The Legend Of Kai: Aftermath

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Days passed after the fierce battle at the Plain of Courage. Returning as the victor, the allied army are hailed as heroes by the populace. Victory celebrations are held everywhere by the populace and a festive mood hang on the air--ignorant of the fact that the demon king was still alive somewhere. Nonetheless, this is still much preferable than an outright panic.

Returning to their respective countries, the alliance is preparing more intensively for the return of the demon king. Kai, the biggest contributor to the victory refuses all honor and gave all recognition to the hero and everyone who fought the war--to the surprise of many.

Nonetheless, his contribution to the war is so large that it was impossible to fully hide it. And his name become known as someone who fought side-by-side the hero to defeat the demon king. Before the war, Kai is only famous at Ark but the war had propelled his name and become a household name much to his chagrin.

Because of this new found fame, Kai is rarely seen in public anymore and most people have no idea what he even looked like--though rumors of his appearance abound.

Fenrir, Kai's team also become a focal point of attention. Their deeds before and after the war propelled them to fame much like Kai--becoming the strongest adventurer team on the continent--maybe even the whole world. And as expected countless aspiring adventurers wanted to join Fenrir. Yet to their disappointment, Fenrir never opened its door for any applicant. Despite this, though their fame did not waiver and only grew--and considering that most of their members are unknown--gave the team an air of mystery.

With Kai rarely showing himself in public and his team not recruiting new members, Fenrir becomes a complete enigma--an enigma with power comparable to an army. Many are unhappy at the secrecy of the group, especially the nobles from the alliance as Fenrir is a power no one but Kai can control. This worries a lot of people from high places--despite the group's accomplishment and contribution to the war. Many of these people wanted to force Fenrir to join a nation or force in an attempt to control them--and Fenrir's refusal to comply causes conflicts between Fenrir and these forces. But that's a story for another time.

As one of the war's greatest contributor, Kai received countless invitations from the leaders of the alliance to visit their respective countries. kai's talent is so overwhelming that everyone wanted him to join their side--many even hinting marriages to tie the alliance. This causes a lot of headache from Kai-forcing him to make excuses just to escape the awkward situation.

To get these annoying people off his back--Kai promises to visit their country some other time in the near future--not giving an exact date. Though not fully satisfied with his response, they have no choice but to comply as they cannot really force him to do anything. Of course, there are some people who cannot read the mood and persist on pestering Kai-mainly the chieftain of the Barbar and even His Holiness the Pope. After giving more excuse, Kai was finally able to escape. He quickly returned to the Den, only then was he able to relax.

At the Den, Kai found that Lily, Kara, and Mia are also there--looking tired and fed-up.

"What's wrong? You girls looked really haggard?" He started.

The girls looked at him with wry smiles and Lily responded, "aren't you the same?" She said.

Kai shrugged his shoulders and told the girls what happened.

"I see. So it's the same as us, huh..." Mia replied.

Kai frown and asked, "Same as me? You mean..."

"Yeah, we got lots of offers and even marriage proposals. Honestly, it's very annoying," Kara answered, looking tired.

"Is that so? No wonder you girls decided to hide here," Kai said after understanding t5he situation.

"Yeah, nowadays we cannot even walk in town without being surrounded by mobs. Guess we could only hide and wait for things to cool down," Lily sighed as if giving up.

Smiling wryly, Kai appeased the girls by telling them that he will help them train and create new equipment for them. Hearing his promises, the girls are overjoyed and their face lights up.

Kai's purpose for giving such a promise is not only to appease the girls but prepare them for what is to happen next--mainly the return of the demon king. As for the where they are going to train. Kai already has several places in mind.

To be continued...


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