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You may be aware that we are supporting our eSteem Mobile users with the upvotes for few month now. And excited to announce that same encouragement program is started for eSteem Surfer users as well. This is very important, especially for newcomer, minnows to help them build their reputation and power, find the community to support and get support from. So if you are posting via eSteem applications you are automatically qualified.


How to participate

  • Write a good quality article and post it via eSteem Mobile or eSteem Surfer
  • While votes are dependent on your followers vesting weight and might be small, we still believe enjoying creative process is utmost importance, that's why we have eSteem monthly spotlight as well to reward our top users for each month.

Some common rules: Content should be original (your texts and images, no copywright violation). At least 50 words required. Include esteem tag on your post, percent of vote is calculated from your followers weight, reputation should be higher than ~31, not detected by any plagiarism or abuse marking bots, etc. Every user is qualified to get at least one vote per day, but not guaranteed/promised.

Make sure you understand: There is no guarantee for upvotes every time. Votes are also shuffled time to time and rules are updated constantly, abusers are added to ignore list. Once account is in ignore list there is slim chance that account will be removed from the list. There is no notification about being ignore listed.

Just do your regular postings and you will be fine to qualify.

We are casting more than 1200+ upvotes from team and other eSteem supporter accounts daily. You can join our trail to help us spread the love and to get curation rewards for good content.

Additionally, with every post and comment you make, increases your chance to win monthly eSteem Spotlight giveaway. In couple days next round of winners will be announced. You can track your Leaderboard rank in Activies section in both eSteem Mobile and eSteem Surfer apps.

Steem on!

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Great idea to support users by providing upvotes when using esteem.

But why limit to users with above 31 reputation? The reputation score on steemit is arbitrary. Some users (like me), have been flagged maliciously by whales for flagging their spam content.

Busy gives me an upvote. Why won't you?

Woah, how did you get your reputation down so much?

  ·  last year (edited)

Long story, it was from some flag wars. Check out @moeknows, he's got a few good blogs about it

Kabir, i dont know whether you were good or he. But i suggest you to never to mess with a whale. We stand nowhere in front on them

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Kabir, i dont know whether you were good or he. But i suggest you to never to mess with a whale. We stand nowhere in front on them

Posted using Partiko Android

Ah, that must have sucked. We'll I gave you a little something to try and boost you up. Good luck getting back to 25.

  ·  last year (edited)

thank you for your support and encouragement for me so far. You always support me as long as I use mobile esteem. And currently I have two esteem (esteem mobile and esteem surfer). This makes me very easy for me to create and write articles. When I am not home I use a mobile esteem and when I am at home I can use a surfer esteem. This esteem is technology is very useful for me. Thank you dear @good-karma for everything.

  ·  last year (edited)

I am using esteem for some time,but i had no idea about your support.Let me check esteem surfer and wish to join there.I am sure i will get support from you @good-karma.Surely it will be fun.

Your application is getting worse ,, before you vote every single day, now you change it to three or four days, even this is not clear ,, there is more four days even not get your voice ..

Why you not just give voice once a month for your application immediately left the user and make this eSteem dissolved ??

Sorry if my submission is a bit rough ..

Thank you..

You do not think your app users do not feel disappointed if this continues without your voice, now you can be proud of having very many users, but believe that they will gradually abandon this application if you continue to disappoint them ,,

Should be the app developer have to be fair so that everyone can benefit from this Steemit, otherwise why should you make the app ..

Good post,
Happy reading her ...

Membudayakan informasi..terimakasih @good-karma

Good support. I like this program. I hope be a lucky for me.

Good progrAm dan suuport. This information can be make me to motivation writing in esteem.

Thats a great initiative @good-karma
Very nice opportunity for the people with creative writing. Thats very impressive

Encouragement program from @good-karma is the best

That's inspiring me @goodkarma.
Thanks for your continuous support

This post is very important, thank you to @good-karma

this article is very important

This is very and beautiful

  ·  last year (edited)

always give some good news for all steemian. thanks for this news.
i am using this app very begining of my steemit journey.

Thank imformation nya @good-karma

your support and encouragement are awesome

sir @good-karma .., sorry maybe this is not worth my vent, best wishes from me .., I've been using esteem application .., still why sir @good-karma have never visited my post. sorry if there is a language that is less appropriate because I use google translation. Best regards. thank you

Wonderful news worthy of further investigation.

How can I join it? What is the function of the site?

Very nice posting @good-karma

I just downloaded and signed in my esteem app



  ·  last year (edited)

This is a very useful announcement. Let's try to contribute to eSteem. Thank you @good-karma

Very good imformation nya thank @good-karma

nice post @good-karma

Thank imformation nya @good-karma

Too many stemians give comments here and make me confusing how to string up words to praise your work.
Keep working

I am always faithful to esteem @good-karma

How is it to join trail?

my amazing apps are very happy with esteem so far, this is my preferred app and very satisfying

I just read about your eSteem Surfer app, looks pretty cool, I might try it just for the ability to schedule posts in advance.

great post..have a nice day

Thanks for the information, it will support all of Steemians to always stay cool with eSteem Mobile.

