The Legend of Kai: Negotiation

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Everyone listened to Vincent as he tries to convince Kai to let their organization be for the time being. He heavily emphasized that they should be focusing on the demon king and his army of monsters. He also told Kai that damaging both sides would only advantaged the demon king!

Ritter and the others listened intently to Vincent's explanation. Nonetheless, they are still on dark and could not figure out why Vincent seemed so afraid at the mysterious young man. The remnants of Hydra are not the only one feeling confuse--even the adventurers are! In Talban and the others' eyes, their group is on the losing side, and yet, this important looking member of Hydra was doing his best to convince Kai to relent!

Vincent, finally done explaining, looked at Kai with expectations. If Kai refuses to relent and decided to pursue their group till the end, then Hydra might just cease to exist!

"I see. Your reasonings makes a lot of sense," Kai nodded as if completely agreeing to Vincent's point of view. Vincent felt relieve after hearing this and believed that the negotiation is going well but could not helped but have a change of expression after Kai's next sentence. "But I still think that getting rid of your organization would lead to better results. After all, you guys did not help when the demon king first appeared. Instead, you guys even took advantage of the situation. After the demon king retreated, you lot even caused chaos--taking advantage of the fact that the alliance was greatly weakened. Did you not?"

Kai's expression remained unreadable but the tone of his voice is full of thorns! Of course, he still did not attack and waited for Vincent's reply. Fortunately, Vincent did not let him down and did everything to convince Kai.

"I admit, we did that but at the very least we did not attack the alliance when they were fighting the demon king! Sure, we increased our activities and planned to usurp power but we did not kicked anyone when they were down! That's because despite our avarice, the eastern continent is still our home and we didn't want it to fall into the demon king's hands! And as for not helping during that crisis? It's not that we don't want to help but rather, the battle ended to quickly for Hydra to contribute!"

Vincent's words resonated with everyone. For them, Vincent's explanation made perfect sense. Indeed, everyone, including Hydra considered this land their home. Conflicts might be prevalent everywhere but once someone threatened their home, they would do everything in their power to stop it!

"Interesting! Very well, I'll believe you for now. But I hope you would not stab us in the back once we are fighting the demon king!" Kai decided to temporarily relent and give Hydra's remnant to prove themselves. But if Hydra reneged on their promise, Kai would not hesitate to use everything he have to end Hydra once and for all!

Vincent was finally able to breath out in relief after hearing Kai's promise to let them go. He knew that it was a really close shave. Fortunately, Kai still consider the demon king as the biggest threat, as such he was able to negotiate.

Since the negotiation was successful, Kai opened a << Gate >> to almost everyone's surprise. Ritter and the other members of Hydra finally understand that there's no way for them to stop Kai and the others from escaping whenever they wanted. They thought that Kai have no way of escaping the labyrinth once the fight starts. But seeing him open a << Gate >> without any effort shocked him greatly. This showed Kai's great mastery of spatial magic!

Kuhran and the adventurers find themselves in a plain overlooking the Adventurer's Guild main headquarters after exiting the << Gate >> much to their surprise. Kai then asked the group to return to the headquarter and report everything that transfired to the guild president. He also told them that they could take the rewards (including the bonus) from the president himself. After saying goodbye to the adventurers, he opened another << Gate >> leading to Rudra's group. Since he made a deal with Vincent and the remnants of Hydra, he decided that there's no need to destroy them, atleast for now. Though he made a lot of preparations to get rid of Hydra, the situation did not allow it. So he could only fetch his friends. After that he sends Rudra and Isaac back and told them to prepare for the incoming battle against the demon king!

To be continued...


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