The Legend of Kai: Dungeon Master (3)

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Dungeon Master (3)

The six adventurers, including Kai looked at the several dozens of people waiting for them inside the newly opened hall. They expected to see the dungeon master inside but they were still caught surprised after seeing the large number of people waiting for them.

Talban and the others looked at these people warily. For them the appearance of these people were unexpected.

"Who are you people? What are your relationship to the dungeon master?" Talban was quick to ask; he wanted to know if these people are friendly or not. Of course, Talban knew that his questions are redundant. It's obvious that these suspicious looking people are in cahoot, he just want to give everyone on his party the time to prepare.

Hearing Talban's questions, these suspicious people turn their gazes towards th skinny man in black cloak. From their reactions, Kai and the rest could tell that this skinny man is the leader--most likely the dungeon master.

"Since you asked first, should you introduced yourself the foremost?" The skinny man asked in return. Talban was a little surprised by this but he doesn't really mind. Dwarves are known for their frank and straightforward nature. Since the other side asked for his name, he doesn't mind doing so.

"I am called Talban, an adventurer. And as you could see, I am a dwarf. Now that I told you my name, how about you tell me your?"

The skinny man nodded his head and then proceed to introduced himself proudly. "I am Ritter, the master of this labyrinth but you people can just call me by my title, Dungeon Master!"

Ritter's straightforward introduction, startled Kai and the adventurers. To their surprise, the dungeon master also have a straightforward personality. Talban and the others become tense after hearing the other party's words, yet they did not become impatient. Other, less experienced adventurers would have acted right now but Talban and the rest are veterans and were well aware that carelessness could cause the destruction of their party.

The skinny man, Ritter, looked at the tense appearance of the adventurers and he could not help but be amused. He playfully smiled and then looked at Kai and the others, "so are you guys not gonna introduced yourselves? Hm?"

Seeing that the dungeon master and the cohorts are still not attacking, Kai and the rest figured that they wanted to gather information about them.


"My name is Simon."

"I am Isaac."

"Hmm... you young ones can just call me Kuran."

Andy. Pleased to meet you.

Ahnari started the introduction and the rest followed, stating their names one by one. Of course, Kai uses a pseudonym, his identity is too sensitive and he could not just tell anyone, especially his enemies, his real name.

"Good, good! The guys at the back are of no importance so I would not introduced them one by one. You can just collectively call them minions, underlings or whatever you wanted. These two guys on my side on the other hand have the same status as me. The gloomy looking guy on my right is called Gregor, and the on my left is Arsus!"

Ritter's nonchalant introduction of his comrades made everyone gawked. The minions, as Ritter called them seemed especially peeved. Even though they are indeed these three men's subordinate, Ritter called atleast introduced them as such. But knowing Ritter's personality, they knew that their complaints will simply be ignored.

"Now that the introduction was completed, could you tell me the reason for this intrusion? Hm?"

Ritter did not beat around the bush, he looked at the adventurers and asked for the purpose of their invasion of his territory.

"That's a strange question. We are adventurers, this is what we do!" Talban declared as if it is the most obvious thing in the world. Ritter's brows could not help but rise after hearing Talban's answer. He knew that they are adventurers but he wanted them to be more specific.

Seeing that the conversation is going nowhere, Isaac decided to intervene.

"We were hired to investigate this labyrinth. As for why this specific labyrinth, we were not given the reason. The only thing written on the request is that this labyrinth is very strange and our client wanted to gather as much information as we could," Isaac explained.

Ritter could not help but frown at this information. He could tell that Isaac was telling the truth, they really don't know much about the whole thing.

"Who is this client you spoke of? I could tell from watching you guys struggle till you reached this point that every one of you are strong. At the very least you should all be S-class at the barest minimum!"

Ritter's words are straightforward and would not allow for lies. He wanted these adventurers to tell him everything they knew about the quest. More importantly, these adventurers's client might be related to the people that had been causing troubles for them.

"We don't know, the client's identity is a mystery even to us. But this isn't strange, after all, our clients could choose to be anonymous when requesting to the guild," Isaac answered, completely ignoring Ritter's not so silent threat.

Isaac told Ritter's group almost everything he knew about the quest but he purposedly did not mention that Andy(Kai), is their middleman to their mysterious client.

Noticing that his information gathering is not going well, Ritter is starting to get annoyed. But as he was about to continue talking, Gregor who have been staying silent all this time, whispered some words on his ears. Hearing this, Ritter grew serious and then turn his gaze towards Andy!

To be continued...


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