The Legend of Kai: New Allies (2)

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New Allies (2)

Yukina's POV

Kai returned from the Dark Forest accompanied by a beautiful woman with silver hair and a young man with scales in some part of his body.

Someone from the serpent clan?

The people from the dragon clan also has scales in some parts of their body but they also possessed a single horn on their forehead. Since the young man only have scales, it's ssafe to say that his someone from the almost extinct serpent clan. Then that beautiful woman with silver hair is...

My hunched was proven right thanks to my clan's guardian beast Inari who respectfully greeted the silver-haired woman named Tenma. According to Inari and Kai's follow up explanation, Tenma is the serpent clan's guardian beast--the << White Serpent >>.

Kai found them inside the Dark Forest and after negotiating with Tenma--invited her and her servant Rukka to join his organization << Fenrir>>.

Kai's organization....

Come to think of it, he never invited me to join his organization. Could it be he doesn't fully trust me yet?

Knowing that Kai still has reservation about me made me feel depress. Though if one think about it, haven't I been using him for the sake of the clan? First, the clan's treasure sword and then the attack from the wolf clan. Kai solved all of them single-handedly.

What did I or the clan did for him? Gather information for him? Become our trading partner? Or the marriage agreement that is part of the reward for retrieving the clan's treasure sword?

...Thinking about it. Kai doesn't really need our help. With his power, he could ask for the help of the four great clan. But due to various circumstances, Kai ended up becoming connected to the clan. Doesn't that mean we entrapped him?

"...kina, Yukina?"

Eh? Is someone calling my name? Looking around, i finally noticed that Kai is calling my name.He's looking at me worriedly.

"What's wrong, Yukina? Are you not feeling well?"

Kai asked me if I'm not feeling well with a face full of concern. Being stared like that by Kai, my face started reddened.

How embarassing!

I quickly told Kai that I'm okay and saw him seeing in relief.

Is he perhaps worry about me? Thinking about it, my face turned redder. Somehow, when i'm in front of Kai, I couldn't control my emotion...

Shaking me head mentally, I asked Kai if he needed something.

"Well, I was trying to ask you if you wanted to join Fenrir. But you have been staring blankly which makes me worry if you are not feeling well?" Kai explained.

Eh? Kai wanted to invite me to join his organization? Is that true? Still, confused, I hesistantly asked Kai if he really wanted to invite me to join his organization.

"Of course! I've been planning to ask you from the start it's just that I could not find the right timing," Kai explained bashfully.

I was momentarily stunned by what Kai said but I was able to quickly recovered and agreed without hesitation. Kai smile become wider after hearing my answer. He then told us that his base << Fenrir's Den >> is located in a secret location and only by using the Gate can the place be accessed.

Then after more explanation, Kai opened a Gate to the den. Upon arrival I was astonished by what I've seen. According to Kai's explanation, the den used to be a temple belonging to an extinct civilization and after completeing the tria, he became the temple's new master.

Amazing! As expected of Kai!

After that we are lead outside the hall and I was reunited with the cute Myuu.

To be continued...


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