The Legend of Kai: The Shadowy Serpent Moves (3)

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The Shadowy Serpent Moves (3)

News quickly spread that a coup is currently happening at the kingdom of Kabbal. Merchants and travelers were advised to postponed going there until the situation settled.

The battle between the current ruling faction and the the rebels is becoming more intense as the days passed. At first the ruling faction is at a disadvantage due to the fact that the coup happened without warning. But thanks to the arrival of the adventurers, the situation was reversed and now the rebels are being pushed back.

Though the rebel leaders expected that the adventurers will soon join the fray, the sheer number of adventurers joining still surprised them. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending which side you are asking, there are people working in the shadows to add more fire to the disturbance and tilt the balance to the rebels side. Indeed, I'm referring to Hydra's forces. But Hydra is not the only one moving in the shadows. Fenrir too begin to act. First to prevent unnecessary people from noticing, I deploy a group of mechanical puppets to help quell the rebellion. The mechanical puppets arrived a few days after the adventurers as back up force. This way no one would think that I'm actually acting in secrecy.

Of course the mechanical puppets arrival throw a wrench to the rebels and Hydra's plans due to the strength to their unexpected strength. Not really surprising considering this puppets are composed of several A-ranks and the majority B-rank. As such every rebels that fought them are quickly defeated. Thanks to them the rebels could not gain ground--perfect for stalling time while I move in the shadows.

The ruling class of Kabbal are not the only ones concern of the outcome of the coup. Most powers on the western continent are closely watching. Since this is an internal dispute, Kabbal's allies could not make a move and could only wait for the result. Will the current ruling faction win or will victory smile at the rebels? Everyone could only wait with bated breaths.

At the Dragon capital, Rudra is reading the reports from the spies.

"I wonder if Kai already made his moves?"

Rudra is among the few that knows that Kai is actually working behind the scene. She's aware of Kai's power so she is not that worried. But she also knew of Hydra's reputation and considering this behemoth of an organization is manipulating this event, Rudra could not help but frown.

"Why couldn't this people stay still and leave others alone in peace?"

Rudra sighed while reading one of the report. The report states that a mysterious force appeared out of nowhere to aid the rebels.

"Truly troublesome. It's up to you now, Kai."

Since the dragon council could not directly interfere with the event of another country, they could only watch quietly while waiting for news from their spies.

The same thing is also happening at Malkal, the Holy Church and the other kingdom. They too are restricted from acting directly and could only rely on spies for news.

While everyone watches Kai started eliminating the Hydra's forces working behind the scenes. He is in disguise and is not worry that he would be recognized. He could not use his more known skills and spells are it would alert the enemy of his presence. But then again, he has countless skills and spells at his disposals and only needed to use the lesser ones. Heck, he has so much skill that Hydra's higher echelons thought they are several powerful people going against them. Of course the fact that Kai keeps changing disguise helps further the misunderstanding. Basically, Kai is so out of common sense that no one could figure his identity and Kai's perfectly happy taking advantage of it.

But this does not concern Kai. The more mistake Hydra makes, the better it is for him. He'll take advantage of the confusion to cut off one of Hydra's eight heads!

To be continued...


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