The Legend of Kai: The Demon King's Return (1)

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The Demon King's Return (1)

Kai frown at this sight. He is most likely certain that the ones coming out of the << Gate >> are foes and not friends. Of course he had already expected this and is prepared to attack the moment the enemy went out of the << Gate >>. Still, Kai could not help but be amazed that Hydra still have someone that could actually open a << Gate >>! Let us not forget that the << Gate >> is a very rare spell and it's users rarer. But now, it seems that Hydra actually have two of them! One of the those users was already in Kai's hands and there's no way that Kai would allow this person to escape his grasp.

Kai could not help but wonder if Hydra have more Gate users or this is the last one. He find this rather disturbing. A << Gate >> user is a huge threat to anyone because of his or her ability to go anywhere unnoticed. Being a << Gate >> user himself, Kai knew the danger it possessed if used wrongly.

Ritter, on the other hand can finally let out a sigh of relief after seeing the << Gate >>. He knew that the ones coming out of the << Gate >> are his allies--though a small part of him is rather displeased for not defeating Kai's group on his own...

The << Gate >> finally appeared and a large group of people came out of it. Talbain and the others are alarmed at the sight of this. It's quite obvious that these people are the enemies reinforcement and their presence here doesn't bode well for them.

Indeed, the ones who came out from the << Gate >> are the remaining head of Hydra. But for some reason, these people looks rather haggard and some of them are even wounded! Ritter made a double-take after seeing their appearance. Even Kai looked rather surprise at this scene. How come they looked like this? It is as if these people just escaped from a disaster or something...

"What happened to you guys?" Ritter seeing the appearance of his comrades could no longer stopped himself and asked. To see his allies so distraught left him in great shock.

"My friend, Ritter, we're in deep trouble. One of our old deed backfired on us," it was Vincent who answered. His expression is ashen in their is an helpless smile on his face.

"What do you mean?" Ritter asked back in confusion. He thought that Vincent come to be aid them as planned but it seemed that that was not the case.

"The demon king, he has returned," Vincent answered.



Both Kai and Ritter exclaimed in shock at the same time after hearing Vincent's answer. The Demon king had returned and attacked Hydra?

Kai and Ritter were not the only ones confuse, even Talbain and the others were greatly shocked at this revelation.

"That is so. Did you remember our plan to attack several kingdom in the south and then put the blame on the demon king? It seemed that the demon king was not too pleased at this and retaliated. Most of our bases were attacked at almost the same time--even our main headquarters. We are caught by surprised and was forced to flee for our lives...." Vincent let out a helpless sigh after explaining what happened. The demon king's sudden retaliation is out of their expectations. They knew that the demon king would not be happy to know that someone was using his name to cause trouble elsewhere while he is recuperating. Vincent knew that there would be retaliation but did not expect that it would come so quickly. Worse still, they were caught totally unprepared and was almost wiped-out!

"Did the demon king came himself?" Kai finally opened his mouth and asked. Though he wanted to eliminate this group of troublemakers, the issue of the demon king is more important. That's why he decided against attacking them for now. He wanted informations and these people could give it to him.

Vincent looked at Kai with a contemplating look. But at the end he decided to answer instead.

"That is so. If not, we wouldn't be at this state even if we were caught off-guard," Vincent answered.

"Are you saying that the demon king was not fully recovered?" Ritter asked quickly after hearing Vincent's answer.

"That's most likely the case. I'm not sure if he is 100% recovered but at the very least he had recovered enough to come out and destroy our organization," answered Vincent helplessly.

Everyone was shocled at this news. The demon king had returned!

To be continued...


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