The Legend of Kai: City of Adventurers (3/3)

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City of Adventurers (3/3)

"So, sir Kai's not from around here?" Lily asked while walking beside Kai.

"Yeah, I'm from a country called Japan in the far east." Kai answered Lily's question while trying to control Shiro who's pulling the cart.

After saving the girls, Kai decided to accompany them to Ark, also called the city of adventurers. But because the horse that used to carry the cart was killed by the goblins in the ambush, Kai arranged Shiro to pull the cart instead. Fortunately, due to its variant evolution, Shiro could change the size of its body at will. Right now Shiro is no longer in its gigantic Hurricane Wolf form but a monster as big as a horse.

At first the girls were surprised when Shiro shrink to the size of the horse but after Kai explained that Shiro could freely change its size its innate ability, they come to accept it. After all, there are countless strange monsters and creatures out there, so monster wolf that could change its size is not really that surprising.

"Japan? I've never heard of it before."

Lily tries to recall if she heard of the countrt called "Japan" but she couldn't remember ever hearing of it.

"Kara, Mia, have you heard of that country?" Lily asked her friends.

Kara and Mia shook their heads, they too have never heard of that country.

"Well, the world is huge and their still many undiscovered places." Lily murmured as she accepted that fact.

Kai could only apologized to the girls in his mind. Though he technically did not lie, Japan doesn't exist in this world. But Kai didn't have much choice. First he knows almost nothing of this world. Second, his identity was pretty suspicious as he has no identification from this world so he could only tell a white lie. Anyway, he already asked the system and found out that there is almost no chance that he'll meet another reincarnator from Earth.

"By the way Sir Kai, how did you get here?"

This time it was Kara who asked. Her question has no deeper meaning and it was due to curiosity. Lily and Mia also wanted to know so they listened intently.

"Here it is..."

Kai already expected this question and had long prepared an answer.

"I'm not sure. I was out adventuring when I entered a strange shrine. The moment I touched something from that shrine, a blinding light engulfed me and before I know it, I was already here."

Since he can't really tell them that he's a soul who transmigrated from Earth and was then reincarnated to this new body, Kai was forced to tell a half-lie and half-truth story. Though the story sounded rather farfetched on Earth, in this fantasy like world where magic exist, his story is actually believable.

"Eh? You have been teleported?"

The three girls were surprised and looked at Kai with pity. Some ancient ruins have traps that could teleport those who are unlucky enough to trigger them. They had heard of such stories before and did not find strange. Therefore, they could not help but feel sorry for Kai as his home seemed really faraway. The only way he could return was to find an airship that is willing to travel there or find another teleportation device with the same destination.

But the first option is extremely difficult as their is no airship that could travel that far, and even if there is, the fee is going to be staggering. The second option is even more difficult if not impossible as finding a teleportation device with the same coordinate as his homeland relies greatly on luck.

Sensing their pity and seeing their forlorn looks, Kai feel guilty and tries to cheer them up.

"Please don't worry too much about it. I no longer have a family back home so no one is going to be worried for me. Also I always wanted to travel the world and discover new places so things aren't as bad as you think." He explained.

The girls look at Kai with shock, and Lily's eyes are even tearing up!

"Ah hell! Why did I say that no one's waiting for me back home? Of they will feel sorry for me." He thought in panic

Kai really wanted to slap himself for his carelessness. Fortunately, after a bit more explanation he was able to soothe the girls.

"By the way, could you tell me about Ark?"

Kaidu heard from the system that the nearest city to his current location is called Ark. Though he learned a few things about it from the system, he still wanted to know about the city from the people who actually been there.


Lily quickly answered and told Kai everyrhing she knew about the city of adventurers. Kara and Mia also chipped in once in a while to compensate for the things she did not know.

According to the girls, Ark was built 300 years ago for the sole purpose of protecting the capital from monsters and invaders. In other words it was originally a garrison. But due to the ancient ruins near its vicinity it become popular with adventurers and treasure seekers. It also have a large labyrinth like dungeon that had never been conquered and cleared even today.

The the labyrinth, the ruins and the monsters become the city's main source of income. The taxes collected from the adventurers are so large that the kingdom expand the city and declared it a city of adventurers as to attract more people, specifically adventurers and merchants.

"Interesting! It seemed like its a very fun place to go."

Amazed, Kai couldn't help but exclaimed as wonders whar would it be like to be a real adventurers. Adventurers that enters dungeons and ruins, battling monsters and discovering new things and places.

The girls saw the fascination in Kai's eyes and couldn't help but giggle. They too acted the same way the first time they heard of the city of adventurers, Ark.

"Sir Kai, if you wanted to be an official adventurer you first need to pass the guild's examination."

Lily reminded Kai of the things he must do before offically becoming an adventurer. Though anyone could become adventurers without joining the guild, they wouldn't become official adventurers and will not be able to enjoy the perks provided by the guild. Therefore, most people decided to join the guild.

"Oh? There's also an adventurer guild?"

Kaidu excitedly asked the girls, he couldn't help but wonder at the similarity between this world and the worlds in the novels he read back home.

"Yes, there is an adventurer guild and I suggest that you join it to received the special perks it offers." Lily answered.

"Got it. Also, please don't call me sir Kai. I'm not used to it, so Kai would do." Kaidu thanked Lily and the two before telling them not to be too formal with him.

"Yes, we understand."

The girls agreed to Kaidu's request and no longer add "sir" before his name. Before long four humans and a monster wolf could finally see the city of Ark.

To be continued...


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