The Legend of Kai: The Monster Tide (1)

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The Monster Tide (1)

After looking around the room, I found some documents that might give a clue about the other heads of Hydra. I also took anything of value then cast fire magic to burn everything after canceling the effect of the Dimensional Cube.

The fire quickly spread due to the fact that it is a fire started by magic. The building housing the reading company, a.k.a one of Hydra's main base quickly burned. Of course I rescued anyone that has nothing to do with Hydra and those who actually worked with Hydra have already escaped everywhere.

The fall of one of Hydra's eight hesds will have drastic effect on the coup as the puppeter is no more. But that doesn't mean that the fighting will stop. Depending on the leader of the rebellions decision, the fighting can still continue. But unless the ruling faction do something really stupid, the rebellion would only last several days at most.

Yeah with this I could safely say that the coup is concluded in the defeat of the rebel army...

Five days after the fall of Hydra's 8th head, the rebel army finally surrendered and the coup at Kabbal officially ended. Since the aftermath ofthe coup had nothing to do with me, I ordered Fenrir's squad to return to the Den. Of course I did this after getting payment from the guild. The reward is quite substantial and my representative even received an offer to work for Kabbal. They offered him (it) titles, lands and gold. But being a mechanical puppet, my representative have no use for it so he (it) declined as expected.

The news of the coup's end quickly spread to the surrounding nation who are watching intently. Most are happy of the result but some--especially those with hidden motives were disappointed. But again, this has nothing to do with me or Fenrir.

Fenrir's famed after our show of strength in the coup and we become more famous. Many wanted to hire us but since Fenrir only takes mission and quest that interest us, many are left disappointed. There are also who wanted to find Fenrir's base but since we usually travel using Gate, that too ends up failing.

With nothing new happening and Hydra being silent, Fenrir too resumed its investigation on the demon king's whereabouts. Despite that though we haven't forgotten that Hydra still have seven heads left and I swear to cut every last one of them. For this reason, I reserved several of my forces to secretly investigate. I even used the still reforming Dark Guild to do my bidding. The only way to effectively fight the a force in the underworld is to use another force from the same place.

I'm not sure if Hydra is already aware that the old Dark Guild had fallen and that someone else is leading them. But even if they do, it won't effect us much. After all, those who knew of Fenrir's involvement are very few and with their permission used a spell that will leave their mind blank if they try to tell anyone of mine or Fenrir's involvement with the Dark Guild.

Investigating Hydra's other seven heads is without a doubt going to be very difficult. Even with the documents I gathered after cutting down Elric, finding the other location of their bases is going to be difficult. Fortunately, I've gathered enough manpower to investigate Hydra thoroughly. And the only thing I need to do is wait.

While waiting for new information on Hydra, I busied myself with other things. Also, the wines I've made become really popular without my knowledge. True, I did gave samples to my close friends and associates but even those who I've no close contact with manages to know about it. Thanks to that I'm getting a lot of request from the Adventurer's Guild pertaining to the purchase of the wines.

Unfortunately, the supply of wine is very limited at the moment and Lily and the other members of Fenrir have fallen in love with the taste of the wines, as such most of the remaining wines are used for our consumption and personal rewards. Yeah for some reason those wines turned to rewards. It happened when I offered to give them rewards if they manages to reach a certain milestone in levelling and for clearing task.

Unexpectedly, everyone except Myuu, who is too young to drink wishes to received bottles of wine as rewards. That really surprises me, you know?

Anyway, back to the topic about Hydra.

Several days after I started a serious investigation on the whereabouts of the remaining heads of Hydra, i finally received some information that could lead me to one of their main bases.

A spy I've sent to the southern part of the continent reported a suspicious event that might have something to do with Hydra--a sudden monster tide!

To be continued...


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