Good to see that you are trying to provide a good Support with a good user experience to minnows on Steemit,i personally love using eSteem,so keep it up @good-karma

thanks to @ good-karma, and also his other esteem member,

best wishes for @good-karma always come bring good news for all of us.
I like this.

good information thank you @ good-karma for post information for renewal of esteem renewal, may be useful for the steemian, good luck continue to esteem 👍🙏🙏

Keep the good stuff coming. Always glad to hear news like this :)

I strongly support the esteem community thank you @good-karma you have helped me a lot and my friends in aceh and other places we all always support your community

Good post... But why u didn't vote me again?the last vote, 2 month ago.

Good post... But why u didn't vote me again?the last vote, 2 month ago.

Good post... But why u didn't vote me again?the last vote, 2 month ago.

Good post... But why u didn't vote me again?the last vote, 2 month ago.

Good news

bang @good-karma I strongly support komonitas esteem you are very much help us, I myself can not repay your kindness I can only support upvoting and reblog your post alone with your kindness may be many others who want to help you ..... from me can only congratulate the fasting worship may be received in the worship charity side of his.

a very special post @good-karma

esteemapp provide really good service.

Very good Post

for me not a promise for an experience will be more meaningful when running as expected. while the time of sustainability we will always support others for the benefit of others. but for it willing to live it. Have a nice day

Thanks you @good-karma

Best brorher, i with you and i love esteem

Postingan sangat bermanfaat bagi pemula

Well post a very good friend always enjoy posting this friend .. salam [email protected]

Thanks @good-karma

thank you for the participation I will try that's great

Terima kasih @good-karma

I always hope from the witnesses of esteem and steemit in order to achieve a good ranking in this media and the advice and support to us who are still planton.
@ good-karma

very good article @ good-karma I've voted

a very good post I always support @good-karma

You are amazing witnes @good-karma

good post dear

Wow! that's a great news from the @esteem dev @good-karma . I hope I am eligible for the reward if I post an unique content using @esteemapp .

I salute with your support to the user hopefully the team is always healthy and the gods bless you and the team.

Ok ,, thanks informasion


thank you for your support and motivation @good-karma

Congratulations @good-karma!
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thanks a lot @good-karma that already provides esteem application. i like to esteem i always use esteem app.

Very enjoyable with the esteem. Thank you @good-karma and all esteem parties who have supported all esteemapp users.

The information is very clear, it is increasingly adding passion for all users of mobile esteem especially for new users, very helpful.

Resteem permission 😍

Very happy to get support from you here.

  ·  last year (edited)

I was using esteemapp quite long but hardly get upvotes may be count once in a month...recently i have shifted to busy.org and atleast getting some sort of votes on every post..varied from 0.6 to 10 %.

Since last 1 week i was again regularly using esteemapp but never get voted in all these day even after making post twice a day... @good-karma i understand evryone is not lucky or may be not in any set of user to get regular upvotes..but what keep the other user motivated...only hope? Or how to keep user stick to esteemapp...though it is quite handy for many....anyhow i m sticking to it...only because it allows me to stay close to steemit...

very good information @good-karma

Hopefully the beginners in steemit can evolve with this beautiful esteem program, and hopefully @good-karma is still able to infect all users and fans of the esteem app as it used to and no one left behind ,, thus the whole world will remain faithful to the application #esteem ...

i use @esteemapp since i approved at steemit.com it's a nice app for me. thank you @good-karma and team

@good-karma this is a good plan, rewarding the users of the app especially..already you know it will boost the usage of the app

good post

good post

The best post, success always for you

The best program, success for eSteem

the latest breakthroughs, genius ideas, I will always support eSteem

Great read!

thank you for the information for all of us @good-karma . if this is good for us, we will always be here

you are the best of the good, because the post is always useful for us steemian, thanks @good-karma

a very useful article, thanks for sharing

Terima kasih @good-karma

Thanks @good-karma

please help @good-karma how it works i have downloaded.
. ??


  ·  last year (edited)

please help @good-karma
why esteem application there was a reblog.tapi mobile app Esteem now no reblog.resteem.edit
who have direct comments on the sign .. please solve.
this is my new app

You are absolutely right,,, our post should be creative.. as it can help other ... i am with you from my beginning in steemit

nice article

Post yang luar biasa bagus sekali saya sangat suka post anda,salam steem

I haven't been able to download the app yet due to problems with my internet :( but this program has helped a friend of mine a TON. He posts more or less twice per week really good posts and almost every time he's got good votes. Maybe this post is old so not many people will see this comment but it's a huge help for minnows who make good consistent work.
I need to add you to my witnesses list, definitely.

  ·  last year (edited)

I have been getting the votes though I have been using esteem-surfer tag
Thank you so much, it is truly appreciated :)
And I love working with esteem-surfer

Nice post brother @good-karma

We need more people to be BRAVE like you and speak out about steem @good-karma