The Legend of Kai: White Serpent Tenma

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White Serpent Tenma

Tenma's POV

I am Tenma, the guardian beast of the serpent clan, no, the former serpent clan. My clan is no more after losing to a power struggle with the dragon clan. Because of that the surviving members of my clan are scattered all over the eastern continent and I have no news of their welfare. I can only hope that they are living peacefully. But I digress. Right now the only clan's man with me is my servant Ruuka. Ruuka's family had been serving loyally for as long as I remember.

When the serpent clan falls, the wounded me was rescued by Ruuka's grandparents and we escape to the Dark Forest where we live since then. Unfortunately, time is a cruel mistress and now only Ruuka and I are left. I thought I would live the remainder of my days inside the Dark Forest but fate is has other plan for the both of us....

A mysterious youth from the human race entered the forest. I told Ruuka about him and just like before, Ruuka went to intercept the mysterious youth. If that person have no ill will Ruuka would let him go after teaching him a painful lesson, if he had ill will then this forest is going to be his resting place. This might sound cruel but in order protect me who haven't fully recover, it's necessary. Ruuka's grandparents and parents are like this too. Though I wonder, if things will go as plan. For some reason I'm feeling very uncomfortable seeing that person. Like we shouldn't antagonize him or something. I also knew that this person is the one who came from the western continent not too long ago.

Maybe I should stop Ruuka?

Too late....

He's too strong. Ruuka had already used everything he had but nothing works against that person.

What should I do?

Ruuka instructed me to run away if things doesn't go as plan. But there's no way I could leave that child to his demise.

How foolish of me. I know that I should run away seeing that Ruuka's not his match but I cannot. I've known Ruuka since childhood and he's like a son to me. There is no way I could abandone him.

"Can you please spare that child's life, adventurer from a foreign land?" I begged the mysterious youth while keeping myself hidden using the fog.

The mysterious youth look at my direction despite not seeing me. What powerful perception. Those beautiful green eyes of him looks like he can see through everything.

I shivered.

I shouldn't make an enmey of this person is what I am thinking.

Thankfully the mysterious youth does not have the intent to attack me or kill Ruuka. He told me that it is not his intention and he came here because he is looking for someone. From how the conversation is going it seems that he is not looking for me or the remnant of my clan.

What a relief.

He told introduced himself as Kai and asked me my name. Since it'll ne very rude to not show myself, i got out of the fog and showed my appearance to him, and introduced my name as Tenma.

At first he looked surprise but that's all there is to his reaction. He greeted me politely and I showed me a charming smile.

I've noticed it earlier but he's quite the beautiful young man. Despite being a human his look is no way inferior to the fox clan known for their beauty. Again, I digress....

I asked Kai who he is looking for and though I saw a bit of hesitation in his eyes, he decided to come out clean and told me he's looking for the demon king.

The demon king.

I was greatly surprise at Kai's answer and asked for an explanation. Kai then proceed to tell me everything though I'm not sure why he did so. After Kai's explanation, I finally realized that I've stayed inside the Dark Forest for far too long.

To think that a demon king was already borne....

Then it was my turn, Kai asked me why I'm hiding inside the Dark Forest. SInce I have no reason to lie, I told Kai everything.

Hearing my story, Kai contemplated for a while and then made a proposal.

He wanted to invite me and Ruuka to join his organization.

I was startled at his proposal but before I could recover, Kai told me that the reason he invited me is because of my ability.

Ah, I see. If that's the reason then it made perfect sense.

Kai is looking for the demon king and my ability would be very useful in that regard. In exchange, Kai offered to protect and gave us a place to call home.

A home, huh....

How tempting. It's been a while since I heard that word. The Dark Forest is a good place to hide from pursuers but it is far from a home.

After looking at the still unconscious Ruuka, any hesitation flew away. If I could give him a place to call home then I'm willing to do everything--I'll even surrender my body if needed.

After that, Ruuka and I became the newest members of Fenrir--an organization whose name would resonate in the entire world. But that's a story for another time.

To be continued...


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