The Legend of Kai: Uninvited Visitors (1)

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Uninvited Visitors (1)

After several hours on horseback, we finally arrived at the Red Fox castle. At the gate, I saw Yukina waiting for us, along with some important looking fox people. Since I knew of Yukina's ability, her presence there does not surprise me that much.

Upon unmounting, I walked towards Yukina and the others. For some reason, everyone is looking at me with respect admiration--making me slightly uncomfortable.

Yukina invited me inside and I was amazed at the size of the place. The inside of the castle is much bigger than I expected. Inside the compound, I saw a large number of beautiful and picturesque building. The design of the place is rather tasteful and pleasing to the eyes. Inside and outside the building, I saw a large number of fox people looking at us, no, at me.

I have noticed this earlier, but it seemed that the fox clan is known for their attractive members. Whether it is the men or women, they are all quite good looking. I think their beauty would not lose to the elves.

Could it be that they are the equivalent of the elves in the eastern continent?

Quite curious, indeed.

I was lead to a large compound with beautiful scenery, where I, for some reason is treated as a king. Delicious Food and drinks are served and Yukina is personally refilling my cup. The service reminded me of a 1st class traditional restaurant in Japan. How nostalgic.

After the delightful meal, I took out the sword I've got from the tower and gave it to Yukina. Yukina and the elders (I've learned earlier that they are the fox clan's elder) looked at the sword while trembling with emotions. Especially Yukina who stared at the sword with misty eyes.

How beautiful. I can't help but admire Yukina who looked so lovely. It might be the natural constitution of a fox person at work but I cannot help but be charmed.

Fortunately, my poker face is at a transcendent level and I narrowly avoided embarrassing myself.

I waited for everyone to regain their calm. Several minutes later, Yukina and the elders finally sort out their emotions.

"That sword, who did it previously belonged to?" I asked after seeing everyone calmed down.

"It used to belong to our clan's former clan lord--my father," Yukina answered.

Yukina then looked at me with gratitude. she then continues, "my father challenged the mysterious tower as per our clan's rule. You might have noticed it, but the tower is like a training ground. And the higher one goes, the more difficult the trials get."

I nod at Yukina's explanation as I experienced how the tower works myself. Though it answered some of my questions, there's still something that bothers me.

"Why did your father challenged the tower?" I asked.

Yukina showed a lonely and helpless smile. But answered my question after several seconds of silence.

"It's because of an old tradition. In this region, a clan's rank is decided by how many floors of the mysterious tower a clan leader conquered. My father, in his desire to get regain our clan's lost glory decided to challenge the higher floor despite the danger."Yukina explained. "I was seven back then when I last saw my father. We only knew that he died after his << soul crystal >>, shattered," she added.

<< Soul Crystal >>?

[It seemed to be a mysterious crystal that is connected to a person's soul. From what I gathered, it's unique to the eastern continent. Or rather, the method how to create it did not spread to the western continent,] the System explained.

I see...

"Then the reason you know what floor the sword can be found is because of the soul crystal?" I asked.

Yukina nodded as the response to my question. She then longingly caressed the sword.

"Sir Kai, did you, did you see my father's...,"

Yukina then looked at me and asked if I saw her father's remains despite the fact that she wasn't able to complete her sentence due to intense emotion.

I nodded at Yukina and ordered everyone to clear an area. I ignored the confusion from everyone's faces and took out the skeleton from my inventory.

Everyone eyes, Including Yukina, widened after seeing me took out a skeleton out of nowhere. Though they saw me took out the sword earlier, they most likely thought that I took it out from the Item Box. But since the Item Box has limited space, they probably did not expect to carry Yukina's father with me.


""""Clan Lord!"""""

Everyone inside the room, excluding me started wailing and crying. The emotions they showed when I hand them their clan's sword couldn't be compared to the emotion they have now.

I let them grieve for the dead and went outside the room to give them space. I just wanted to wait peacefully as I waited for Yukina and the elders to get a hold of their emotions. Unfortunately, there seem to be people that cannot read the mood as I saw a servant running towards me in panic.

Another trouble, I see.

How troublesome.

To be continued...


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