The Legend of Kai: Shiro's Might (1)

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Shiro's Might (1)

Thump, thump, thump!

The soldiers looked at the miasma closing in with thumping hearts. The news of the demon king's army arrival had already spread throughout the alliance camp. In preparation for this, the generals ordered everyone to prepare for the battle.

The situation is incredibly tense and anyone could see how nervous the soldiers are. Faced with a huge army of monsters, anyone would surely be terrified.

"They looked so tense," Lily seeing how tense the soldiers are could not help but speak out her concerns.

"It cannot be helped. We are about to face the demon king and its army after all," Kara concurred.

"You're right. But at this rate. They won't be able to give it they're all. It's already difficult surviving this war, more so if the soldiers are this tense," Mia explained.

The three girls went silent after what Mia said. Indeed, it's painfully obvious that many of the soldiers here will die. How many of them would be able to survive and return to their families? War is such.

"I wonder what will Kai do?" Lily murmured

Meanwhile, eight people are observing the situation silently. These people are the eight S-rank adventurers summoned by the adventurer's guild. Among them is the newly promoted S-rank, Kai.

"We need to do something about this tense atmosphere. At this rate the soldiers will be too nervous to fight properly," said the half-beast Rondo, the berserker.

"If you have any idea, then go ahead," Mogi the elf archer chided.

"You're not helping, Mogi!" Annabelle a the cat-eared priestess scolded.

Being scolded, Mogi argued back and the three started bantering with one another, much to Kai's surprise.

"That's enough, you three! Arguing between ourselves won't help anyone. Besides, are you not ashamed of showing such behaviour to a junior?" Shaking his head, Clay a human lancer scolded the three that won't get along no matter how much time passes. He then pointed at Kai, silently watching at the side.

The three S-rank adventurers coughed with embarrassment. Though they are comrades that trusted each other with their lives, the three of them would still argue like this from time to time. But it seemed that they missed the timing, especially if they consider the current situation. Not to mention the most talented adventurer of the young generation is watching their embarrassing antics. And to think they are trying to leave a good impression on him.

"Please, don't worry about it. I actually find the three senior quite amusing. Also, thanks to the three seniors' bantering the atmosphere here have lightened up a lot," Kai not wanting to embarrass the three told them that he does not mind and that their actions lightened the tense atmosphere in their group intensely, pointing at the once tense adventurers on the camp.

Unfortunately, Kai's action made the three more ashamed as they realized that they are acting like children in front of large numbers of adventurers.

"How surprising that you're bantering actually cause some good," Argio the dwarf warrior teases.

"How rare indeed!" Miffa the fox-eared battle maiden commented, pouring more oil to the fire.

"Sigh..." Blademaster Colby let out a sigh at his colleague's childish behaviors.

"""Guh!"""" Rondo, Mogi, Annabelle

Ignoring the three S-rank's discomfort, Kai murmured that they do need to do something about the tense atmosphere.

"Indeed. But this is not our job. The leaders of the alliance should do something about the situation themselves. Though, they seemed to be at their wit's end..." Clay heard what Kai said and agreed but is out of ideas himself.

Kai nodded in response to Clay and as he was about to give up, he saw a large group of people riding what seemed to be dire wolves. Observing them, Kai realized that they are the Riders of the Barbar tribe. Then an idea hits him...

Croowey is an officer of the Direwolf Brigade. In the Barbar tribe, being in the Direwolf Brigade is a great honor, and every tribesman wishes to join their ranks. But taming one of the requirements of being a rider is to tame a direwolf, then make it their mount. But dire wolves are prideful creatures and one must be worthy to be accepted by one of them. As such the riders of the Direwolf Brigade is considered an elite battalion in the Barbar army--numbering less than a thousand.

Croowey, had climbed the ranks through sheer efforts but right now he and his men are very tense as they await the demon king's army. Not only are the riders nervous, the direwolves are even more so. But considering what they are about to face, this is reaction is very normal.

As he was wondering what to do, Croowey heard a commotion amongst the riders and the direwolves. Asking the nearest person, he asked what is happening. The rider then pointed at the front where he saw a large bluish wolf.

"Is that a direwolf? No! That's... a hurricane wolf!" Seeing the beast at the front, Croowey could not believe his eyes. For he saw an incredibly powerful beast looking down at the Direwolf Brigade. No to be more precise, the hurricane wolf is looking down at the cowering direwolves.

Confused, Croowey observed the situation. Since the hurricane wolf is not attacking, it means it is on their side, Croowey could not help but marvel at this.

"Who could possibly tame such a powerful beast?" Croowey said to himself.

Suddenly, the beast roared which surprises everyone who heard it. Before long an incredible pressure falls on everyone, and to everyone's horror, the beast transformed into a gigantic wolf!

"This, this pressure... S-class!" A rider realizing what they are facing screamed with horror.

Croowey was flabbergasted. An S-class hurricane wolf? Isn't that the legendary Neo Hurricane Wolf? The king of the wolf-beast species?

The riders, direwolves, and the soldiers looked at the Neo Hurricane Wolf or rather, looked at Shiro who finally showed its real form. As he slowly rises to the sky dark clouds started forming and lightning streak the sky as if announcing the arrival of its sovereign!

To be continued...


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