The Legend of Kai: Labyrinth City Babel (1/2)

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Labyrinth City Babel (1/2)


It's been a week since I officially become an adventurer. And thanks to tirelessly completing low level quest I was able to raise my rank from F to D.


Just like in the novels, raising ranks requires completing a number of quest. Though I found completing low level quest interesting, I did have a bit of expectations that the guild will allow to skip ranks due to my level and skills. But it seemed that such thing only happened in novels.


The guild is adamant in making sure that all adventurers start from the buttom and slowly climbing up. Though the guildmaster did say that I'm ranking up a lot faster than normal. So I guess I was able to make up for it?


Along with completing quest I am also learning some life skills. I managed to apprentice myself to a master blacksmith and a potion master and is currently an apprentice blacksmith and potioneer.

Thanks to that I was able to get the life skill "Forging" and "Potion Making". I also planned to learn crafting and as many life skill as I could but that's for another time. I should be taking things one at a time after all.


You must be curious what's with all the kneading and rolling right? Well, I'm actually in the kitchen right now and making one of my favorite dish. What dish you say? Why pizza of course!

That's right I'm making pizza right now. Why? Because I wanted to treat my friends to something good. Back in Earth I took a lot of odd jobs when I was younger. That is before I become a successful businessman.

Why pizza of all things? Didn't I already say it's one of my favorite dish? Okay that's just one reason, another reason is that the ingredients in this world are of exceptional quality compared to that of Earth. From what the System said it's all thanks to the presence of mana. Right, mana is capable of making the ingredients taste better.

Because of this reason people of this world do not use spices to flavor their food except for salt. Meaning the variety of spices used in this world were severely lacking. But not because they do not exist on the contrary they do. How did I know? Because I've collected a number of spices while training in the nameless forest.

But because mana made the food tasty on its own, the people of this world did not bother to cultivate spices. And I planned to change that...

So you could say that besides treating my friends and satisfying my own craving for pizza, the purpose of making pizza is to introduce spices into the market. In another words, I'm opening a new market. You can blame my businessman mentality for it.

Though I did run into a problem. There's no parmesan cheese! How could I make authentic pizzas without parmesan cheese?!? Okay I'm exagerating a bit. Though there's no parmesan cheese on the market, there are still cheeses being sold. So I had to make do with it.

After more than an hour of hardwork, the pizza was finally completed.

"Phew! Thankfully, I'm able to finish it without problems despite not cooking for years. I guess I need to upgrade my cooking skill. Should I buy some culinary books in the System store? Considering that cooking on Earth is more advance compared to this world, there's no need to look for a teacher. On the contrary I could already be considered as a culinary master in this world. I just needed a refresher."

I decided to buy several cooking books after some considerations. Fortunately, they are rather cheap. Because culinary books are treated like skill scrolls by the System all I needed to do was purchased them and all the knowledge are engraved in my mind. I even received the title "Master Chef" because of it. What a cheat the System is.

Using a cleaver, I sliced the pizza into parts and wala! Authentic pizza from Earth that anyone could enjoy! Except no parmesan...

I took out two trays of pizza and went straight to the dining hall where my friends are waiting. I saw Lily, Kara, Mia, Sasha, and her parents waiting for me.

"Hey, did you finished the dish you're talking about?"

Sasha ran towards me with excited eyes. After knowing that I borrowed the kitchen from her parents, she had been pestering me nonstop ever since. She wanted to know what sort of food I'm planning to cook.

Once she found out that I was planning to make a dish from my hometown she grew more excited and keep urging me to cook it sooner. Such a curious girl, that she is.

I put the trays on the table and everyone looked at the dish curiously. Smelling the nice fragrance, everyone excitedly looked at me, waiting for an explanation.

"The dish is called pizza, a very popular dish from where I'm from..."

I started explaining things about the pizza; it's ingredients and the method of making it. Hearing several unfamiliar ingredients, everyone's faces show more confusion. I can't blame them, the spices I used have no name in this world. Hence, I could only use the names from Earth.

"Why not try it for now and I'll tell you more after." I urged them to try the pizza before going to an depth expanation.

"Then I won't hold back!"

The excited Sasha was the first to take a slice and everyone followed soon after. Taking a bite, everyone's expressions changes and...

Sasha: "Delicious"

Kara: "So tasty!"

Mia: "Um... really good."

Lily: "This taste amazing."

Seeing everyone enjoying the dish I made, I could not help but smile. Before long everyone was fighting with the last slice, including me.

Sasha: "Whew! That was good."

Sasha's mom: "Indeed"

"Kai can I ask you a favor?" Sasha's dad asked me in a serious expression.

I already knew what he is going to ask but I still urged him to continue.

"Is it possible for you to allow us to serve pizza in our inn."

"I see nothing wronh with it. Please do as you like."

"Then about payment—"

"No need for that."

I cut the rest of what he wanted to say. I I've already planned to make pizza popular in this world. Though I could sell the recipe, Sasha and her parents have helped me a lot and giving them some culinary recipes from Earth will not cause me anything.


"Please don't worry about it. I was already planning to popularized the food from my hometown anyway. And pizza is just one of them. Of course it's not like I won't be getting anything from it. I do plan to sell the spices needed for them." I said.

"You're planning to sell the spices?"

Hearing what I said, Lily's eyes brightened. It seemed that her merchant soul was stirred. "That's right. But since I planned to be a full pledged adventurer, I needed people to take care of the sale for me." I said with a smile.

Realizing what I meant Lily exclaimed excitedly. "I'll do it!"

"It's settle then. But we need to make thorough preparations. It's impossible to monopolized the spice business after all."

I then asked Sasha's dad if they could help me promote the pizza in the inn. Of which he happily accepted.

After everything was settled. I told Lily, Kara, anf Mia my plan to head to the Babel, the labyrinth city.

"Ah? Really? What a coincidence! Where actually planning to head there ourselves."

Lily explained that the next batches of potions will arrive in a few days and they will be heading there after that. Actually they were planning to invite me as their escorts. After the horrible experience with Brando's group, Lily will not easily trust any adventurer unless they have good reputation. Though I seemed to be an excemption. I guess I gave them a good first impression.

"Since that's the case. Let's do that. You just need to make a proper request from the guild." I said.

"Got it! I guess we will leave our safety to you." Lily replied with a giggle.

"Leave it to me! Ah wait, I remember something important."

Remembering that I have tons of materials on my inventory, I asked Lily if she could help me seel them.

"Oh? Let me see them!"

Nodding I started to take out the materials one by one...

To be continued...


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