going to die.

I saw the demon king gathering an absurd amount of mana. It seemed that it got bored and decided to finish us off with a single powerful attack. A huge orb of energy is slowly being gathered beside the demon king.

I can feel it. Once he unleashed that energy ball, we, including a third of the army is going to die...

How perplexing...

To think I'm gonna die so soon, and at my debut as a hero nonetheless. I'm still too young. I haven't even held hands with a boy before. To die without experiencing love, how tragic my life is...

Knowing that any form of resistant is pointless against that overwhelming power, I ready myself. I still have a skill that I haven't used. It's a skill exclusive only to the hero--<< Heroic Sacrifice >>.

<< Heroic Sacrifice >> is a divine skill that'll allow me to surpass my limit. Meaning, once I use this skill, I'll have a temporary power boost. With this skill, I should be able to match the demon king's level temporarily.

Sounds strong right?

Yeah, it's a powerful skill, overpowered even. But... yes there is always a but. Once the effect of the skill is over, I will be greatly weakened. In another word, once I fail to king the demon king, I will die. This is the reason that the hero always requires a team to fight alongside him or her.

Left with no choice, I started gathering power. Seeing what I a doing, my teammates encircled me--protecting me within. This is their real duty. They need to protect me no matter what, even if meant dying. Yeah, the life of the hero and his/her party is truly tragic. My predecessors are like this too. This is why I hated being a hero. If I could, I would rather not be the hero and be an ordinary woman instead. Unfortunately, this is my fate. To die young for the sake of the world.

If I knew this is going to happen, I would have found myself a boyfriend. Oh right, I knew from the start that this is going to happen. It's just that, I never expected that it'll happen too soon.

Come to think of it. I think I remember seeing a really good looking guy among the adventurers. I think he is called Kai? Yeah, he is an excellent guy--definitely boyfriend material...

Too bad I wasn't able to even talk to him.

While I was in my own world, the demon king finished gathering power. On his right hand is an orb of energy the size of a watermelon. But everyone knew that such a small orb possessed an absurd amount of energy--enough energy to wipe us and a third of the army.

My teammates tensed up, I haven't completed my preparation yet. Gritting their teeth, they used every once of mana in their body in preparation for the incoming attack.

seeing our futile attempts, the demon king looked at us with contempt.

So annoying! we are doing our best here you know?! Can you at least applaud our efforts instead of belittling it?

The demon king doesn't seem to hear my grumbling as he nonchalantly throws the orb of compressed energy. Though it's a nonchalant throw, the orb of energy traveled at an incredible speed.

But then... something unexpected happened.

A person suddenly appeared in front of that orb and slashed it!

Yes... that person slashed the orb of compressed energy...

To be continued...


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