The Legend of Kai: The Adventurer's Guild (2/2)

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The Adventurer's Guild (2/2)

The four arrived at the guild after an hour of walking. Though they could use Shiro to get their faster, Lily, Kara, and Mia decided to walk so they could show Kai around.

The guild building is a large building made with stones. It has three stories and a large emblem of two swords crossed together over a dragon situated above the main entrance. Though the building is small compared to the skyscrappers back on Earth, Kai still find it fascinating.

The four entered the building and was greeted by a bustling scene. Adventurers of different races and ethnicities littered the wide and large halls. Some are just loitering, sitting or chatting, others are scanning several large bulletin boards on the corner. Kai also notices several lines of people, they are either taking or reporting completed quests.

"What a lively place!"

Kai exclaimed and looked at the three girls only to see them menacingly looking at a group of adventurers. Seeing their expressions, Kai figured that they are the hired adventurers that abandoned them.

He observed the said adventurers who are merrily chatting with their peers. Kai frown at their lack of conscience.

["How could they converse and laugh so merrily despite the facts that they've just abandoned their clients to die not long ago?"] He thought.

Kai found himself despising these people. People like these who lacked conscience are among the people he hated the most.

"They are actually here? Good, this will make things easier."

Lily gritted her teeth as she along with Kara and Mia approaches the group. Kai quickly follow, worried that the girl would get hurt.

One of the adventurers who is happily chatting with his peers noticed the approaching girls. At first he did not recognized them but then his eyes widened in shock and fear—his complexion paling. The pale adventurers wanted to run away but the girls did not give him the chance to do so.


Noticing one of the target adventurers trying to escape, Lily spoke in a loud voice to garner everyone's attention. She wanted to use the adventurers present to prevent their escape.

Her plan worked and everyone stared at the girls and a group of panicked adventurers.

"Y-you're all still alive?"

"Idiot don't talk!"

A guy with brown hair pointed at Lily, Kara, and Mia and asked in shock, not noticing that he is making things worse for their group. A man who seemed to be the leader tried to stop the brown-haired adventurer but was too late.

Lily's smile become wider after hearing what the adventurer said. Her plan worked perfectly, the earlier outburst was heard by everyone.

The leader of the "scummy" adventurer group named Brando noticed the look his peers are giving him. He knows that if he could not stop these girls from talking, his life as an adventurer is good as over. Worse, there's a high chance that they'll be thrown to jail!

Brando could not allow that as such he stood and approach Lily, planning to intemidate her, "what nonsense are you talking about! Stop spewing nonsense!"

Seeing Lily in danger Kara and Mia tried to interfere but Kai was faster. Without warning he kicked Brando in the stomach with incredible force—sending him flying!

Brando crashed into the wall but did not lose consciousness as Kai held back. Nonetheless, Brando cannot stand up because of pain.

"What are you doing!"

"How dare you!"

"Bastard, we're gonna kill you!"

Brando's groupmate snapped after seeing their leader helplessly lying on the floor. They wanted to attack them but was stopped by a woman's voice.


A busty woman wearing glasses stepped in and stopped the Brando's groupmate from attacking. She was followed by a group of strong looking adventurers. She put herself between Kai and Brando's group.

"M-miss Lenna!" An adventurer exclaimed.

Seeing the guildmaster's secretary putting herself between the two group, Brando and his groupmate paled. "It's over..." they thought.

"What's going on here?" Miss Lenna asked.

Lily, Kara, and Mia come forward and accused Brando and his group. In front of everyone they narrated what happened.

When everyone present heard what happened they looked at Brando's group with stern eyes.

"They're lying!"

Despite being exposed, Brando still denies the accusation. But Lily just sneered at him and then said.

"Whether we are lying or not can easily be proven using an orb of truth."

Miss Lenna frowned and asked an adventurer to call the guildmaster. Though she is just doing it for fairness sake. Because in her eyes these group of men are already guilty. As such she unabashedly gave them a a frosty look.

Not only her but most people present, woman especially are glaring at Brando's group frostily. Never before have they seen such scums!

To think that they would leave three helpless woman to face against a group of more than fifty goblins just to save themselves!. Everyone knows what kind of fate awaits women who are unlucky enough to be captured by goblins.

Though goblins are just E-class monsters, they usually come in groups and are savages that eats other creatures that are not goblins. Worse still, they are an all male race and could only reproduced by abducting and raping the females from other races.

Because of these reasons, goblins are among the most hated monsters in the world. There had been countless efforts to exterminate them but due to their incredible reproductive capabilities it becomes an almost impossible undertaking.

Goblins are so hated that there are numerous goblin extermination quest on the guilds around the continent. Though most goblin quest are low level ones, there is a certain restriction put in it, and that restriction was that no female adventurers were allowed to accept goblin related quest, and for obvious reasons.

Not long after a buff and tall old man arrived. His strides are wide and one could see the confidence and power in those brown and piercing eyes.


Lenna and the others greeted the guildmaster. But the guildmaster only gave a curt and short nod before asking his secretary Lenna.

"Is what he said true?" The guildmaster asked pointing at the adventurer that fetched him.

"It is still unproven but... it's most likely true."

Lenna answered the guildmaster inquiries and resumed to narrate what she heard.


The guildmaster walked towards still slumping Brando and asked in an emotionless voice, "what do you jave to say for yourself?"

Brando wanted to deny the accusation but seeing the guildmaster's piercing gaze he shuddered and lower his head, refusing to say anything.

"Tie them up and surrender them to the guards. If they resist, Kill them!"

The guildmaster ordered a group of A-class adventurers and gave a merciless order that sealed Brando and his group's fate.

"Yes guildmaster!"

Brando's groupmate tried to resist but are easily subdued by the A-class adventurers. Brando on the otherhand did not resist and allowed himself to be tied up. He secretly gave the girls and Kai a look full of hatred. Yet this does not escape Kai's notice who lived in the nameless forest for more than a week, not to mention he have the System that warned him of any potential danger.

["I should pay him a visit later..."]

Kai ordered the System to mark Brando so that he could find him easily.


Seeing Brando being taken out of the building, the guildmaster approached Kai, Lily, Kara and Mia.

To be continued...


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