The Legend of Kai: Dragon Subjugation Quest (1/?)

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<centerDragon Subjugation Quest (1/?)

After returning to Ark, the first thing that we did was to buy a house as our team's base. The house is a three-story, six rooms building. It also have a wide lawn that and a stable. Situated in a suburb, the house cost me a whooping 300 gold coins—a very substantial amount. Fortunately, the materials I entrusted with Lily brought me the needed coins or I won't be able to afford it.

To compensate for the coins I spent buying the house; I decided to master my Enchant and Scroll Making skill, then auction the finished products. Or rather Lily will be the one doing tge auctioning considering that she's a merchant and her job's passive skills could get us a better price.

Now that the house and future funds was settled, it's time to make our team official. As such we went to the guild to register.

"Hoh~? You so you decided to officially make these three a part of your harem~?"

A green-haired, elven beauty named Leafa teases us after hearing the purpose of our visit.

"Can you not say something so misleading Leafa? What I'm trying to establish is an adventurer team, not a harem. I mean, where did that come from all of the sudden?"

Temple twitching, I corrected Leafa's strange way of thinking. But all I get is a grin and more misleading words.

"Really? The girls seemed to be agreeing with me" pointing at the blushing, Lily, Kara and Mia.

"...Can you three not blush like that? People will misunderstand, you know?" I said, exasperated.

Lily, Kara, and Mia blushes some more, resulting in more teasing from the adventurers and guild staffs watching.

"Hah! Okay, enough teasing. Can you register our team already?" Ignoring the teasing with a sigh, I urged Leafa to proceed with the registration.

"Okay~! Wait a moment."

Leafa passed me a form to fill up. After filling it up, and passing the design for our emblem, Leafa stamped the form, thus making our adventurer team 'Fenrir' official.

"Thank you for registering at the guild. Your team shall hence forth be known as Fenrir!" she declared.

""""Thank you!""""

The girls and I looked at each others with smile on our faces.

"Would you be printing your team's emblems yourselves or will you let the guild handle it?" Leafa asked after seeing us calmed down.

"Please print it us for us, we will pay for expenses and fee." I answered.

"Got it~! Leave it to us, you can claim the emblems tomorrow. Also, Kai, the guildmaster wanted to speak with you" Leafa explained, then told me that the guildmaster needed me.

"Hm? Why?" I asked confused.

"It's about a quest. I don't know the whole detail so you need to speak with the guildmaster yourself." she answered, unsure.

"Got it. I'll meet him right now. Lily, Kara, Mia, this might take a while. Why don't you go to the inn first?"

Though I don't know why the guoldmaster wanted to see me, I got a feeling that it is something important. As such I asked the girls to go to the inn before me.

"Okay. We will wait for you there." Lily answered then lead Mia and Kara to the inn.

A female staff lead me to the guildmaster's office. Inside I saw guildmaster and Ms. Leena waiting for me. I greeted the two and asked why they are looking for me.

"A dragon!"

What the guildmaster said caught me off guard, thus I cannot help but exclaim

"You said a dragon was seen at the Misty valley?" I asked, "What type of dragon?"

"Yes, and according to the adventurers who've seen it, it's an earth dragon."

The one who replied was Ms. Leena. She rummages at the documents in her hand, and hand me a parchment.

"I see. Then is the guild planning to subdue it?" I returned the parchment and asked.

"That's right. Dragons are too dangerous to be left roaming around. There's also a posibility thaf it's attack the city. We cannot take chances." answered the guildmaster.

"Then. Do you need my help?"

"Indeed. To be more precise, we need Shiro's power."

"Shiro huh? Indeed, both are A-class monsters but an earth dragon is known for its defence while a hurricane wolf for its speed and ferocity. Fortunately, earth dragons could not fly, so this might just work." I nod my head, agreeing to the guildmaster's intention.

"Does that mean you agreed?" the guildmaster asked.

"Of course! Since it's something I could do, I have no reason to not offer my assistance. But is this really okay? I'm just D-rank, my presence might displease other adventurers." I asked, worried that the others would just see me as a nuisance.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha! Perish the thought. Those guys are not that narrowminded. Either way your real strenght is obviously above your adventurer's rank. If not for the fact that your mission count is lacking, I would have promoted you to B-rank a long time ago. Your lvl 15 after all."

The guildmaster merely laugh off my worries and even Ms. Leena nods her head in agreement.

"Actually, I've just level up to 20 not to l9ng ago." I replied in a weak voice.



"What did you just say?!?!"

Shocked by the revelation, the guild master stood up and asked in a raised voice.

"Repeat what you just have said!

"...I've leveled up to 20 not too long ago..." I repeated.

"..." (Guildmaster Guido)

"..." (Ms.Leena)


The guildmaster sat down weakly and sighed while Ms. Leena wipes her sweats with a handkerchief.

"You're truly a freak..." proclaimed the guildmaster as he looked at me with tired face.

"Hahaha..." Unsure what to say, I let out a hollow laugh.

"Alright. Your leveling speed truly makes one jealous. But this will make things easier. As long as you successfully complete the quest, I can bend the rule a bit and raise your rank to B." the guildmaster declared.

"Is that really okay?" I asked.

"Your level's already too high for your current rank. Though you lacked the experience and the needed number of quest, your true strenght had surpassed your current rank. If you remained a D-rank, you won't be able to improve since your rank cannot keep up with your level." the guildmaster explained.

"Got it."

I stood up and excused myself. After a few cheerful banter with the receptionist, I exit the guild and proceed to the inn for a celebration.

To be continued...


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